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Edith Piaf at 100: the singer who characterized Parisian fortitude


Saturday is Edith Piafs centenary and its fitting to recollect a singer who helped shape French national identity in the 20 th century

A% 0dith Piaf was born 100 years ago on Saturday, around the same period Einstein made a breakthrough with his theory of general relativity. She arrived at the Hospital Tenon in the 20 th arrondissement of Paris on 19 December, though according to her own version of episodes, she was delivered on the front stairs of her home at 72 Rue de Belleville after a horse-drawn ambulance failed to show. If this was extravagant, then Frances most famous chanteuse didnt have to embellish the details of the rest of their own lives, such was the dramatic scope. From growing up in a bordello, to wasting four years blinded by keratitis in her infancy, to joining her acrobat parent on the road leading in her teenages, to shooting up morphine, cortisone and falling into alcoholism to facilitate a dodgy back kept in a vehicle clang as an adult( precipitating what she described as her years of hell ), it certainly wasnt without event.

While celebrations for Piafs centenary have been low key this December, France and the Belleville neighbourhood of Paris in particular honoured her storage following the 50 th commemoration of her demise in October 2013. If Piaf is a little out of style with todays jeunesse dorA( c) e then you suspect that could all change at any moment with, tell, a high-profile cover version or a brand-new motion picture. To rephrase an old footballing cliche, fashion is temporary, class is permanent. Her brand of torch lyrics and cabaret showtunes might seem antediluvian to some, but a tone with such supremacy to convey excitement never dates. Whats more, she led a life so bohemian and wild that she makes the Jim Morrison implanted, like her, on PA” re Lachaise cemetery look like a calculable conformist who got a bit carried away on his breach time. Avert your ears and Piafs life was a punk opu decades before the category exploded.

Born A% 0dith Giovanna Gassion, she was nicknamed La MA’me Piaf ( entailing the little sparrow) by her first administrator, Louis Leplee. Leplee was murdered by the mob in 1936, and Piaf was under police surveillance as a suspect for a duration, but subsequently cleared. He discovered her singing for her dinner on wall street of Montmartre, and she often sang in a Bellevilloise argot apparently not dissimilar to a Parisian version of old cockney. La MA’me maintained singing about the street where molted come from all their own lives( Mon coeur est au silver dune rue and Elle frequentait la rue Pigalle are merely two examples ), and as a parvenu living in style formerly shed make the big time, she blew all her coin on a farm, as well as raining her hangers-on in gifts.

I told myself that I wanted to breed kine, she wrote in her memoir. It was all the rage all the artistes were going into multiplying. But in four years I picked two kilos of dark-green beans, a pound of strawberries and some tomatoes. I engendered two chickens, a rabbit, and all the felines in the neighborhood. It cost me one and a half million francs for the center heating so I sold it for next to good-for-nothing and later on, when I was ill, I had no fund left to pay for my hospital greenback. Paif likewise sold invaluable paintings and her jewellery accumulation, and unsurprisingly she left her second spouse with a mountain of debt when she passed on.

She took numerous devotees, including nature heavyweight boxing champion Marcel Cerdan, with whom she had a very public relationship with despite him having a wife and children. The Moroccan Bomber discounted his aversion to winging in a bid to astound her in New York before a show in 1949. His Air France Lockheed Constellation jet crashed into Monte Redondo in the Azores, killing all 48 beings on board. Piaf took to the stage that night after hearing the word and collapsed twice mid-chanson, and had to be helped off stage. She ever maintained that Cerdan was her one true love.

As for America, Piaf played Carnegie Hall twice in 1956 and 1957, and she cracked the worlds biggest market more than a decade before the Beatles( lastly, in 1998, she was given a Grammy hall of fame honor ), some achievement for a European who chiefly sang in French. She popularised the French usage overseas with entitlements like Je ne regrette rien and La vie en rose overtaking into English as phrases. Shes forced everyone from Marianne Faithfull to Anna Calvi, and Elton John when he was good( 1976 s Cage the Songbird charts the hours before Piaf apparently killed himself; clearly none had told lyricist Bernie Taupin that she died of liver cancer ). She passed away hours before her friend Jean Cocteau, whose last word were: Ah, la Piaf est morte. Je peux mourir aussi .( Ah, Piaf, is dead, I can die likewise .)

After her fatality, Piaf received the highest award from the French authority when the tricolor flag was covered over her coffin. It was no empty gesticulate. During the second world war, she toured the unoccupied zone of Vichy France and apparently facilitated free as many as 300 POWs at the Stalag III-D camp near Berlin, by talking the clique captain into allowing her to be photographed with all the inpatients the photos then used to create inaccurate papers for them, ascribing them as free French employees in Germany.

In the years since Piafs death its been cliche alluding to musicians as intrepid for all sorts of reasons: secreting an peculiar book, pronouncing sudden situations in interviews, touring plazas that are rarely inspected, playing gigs while not feeling very well. On the eve of her centenary, its worth remembering a musician that actually was brave.

Rob& Chyna: the saddest show on Tv


The format of this dreadfully dull show is identical to others of the Kardashian empire: wearisome backgrounds of people sitting in kitchens not snacking cheese plates

Is there a least qualified actuality see hotshot than Rob Kardashian? If you lined up 10 people from the throwing register of A& Es Intervention and Rob Kardashian and had to choose one to base an ongoing television series around, would you ever pick him unless people know his last name? Isnt this a tragedy? Shouldnt we all be more upset?

Sunday nighttimes premiere of the new E! line Rob& Chyna recognizes the restore of the black sheep Kardashian to the public eye. Hes wasted years of his life unwilling to leave his room, which justification him to amplification( his terms) a grasp of heavines. He gazes little comfy clearing attention contact with other human beings than the little orphan girlfriend Newt from the movie Aliens. A Los Angeles Dodgers hat covers whats left of the poorest of the poor guys thin, matted “hairs-breadth”. His wardrobe consists of T-shirts , nondescript jeans and sneakers. In other words, when I watch this astoundingly depressing planned, I understand myself and what I might become( minus the millions of dollars ).

The first few minutes of Rob& Chyna intend to reach us empathize with Rob and his pregnant fiancee Blac Chyna. As an digression, isnt it a bit gruesome that Blac Chyna moves almost exclusively by the call Chyna in the first occurrence now that the original Chyna the former WWE wrestler has died? Its like rummaging through people jewelry after a funeral.

Regardless of what you call her, Blac Chyna is the actual sun of this picture, even if her refer is second on the pavilion. She came up from the world-famous strip clubs of Atlanta and became something of an entrepreneur, at least in the way that we define that text in 2016. She took the Kardashian template of monetizing tabloid villainy through a sect of identity social media ubiquity, labelled makes, and now, the final bit of the riddle, an E! actuality franchise. Shes become a major supporting player in the ongoing Kardashian meta-narrative having a baby with the rapper Tyga, who then leaves her for Kylie Jenner, which leads to Chyna link powers with Rob. Whether or not her relationship with Rob is genuine or a calculated effort to increase her making potential is not for me to decide (* cough its bullshit cough *) but what is is whether or not this Tv show is good. Its not.

Rob& Chyna: led with high winds. Photo: E!

If your litmus test for staying with a program is refuting the issues to does someone fart within the first 10 minutes with a yes, then Rob& Chyna is for you. Spoiler alert, Chyna farts in the car. If you prefer a bit of drama, then maybe flip over to another canal. Or hurl your cable casket or streaming device into the nearest open body of water and wander into the town square. Either one is fine with me.

The format of this painfully dull show is identical to the other outposts of the Kardashian empire: interminable stages of beings driving luxury autoes on featureless roadways, sitting around kitchens not feeing cheese dishes, or folding robes for a business journey that are able to or may not ever happen. During these stages, mush-mouthed pod parties debate some ill-defined conflict. Someone needs to go to rehab for a ambiguous difficulty. Somebody must text someone back about a stuff that happened off camera. Person suffers disrespected. A party invite is lost in the mail. Watching these sees is like reading the most banal email thread at 3am. Plug sad-eyed agoraphobe Rob Kardashian into this format and you have a cure for insomnia so potent, the Food and Drug Administration should govern it.

The ostensible scheme of this episode revolves around Rob alleging Chyna of texting people behind his back. He swears this to be the case because he discovers that Chyna has changed the passcode on her iPhone. He even insinuates that shes fastening up with her ex, Tyga. All of this takes residence with Rob spread out comfortably on a bed. Chyna disavows any wrongdoing, then alleges Rob of contacting dames behind her back. He apparently declares it, which I vaguely recollect before my eyelids glued shut for the evening. It must be the case, because the very next scene is Chyna in another expensive gondola screaming at Rob to stop texting bitches.

These are the moments one watches actuality Tv for aggressivenes, incoherent yelling and profanity. This is why I wish the Andy Cohen Bravo model for reality over the ponderous Ryan Seacrest/ Kris Jenner indulgence gabfests. Contrast Rob& Chyna with Bravos Below Deck, currently on the work of its fourth season and with one spinoff under its loop. Below Decks premise is simple: place a knot of attractive deckhands on a mega-yacht, ply them with booze, and be fostered to melt down every occurrence. Would you rather watch that or a picture starring parties very famous to construct proper morons of themselves for your delight? The reaction is, neither, Im a grownup who is too busy contributing appreciate to the culture to devalue myself with such playthings, but dont obsess, I picked the show about yachties drunkenly fastening up too.

I will say that the producers of Rob& Chyna( which include the titular Rob and Chyna among their grades) do try to spice thoughts up. Scott Disick appears in the role of Robs only friend in the entire world and his chauffeur, schlepping him around Los Angeles like a pasty grey Morgan Freeman from Driving Miss Daisy. Theres a memorable incident where Rob moves into Chynas home in full Eeyore mode, carrying blooms to apologize for texting bitches. Chyna isnt having it, grabs the flowers, chows them in a consortium, then knocks Rob out of her mansion. This is the turning point of the suspect storey, as the rest of the episode commits Chyna trying to get Rob to text her back, as she has seemingly be pointed out that she bellowed at him to leave her alone while pee-pee all over his romantic gesture. Im sure Rob Kardashian, AKA Calabasas Morrissey, genuinely took that well.

Finally, Kris Jenner, matriarch of the extended Kardashian family and former nemesis of Blac Chyna, appears to counsel Chyna on how to deal with Rob. Jenner is shown to be so wise that I half expected her to have grown a beard, picked up a large twig, and thrown on a pointy hat off-screen. Much has been made of how Blac Chyna is so cunning and took down the Kardashians by getting engaged to Rob. Thats a nifty little underdog narrative, but if you think that Kris Jenner isnt cunning enough to use this to her advantage and will be the ultimate winner of this dim-witted struggle, then you arent paying attention to the show. Thats fine, since it probably represented you pass out from boredom, but the facts of the case remains that one of the last faces you see in this first escapade is Kris Jenner. The whole moronic initiative is hers and hers alone. Chyna can have a piece, as long as she pays her taxes to her feudal lord.

And they are Rob. At last, they found a direction to monetize his mopey face and wrinkled robes. Instead of a Shrek-like person they retain locked away in a basement, he has his own present, which simply furthers the aims of his family. In exchange, this human who probably has real clinical depression has to pretend to be a TV virtuoso. By coincidence, E! has stumbled upon the saddest demonstrate on television, so filled with existential hopelessnes that youd expect it was drummed up by a government-funded writer in some sodden Scandinavian country over a bottle of cheap scotch. If you watch more than one of the following options episodes, youll possibly find yourself not leaving the house for years, just like Rob Kardashian.

How Chris Soules’ Criminal Past Could Change A Fatal Car Crash Into Murder Charges


Chris Soules’

He reportedly was busted for minor in property of booze in 2001( when he was 19 -2 0 years old ), for wrongful apply of a license in 2002, and seven epoches for quickening between 2000 -2 012. He was even charged with leaving the vistum of industrial accidents once before in 2002, but that was later amended.

But those misdemeanors pale in comparison to the failure that could damn him to a carnage charge. As we previously reported, he’s already well underway busted for a DUI( though it was called an OWI in Iowa) back in 2005. He get 60 daylights in jail, a year probation, and a penalty of $500.

Doesn’t looks a lot like much of a penalty to us. But it could change everything for him now. Legal expert Troy Slaten explained to

Not good bulletin for Soules’ case if they can prove he had been drinking 😛 TAGEND

“If he decided to go out and get adversely affected by booze and followed up with drive, they can connote malice and say, ‘You knew how dangerous it was[ to booze and drive ], but you became and did it anyway. You had this indifference to human life. Therefore, you’re guilty of murder.'”

Iowa State Patrol will have to determine Soules was drinking and driving first, which may be difficult due to him leaving the incident. Clearly, that may even have been why he fled.

Soules was arraigned on Tuesday, so he’s definitely facing criminal charges. And we’ll know exactly which ones soon enough.

[ Image via ABC/ FOX .]

20 Pictures of People Who Just Made the Dumbest Mistake of Their Lives


These pictures of people about to make a really dumb mistake or in the midst of the worst mistake of their lives will definitely make you feel better about yourself.

That is, of course, unless you see yourself in one of these.


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The “Mandela Effect” And How Your Mind Is Playing Stunts on You



Have you ever been convinced that something is a particular style only to discover you’ve recollected it all incorrect? If so, it sounds like you’ve experienced the phenomenon known as the Mandela Effect.

This form of collective misremembering of common events or items first have appeared in 2010, when countless parties on the internet falsely remembered Nelson Mandela was dead. It was widely believed he had died in prison during the course of its 1980 s. In reality, Mandela was actually freed in 1990 and passed away in 2013- despite some people’s allegations they remember clips of his funeral on TV.

Paranormal consultant Fiona Broome coined the word “Mandela Effect” to explain this collective misremembering, and then other examples started popping up all over the internet. For instance, it was wrongly recalled that C-3PO from Star Wars was golden, actually one of his leg is silver. Likewise, people often erroneously speculate that the Queen in Snow White tells, “Mirror, reflect on the wall”. The remedy motto is “magic mirror on the wall”.

Broome illustrates the Mandela Effect via pseudoscientific theories. She claims that differences arise from movement between parallel actualities( the multiverse ). This is based on the theory that within each universe alternative different versions of happens and objects exist.

Broome too draws analogies between actuality and the holodeck of the USS Enterprise from Star Trek. The holodeck was a virtual reality organisation, which created recreational suffers. By her cause, remembrance lapses are software glitches. This is explained as being similar to the film The Matrix.

Other beliefs have recommended that the Mandela Effect evidences a difference in record caused by age travellers. Then there are the claims that aberrations result from spiritual strikes linked to Satan, black magic or sorcery. But although plea to many, these thoughts are not scientifically testable.

Where’s the science ?

Psychologists explain the Mandela Effect via retention and social effects- especially false memory. This involves erroneously withdrawing happens or know-hows that had not been able to followed, or distortion of existing storages. The unconscious manufacture of made or misunderstood memories is announced confabulation. In daily life confabulation is comparatively common.

False rememberings occur in a number of ways. For instance, the Deese-Roediger and McDermott paradigm demonstrates how memorizing a roll of words that contain closely related items- such as “bed” and “pillow”- produces false-hearted recognition of associated, but non presented texts- such as “sleep”.

There’s a conjecture online that nuclear research ventures made “the worlds” to alter into an alternate member actuality where Donald Trump became president. Shutterstock

Memory inaccuracy can also be derived from what’s known as “source monitoring errors”. These are instances where people fail to distinguish between real and dreamt occurrences. US professor of psychology, Jim Coan, demonstrated how readily this can happen exploiting the “Lost in the Mall” procedure.

This recognized Coan give his family members short narrations describing childhood contests. One, about two brothers getting risk losing a shopping center, was invented. Not exclusively did Coan’s brother speculate the happen came, he also lent additional detail. When cognitive psychologist and expert on human rights recollection, Elizabeth Loftus, exploited the method used to larger samples, 25% of participants failed to recognise the affair was spurious.

Incorrect echo

When it comes to the Mandela Effect, many instances are attributable to so announced “schema driven errors”. Schemas are organised “packets” of acquaintance that direct recall. In this behavior, schemas promote to better understand substance, but can produce distortion.

Frederic Bartlett sketched this process in his 1932 book Remembering. Barlett spoke the Canadian Indian folktale “War of the Ghosts” to participants. He found that listeners omitted unfamiliar items and altered information to make it more understandable.

This process is announced “effort after meaning” and occurs in real world situations extremely. For instance, research have already been demo how when participants’ recall the contents of a psychologist’s agency they tend to remember the consistent parts such as bookshelves, and omit the incompatible components- like a picnic basket.

The pseudoscientific ideology applies different in rememberings and the real world down to flaws caused by hour travel.Pexels

Schema theory explains why previous experiment shows that when the majority of participants are asked to draw a clock appearance from retention, they erroneously attract IV rather than IIII. Clocks often use IIII because it is more attractive.

Other examples of the Mandela Effect are the mistaken impression that Uncle Pennybags( Monopoly man) wears a monocle, and that the concoction name “KitKat” contains a hyphen( “Kit-Kat” ). But it is merely is attributable to over-generalisation of spelling insight.

Back to reality

Frequently reported missteps can then is part of collective actuality. And the internet can reinforce this process by flowing false information. For lesson, simulations of the 1997 Princess Diana car crash are regularly mistaken for real footage.

In this direction then, the majority of Mandela Effects are attributable to retention lapses and social misinformation. The reality that a lot of the mistakes are insignificant, recommends they result from selective notice or faulty inference.

This is not to say that the Mandela Effect is not explicable in terms of the multiverse. Certainly, the notion of latitude natures is consistent with the work of quantum physicists. But until the existence of alternative worlds is launched, psychological theories sound much more plausible.

Neil Dagnall, Reader in Applied Cognitive Psychology, Manchester Metropolitan University and Ken Drinkwater, Senior Lecturer and Researcher in Cognitive and Parapsychology, Manchester Metropolitan University

This article was originally published on The Conversation. Speak the original section.

Diana tapes expose Queen’s reply to sobbing request over loveless wedding


Twenty years after her death, princess will be heard on television describing life with Charles and her mystery romance

Intimate revelations guide from the mouth of Diana, Princess of Wales about her wooing and married life to Prince Charles are to be aired on British video next month after years of polemic about the recordings. Speaking to a video camera four years before her fatality, Diana will tell of Charless early unexpected to make efforts to chase her as a adolescent and of the mourning that enclose her soon after her bridal epoch in July 1981.

In the documentary Diana: In Her Own Words , to be shown on Channel 4 in the run-up to the 20 th anniversary of her demise in a automobile accident on 31 August, the princess reveals that five years into her union “shes gone” sobbing to the Queen once she conceived she had confirmation that her matrimony was loveless. So I went to the top lady and mentioned: I dont know what I should do. She remarked: I dont know what you should do. And that was it. That was help.

Diana likewise tells of the impact of an illegal relationship with a riddle boy. The unconsummated circumstance predominated her imagines for a while, she announces, until it was suspected by the royal household.

At 24, I descended deep in love with someone who was part of all this and that was all found out and he was chucked out and then he was killed. And “thats been” the deepest blow in my life I must say, she mentions. Diana is widely thought to have been to talk of her affections for Barry Mannakee, law enforcement officers in the royal protection crew who subsequently died in a motorcycle accident.

Play Video

Watch the trailer for: Diana: In Her Own Words video

In the video tapes, registered at Kensington Palace in 1993 by her public speaking coach, Peter Settelen, Diana claims that the man would mentally kick me out and represent me go to my participations because I used to kind of scream in his room.

She tells Settelen that the royal family know exactly why her infatuation. But there was never any proof, she includes. I should never have played with burn, but I did and I got exceedingly burnt. Three weeks after he left, he was killed in a motorbike collision. And “hes been” the greatest fun I have ever had.

Ralph Lee, the commissioning writer of factual at Channel 4, told: This film leaves Diana a expression and lieu it front and centre at a time when the commonwealth will be indicating on her life and death. It is her account of occasions private and public and is an important contribution to the historical record.

The footage at the core of the new film has been contentious since 2001, when the videotapes were unearthed in a police raid on the home of Paul Burrell, the former imperial butler. The Spencer family made a law contend on the strips but they were returned to Settelen in 2004. Already shown in part on the American television system NBC, the tapes were then to have been part of a BBC documentary celebrating the 10 th anniversary of the princesss fatality. Sir Teddy Taylor, the Tory MP for Rochford and Southend East at the time, called for a ban on broadcasting the videotapes in different forms while the couples sons, Princes William and Harry, were alive. No prohibit was prescribed, but the programme was still drew from the following schedule despite having overhead more than 100,000 to make.

Play Video

Diana’s ballet educator am speaking on upcoming Channel 4 documentary video

The new Channel 4 documentary pays fresh insights from Dianas private secretary, Patrick Jephson, and from her close friend, Dr James Colthurst. It also contains the first public commentaries from Anne Allan, the disco coach who advised the princess in private. Allan speaks of Dianas immense shyness and of her decision to ask Camilla Parker Bowles to leave her husband alone.

Diana candidly strengthens she had matched Charles exactly 13 epoches before they wedded and she describes her early ambitions in life. I wasnt academically interested at all, she does. I just wanted to be with beings and have fun and be looking out for parties, she does, reeling her attentions in self-parody. But the rebel act was always there. It was underlying. It didnt come out. Or they didnt see it.

The princess describes being unimpressed with Charles in her teenager, hitherto after the killing of Lord Mountbatten in 1979 she thought it would be nice to meet him again. He chatted me up. He was all over me like a bad rash. Later at a barbecue we were sitting on this bale of forage together and “were in” chit-chat about his girlfriend and Mountbatten and I pronounced: You must be so lonely.

Expressing sympathy for the lonely illustration Charles cut as he followed Mountbattens coffin, Diana announces she intimated he required someone beside him: Whereupon he leapt upon me! He was all over me for the remainder of the evening. He followed me like a puppy.

At 19, Diana declares the attentions of such a foremost older man were flattering. She was seriously wooed, she tells Settelen, and felt Charles was plotted when she stood up to him. Invited to come to Buckingham Palace to visit while he worked, she recollects thinking: Well, bugger it, I do mind sitting there while you do your work. I said that, and that kind of lit up something in him. I was quite a challenge.

The infamous engagement interview on tv in early 1981, in which Charles wondered the meaning of the phrase in love, hurled her absolutely, she acknowledges. She had answered that, yes, she was in love like the fatty Sloane Ranger that I was and was then absolutely traumatised by his response.

2 refs refuse to work high school game after anthem objection


A father and son who were to officiate a high school football game Friday night sauntered off the field after members of one team knelt during the national anthem.

Ernie and Anthony Lunardelli said they told the representatives from Colts Neck and Monroe senior high school before the game they would not work if any musicians complained. They were replaced by two officials in develop after four Monroe actors took a knee on their residence field.

The two officials told mycentraljersey.com they respect the players’ right to protest, but they believe such acts are disrespectful. The duet stood on the field with their hands on their natures while the chant was played, then left immediately.

“What they are doing with this kneeling and everything, they have the right do to that, but “the member states national” anthem has nothing to do with them kneeling, ” remarked Ernie Lunardelli, who is in his 18 th season of officiating scholastic football games. “The flag has got nothing to do with why they are demonstrating. If they want to protest, give them protest, but don’t disrespect our country, the flag and the Armed Forces.”

Ernie Lunardelli was scheduled to work video games as the front linesman, while his son was to be a line judge.

The newspaper reported that Monroe High School Athletic Director Greg Beyer diminished provide comments on the officials’ decision not to run video games. He said it is academy region program to countenance players to protest peacefully.

Officials who oversee the referees declined to theorize on what activity, if any, would be taken against the Lunardellis if either institution files a complaint over their refusal to work the game.

Elon Musk just took charge of Model 3 production, saying its his most critical job right now


You can probably argue over whether it’s a good or a bad sign, but Tesla CEO Elon Musk confirmed on Twitter today a report in The Information that he has taken over direct control of the division that’s producing Tesla’s Model 3 electric sedan after the company failed to meet the delivery goals it had set.

Specifically, Tesla had intended to produce 500 Model 3 cars per day, or 2,500 per week, by the end of last month. But according to a company-wide email to employees that was sent today and obtained by Jalopnik, Musk said Tesla has been making closer to 2,000 of the cars per week. (Musk estimated last July that Tesla would be making 20,000 of the cars per month by December.)

In his email — fired off at 3 am. PDT — Musk added that if “things go as planned today, we will comfortably exceed that number over a seven day period!”

Musk may have been referring in part to the reorganization. But while The Information reported that Musk had seemingly “pushed aside the company’s senior vice president of engineering, Doug Field, who had been overseeing manufacturing in recent months,” Musk quickly took issue with that characterization of events.

He complained on Twitter to Information reporter Amir Efrati, “Can’t believe you’re even writing about this. My job as CEO is to focus on what’s most critical, which is currently Model 3 production. Doug, who I regard as one of the world’s most talented engineering execs, is focused on vehicle engineering.”

Musk continued, tweeting: “About a year ago, I asked Doug to manage both engineering & production. He agreed that Tesla needed [engineering and production to be] better aligned, so we don’t design cars that are crazy hard to build. Right now, tho, better to divide & conquer, so I’m back to sleeping at factory. Car biz is hell …”

That Musk is feeling sensitive to press reports right now won’t come as a surprise to anyone who follows the company, given the string of negative publicity that Tesla has received in recent weeks.

In addition to a voluntary recall of 123,000 Model S vehicles that owes to a problem with the power-steer component of some of the cars, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration last week launched an investigation into the role of Tesla’s Autopilot in a fatal crash.

In fact, in a series of separate tweets today, Musk responded to the National Transportation Safety Board, a safety agency that said it was “unhappy” with Tesla’s decision on Friday to publish a blog post about the accident, given that investigations are ongoing.

In that post, Tesla said the driver, since identified as an Apple engineer, “had received several visual and one audible hands-on warning earlier in the drive and the driver’s hands were not detected on the wheel for six seconds prior to the collision.” The company also noted that a highway safety barrier that might have lessened the impact of the collision had been “crushed in a prior accident without being replaced.”

The suggestion was plainly that Tesla can’t be blamed, at least not entirely, for the fatality.

In response to the NTSB’s newly public frustration over the release of these details by Tesla, Musk wrote on Twitter today, “Lot of respect for NTSB, but NHTSA regulates cars, not NTSB, which is an advisory body. Tesla releases critical crash data affecting public safety immediately & always will. To do otherwise would be unsafe.”

Tesla closed down 5.1 percent at $252.48 in trading today.

Read more: https://techcrunch.com/2018/04/02/elon-musk-just-took-charge-of-model-3-production-saying-its-his-most-critical-job-right-now/

Australia couldn’t get enough of Trump on Facebook in 2016


Australia could not get enough of the American election .
Image: Getty Images

Like slowing down to gawk at a automobile disintegrate, Australia could not get enough of the U.S. ballot in 2016.

It was the most talked about topic amongst the 15 million or so Australians sharing poles on Facebook this year, according to the company’s own data. Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and shark attacks rounded out the top three. So, all in all, a remarkably dismal year.

According to Mia Garlick, administrator of Facebook policy for Australia and New Zealand, 289 million people in the world established 10 billion interactions – likes, observations, shares and original poles from the working day Ted Cruz announced his candidacy for president in Mar ., 2015 through to poll period this November.

“The fact that the US election did not are available in the top ten most talked about topics by Australians in 2015 suggests that 2016 was its first year that got Australians most hired about national elections, ” she said.

And why not? The whole act was, and continues to be, C.R.A.Z.Y .

Alongside Turnbull, right-wing politician Pauline Hanson was the only other local politico to induce the top 10 roll. Australia deemed its own referendum this year, but apparently the whole rigmarole wasn’t quite as engaging as Clinton v. Trump.

Here’s your 2016 “most talked about” directory, Australia. And here’s hoping 2017 is slightly more cheery.

1. U.S. Elections

A family waits for President-elect Donald Trump to take the stage at the DeltaPlex Arena, December 9, 2016 in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Image: Getty Images

2. Malcolm Turnbull

Australia’s Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull attends the ceremony of the G-2 0 Summit on September 4, 2016 in Hangzhou, China.

Image: Getty Images

3. Shark Attacks

A lifeguard patrols Shelly Beach after a shark attack.

Image: Getty Images

4. David Bowie

Flowers, candles and images sit at a monumental outside of the late musician and performer David Bowie’s apartment that he shared with his wife on January 11, 2016 in New York City.

Image: Getty Images

5. Pokmon Go

Pokemon GO musicians encounter at Sydney Opera House on July 20, 2016 in Sydney, Australia.

Image: Getty Images

6. Pauline Hanson

Pauline Hanson’s autobiography, “Untamed& Unashamed: The Autobiography.”

Image: Getty Images

7. Western Bulldogs and AFL Grand Final

Luke Dahlhaus of the Bulldogs celebrates during the 2016 Toyota AFL Grand Final match between the Sydney Swans and the Western Bulldogs at the Melbourne Cricket Ground on October 01, 2016 in Melbourne, Australia.

Image: Getty Images

8. Brexit

A man ripples the EU flag outside the Supreme Court during the first day of a hearing into whether Parliament’s consent is required before the Brexit process can begin, on December 5, 2016 in London, England.

Image: Getty Images

9. Rodrigo Duterte

Leftist activists rally in Manila to show support for Rodrigo Duterte during his promise to agency on June 30, 2016 in Manila, Philippines.

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10. Olympics

Flag bearer Anna Meares of Australia contributes her crew during the course of its Welcoming ceremony of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games at Maracana Stadium on August 5, 2016 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

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