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‘We’re doomed’: Mayer Hillman on the climate reality no one else will dare mention


The 86-year-old social scientist says accepting the impending end of most life on Earth might be the very thing needed to help us prolong it

Were doomed, says Mayer Hillman with such a beaming smile that it takes a moment for the words to sink in. The outcome is death, and its the end of most life on the planet because were so dependent on the burning of fossil fuels. There are no means of reversing the process which is melting the polar ice caps. And very few appear to be prepared to say so.

Hillman, an 86-year-old social scientist and senior fellow emeritus of the Policy Studies Institute, does say so. His bleak forecast of the consequence of runaway climate change, he says without fanfare, is his last will and testament. His last intervention in public life. Im not going to write anymore because theres nothing more that can be said, he says when I first hear him speak to a stunned audience at the University of East Anglia late last year.

From Malthus to the Millennium Bug, apocalyptic thinking has a poor track record. But when it issues from Hillman, it may be worth paying attention. Over nearly 60 years, his research has used factual data to challenge policymakers conventional wisdom. In 1972, he criticised out-of-town shopping centres more than 20 years before the government changed planning rules to stop their spread. In 1980, he recommended halting the closure of branch line railways only now are some closed lines reopening. In 1984, he proposed energy ratings for houses finally adopted as government policy in 2007. And, more than 40 years ago, he presciently challenged societys pursuit of economic growth.

When we meet at his converted coach house in London, his classic Dawes racer still parked hopefully in the hallway (a stroke and a triple heart bypass mean he is currently forbidden from cycling), Hillman is anxious we are not side-tracked by his best-known research, which challenged the supremacy of the car.

With doom ahead, making a case for cycling as the primary mode of transport is almost irrelevant, he says. Weve got to stop burning fossil fuels. So many aspects of life depend on fossil fuels, except for music and love and education and happiness. These things, which hardly use fossil fuels, are what we must focus on.

While the focus of Hillmans thinking for the last quarter-century has been on climate change, he is best known for his work on road safety. He spotted the damaging impact of the car on the freedoms and safety of those without one most significantly, children decades ago. Some of his policy prescriptions have become commonplace such as 20mph speed limits but weve failed to curb the cars crushing of childrens liberty. In 1971, 80% of British seven- and eight-year-old children went to school on their own; today its virtually unthinkable that a seven-year-old would walk to school without an adult. As Hillman has pointed out, weve removed children from danger rather than removing danger from children and filled roads with polluting cars on school runs. He calculated that escorting children took 900m adult hours in 1990, costing the economy 20bn each year. It will be even more expensive today.

Our societys failure to comprehend the true cost of cars has informed Hillmans view on the difficulty of combatting climate change. But he insists that I must not present his thinking on climate change as an opinion. The data is clear; the climate is warming exponentially. The UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change predicts that the world on its current course will warm by 3C by 2100. Recent revised climate modelling suggested a best estimate of 2.8C but scientists struggle to predict the full impact of the feedbacks from future events such as methane being released by the melting of the permafrost.

Hillman believes society has failed to challenge the supremacy of the car. Photograph: Lenscap / Alamy Stock Photo/Alamy Stock Photo

Hillman is amazed that our thinking rarely stretches beyond 2100. This is what I find so extraordinary when scientists warn that the temperature could rise to 5C or 8C. What, and stop there? What legacies are we leaving for future generations? In the early 21st century, we did as good as nothing in response to climate change. Our children and grandchildren are going to be extraordinarily critical.

Global emissions were static in 2016 but the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere was confirmed as beyond 400 parts per million, the highest level for at least three million years (when sea levels were up to 20m higher than now). Concentrations can only drop if we emit no carbon dioxide whatsoever, says Hillman. Even if the world went zero-carbon today that would not save us because weve gone past the point of no return.

Although Hillman has not flown for more than 20 years as part of a personal commitment to reducing carbon emissions, he is now scornful of individual action which he describes as as good as futile. By the same logic, says Hillman, national action is also irrelevant because Britains contribution is minute. Even if the government were to go to zero carbon it would make almost no difference.

Instead, says Hillman, the worlds population must globally move to zero emissions across agriculture, air travel, shipping, heating homes every aspect of our economy and reduce our human population too. Can it be done without a collapse of civilisation? I dont think so, says Hillman. Can you see everyone in a democracy volunteering to give up flying? Can you see the majority of the population becoming vegan? Can you see the majority agreeing to restrict the size of their families?

Hillman doubts that human ingenuity can find a fix and says there is no evidence that greenhouse gases can be safely buried. But if we adapt to a future with less focusing on Hillmans love and music it might be good for us. And who is we? asks Hillman with a typically impish smile. Wealthy people will be better able to adapt but the worlds population will head to regions of the planet such as northern Europe which will be temporarily spared the extreme effects of climate change. How are these regions going to respond? We see it now. Migrants will be prevented from arriving. We will let them drown.

A small band of artists and writers, such as Paul Kingsnorths Dark Mountain project, have embraced the idea that civilisation will soon end in environmental catastrophe but only a few scientists usually working beyond the patronage of funding bodies, and nearing the end of their own lives have suggested as much. Is Hillmans view a consequence of old age, and ill health? I was saying these sorts of things 30 years ago when I was hale and hearty, he says.

Hillman accuses all kinds of leaders from religious leaders to scientists to politicians of failing to honestly discuss what we must do to move to zero-carbon emissions. I dont think they can because society isnt organised to enable them to do so. Political parties focus is on jobs and GDP, depending on the burning of fossil fuels.

Without hope, goes the truism, we will give up. And yet optimism about the future is wishful thinking, says Hillman. He believes that accepting that our civilisation is doomed could make humanity rather like an individual who recognises he is terminally ill. Such people rarely go on a disastrous binge; instead, they do all they can to prolong their lives.

Can civilisation prolong its life until the end of this century? It depends on what we are prepared to do. He fears it will be a long time before we take proportionate action to stop climatic calamity. Standing in the way is capitalism. Can you imagine the global airline industry being dismantled when hundreds of new runways are being built right now all over the world? Its almost as if were deliberately attempting to defy nature. Were doing the reverse of what we should be doing, with everybodys silent acquiescence, and nobodys batting an eyelid.

Read more: https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2018/apr/26/were-doomed-mayer-hillman-on-the-climate-reality-no-one-else-will-dare-mention

Trump, Assange, Bannon, Farage … bound together in an vile alliance | Carole Cadwalladr


The Wikileaks founders stupefying admittance should stimulate MPs finally to start asking questions

Last Wednesday, 11 months into Donald Trump’s new world order, during the first year of normalisation, a abrupt unblurring of boundaries has just taken place. A shift. A doorway of knowledge swung open.

Because that was the day that the dramatis personae of two separate Trump-Russia gossips smashed headlong into one another. A high-speed information gondola disintegrate between Cambridge Analytica and Wikileaks, the two organisations that arguably had the most impact on 2016, grouped together last week in one head-spinning scoop.

That day, we learned that Alexander Nix, the CEO of Cambridge Analytica, the controversial data conglomerate that helped Trump to strength, had contacted Julian Assange to ask him if he wanted “help” with Wikileaks’s stash of stolen emails.

That’s the hoard of stolen emails that had such a devastating impact on Hillary Clinton in the last months of the campaign. And this story wreak Wikileaks, which the head of the CIA describes as a” unfriendly intelligence service”, instantly together with the Trump campaign for which Cambridge Analytica operated. This is an stunning story spin for the company, owned by US billionaire Robert Mercer, which is already the subject of investigations by the House intelligence committee, the Senate intelligence committee, the FBI and, it was announced sometime on Friday night, the Senate judiciary committee.

So far, so American. These are US gossips involving US politics and the news became the headlines in US reports across US networks.

But it’s also Cambridge Analytica, the data analytics fellowship, which has its headquarters in center London and that, following a series of articles about the key role in Brexit in the Guardian and the Observer , is also being investigated, by the Electoral Commission and the Information Commissioner’s Office. The corporation that was spun out of a British armed contractor, is pate by an old-fashioned Etonian and that responded to our stories earlier this year by threatening to sue us. It’s our Cambridge it’s named after , not the American one, and it was here that it handled the voter records of 240 million US citizens.

It’s also here that this” unfriendly intelligence service”- Wikileaks- is based. The Ecuadorian embassy is merely a few miles, as the crow flies, from Cambridge Analytica’s head office. Because this is not just about America. It’s about Britain, very. This is transatlantic. It’s not possible to separate Britain and the US in this whole sorry mess- and I say this as someone who has spent months trying. Where we see this most clearly is in that other funny Wikileaks connection: Nigel Farage. Because that time in March when Farage was caught tripping down the steps of the Ecuadorian embassy was the last minute the lines unexpectedly became visible. That the ideological overlaps between Wikileaks and Trump and Brexit were revealed to be not just directions, but a channel of communication.

‘ Nigel Farage, who visited Donald Trump and then Julian Assange .’ Photograph: Ken McKay/ ITV/ REX/ Shutterstock

Because if there’s one person who’s in the middle of all of this, but “whos had” escaped any proper investigation, it’s Nigel Farage. That’s Nigel Farage, who led the Leave.EU campaign, which is being investigated by the Electoral Commission alongside Cambridge Analytica, about whether the latter made an” impermissible gift” of services to the Leave campaign. Nigel Farage who visited Donald Trump and then Julian Assange. Who is friends with Steve Bannon and Robert Mercer. Who leader an organisation- Ukip- which has multiple, public, visible but almost entirely unreported Russian connects. Who is paid by the Russian state via the broadcaster RT, which was banned last week from Twitter. And who sounds like clockwork on British video without any message of this.

This is a power network that involves Wikileaks and Farage, and Cambridge Analytica and Farage, and Robert Mercer and Farage. Steve Bannon, former vice president of Cambridge Analytica , and Farage. It’s Nigel Farage and Brexit and Trump and Cambridge Analytica and Wikileaks … and, if the Senate intelligence committee and the House intelligence committee and the FBI are on to anything at all, somewhere in the middle of all that, Russia.

Try to follow this on a daily basis and it’s one long headspin: a spider’s network of relationships and networks of power and patronage and alliances that spans the Atlantic and embraces data houses, thinktanks and media outlets. It is about complicated corporate designs in obscure districts, involving offshore stores funnelled through the black-box algorithm of the stage tech monopolists. That it’s eye-wateringly complicated and geographically diffuse is not a coincidence. Confusion is the charlatan’s pal , noise its supplementary. The babble on Twitter is a convenient cape of darkness.

Yet it’s also quite straightforward. In a well-functioning republic, a well-functioning press and a well-functioning parliament would help a well-functioning judiciary do its job. Britain is not that country. There is a vacuum where questions should be, the meetings of the committee, the investigations, the headlines on the Tv bulletins. What was Nigel Farage doing in the Ecuadorian embassy? More to the detail: why has no public official asked about? Why is he giving address– for coin- in the US? Who’s paying him? I know this because my weirdest new hobby of 2017 is to harry Arron Banks, the Bristol businessman who was Ukip and Leave.EU’s main funder, and Andy Wigmore, Leave.EU’s comms person and Belize’s trade attache to the US, from all the regions of the internet late at night. Wigmore were talking about this new US venture- an offshore-based political consultancy is currently working on Steve Bannon-related jobs- in a series of tweets. Is it genuine? Who knows? Leave.EU has learned from its Trumpian pals that pitch-black is white and lily-white is blacknes and these half-facts are a handy mode of imbuing gossip and fogging truth.

What on ground was Farage doing advancing Calexit– Californian Brexit? And why did I find a photo of him hanging out with Dana Rohrabacher, the Californian known in the US press as “Putin’s favourite congressman”? The same Dana Rohrabacher who’s met with Don Trump Jr’s Russian solicitor and- “ve been waiting for”- also called Julian Assange in the Ecuadorian embassy. And who is now interceding on his behalf to obtain a pardon from Don Trump Junior’s dad.

( You went this? Farage visited Trump, then Assange, then Rohrabacher. Rohrabacher convened Don Trump’s Russian lawyer, Natalia Veselnitskaya. Then Assange. And is now trying to close the curve with Trump .)

In these post-truth meters, columnists are fighting the equivalent of a firestorm with a bottle of liquid and a wet hankie. We urgently necessity help. We necessity public pressure. We necessitate parliament to step up and start questioning proper questions. There may be innocent answers to all these questions. Let’s please just ask them.

Childish Gambino’s ‘This Is America’ Video, Explained


Childish Gambino took the internet by storm this weekend with the release of his new single “This Is America” and its accompanying music video loaded with haunting images of black oppression and gun violence.

Fans unpacked the subtle references on Twitter, with many proclaiming the rapper, whose real name is Donald Glover, one of the most important voices of this generation.

ICYMI, below are some of the most talked-about references in “This Is America,” in order of appearance in the video. 

Calvin The Second

Childish Gambino/YouTube

Viewers initially confused actor and musician Calvin The Second, who plays the guitarist in the video’s opening shot, for the father of Trayvon Martin, the unarmed black teenager shot to death in Florida in 2012 by George Zimmerman.

Calvin The Second confirmed his appearance in the video Sunday on Instagram: “Got the call from one of my agents while up at Coachella that they wanted me for the shoot on Sunday, drove down and got to be a part of history.”


Childish Gambino/YouTube

“This Is America” is set entirely in a drab warehouse, which some viewers interpreted as the country’s foundation, built on systemic white supremacy and oppression.

“Much of this seems to take place in a building/warehouse where the foundation and support systems (the beams) are mostly white,” tweeted @JarridGreen.

Some veteran Childish Gambino fans pointed out similarities to his 2011 “Freaks and Geeks” music video, which also takes place in a warehouse.

Fela Kuti

Getty Images/Vevo

The video features a shirtless Childish Gambino donning a gold chain necklace and trousers that give off a ’70s vibe. His look appears to be inspired by the late Fela Kuti, a Nigerian musician dubbed “Africa’s answer to Handel” by one arts critic.

“Fela Kuti reverberates in Childish Gambino’s body,” civil rights activist Michael Skolnik wrote of the video on Twitter. “It is art at its highest form. Still in awe.”

Some suggested Childish Gambino’s look was a nod to the late Richard Pryor, the legendary comedian and social critic. Others noted the similarities between his pants and a Confederate soldier’s uniform.

African dance

Fans were obsessed with Childish Gambino’s nod to African dances, including Shoki and Gwara Gwara, a style of dance popularized in South Africa (and featured in Rihanna’s 2018 Grammys performance).

“Childish Gambino reeks of talent,” tweeted @muchman16. “I loved the part where those kids danced shoki and gwara gwara.”

Others pointed out how dance trends can distract from the life-or-death situations affecting black communities.

“Childish Gambino’s #ThisIsAmerica spoke to me as a black South African women,” tweeted @Cpaw2. “Women being hunted and killed while society does the gwara gwara.”

Jim Crow

Justin Simien, the filmmaker behind “Dear White People,” tweeted a “love letter” to the video on Sunday, breaking down its searing use of Jim Crow imagery.

“Jim Crow began as one of the first fits of white American culture to address it’s former African slaves (and their descendants) at all,” Simien wrote. “A minstrelsy mainstay played by white men in black face, and sometimes by black men in black face.”

“Jim Crow began as mere pop culture entertainment at the expense of America’s freed slaves and became the means of their oppression,” he continued, noting that the character’s name was eventually lent to laws enforcing racial segregation in the U.S.

America’s gun obsession

Childish Gambino/YouTube

Each time Childish Gambino fires a gun in “This Is America,” he hands it off to someone who whisks it away in a red cloth. Viewers interpreted these scenes as a reference to Americans’ willingness to protect gun rights over people, despite the country’s alarmingly high rates of gun violence.

“Because this is America,” tweeted @Shugah. “We shoot up schools, churches, each other and then we place the guns tenderly in a cloth to protect them. And then we dance.”


One viewer suggested the apparent suicide scene points to a pervasive mental illness stigma plaguing the African-American community.

“Does the man jumping to his death that goes largely unnoticed because of Gambino’s dancing serve as a reminder that suicide & poor mental health in the African American community is being ignored,” asked @JuelzKojoey on Twitter.

Charleston massacre

Childish Gambino/YouTube

One of the most disturbing scenes in “This Is America” features an all-black church choir getting shot up with an assault-style rifle. The massacre appears to be a reference to the 2015 mass shooting at a church in Charleston, South Carolina, in which a white gunman killed nine black churchgoers.

“Childish Gambino really made a reference to the Charleston church shooting that happened in 2015,” tweeted @EmanThatKid. “He shows how mass shootings are normalized in America, even if you shooting up a place of worship.”

Viral videos of police brutality and racism

Childish Gambino/YouTube

In one scene, black teenagers use their phones to record the chaos unfolding below, as their mouths appear to be covered by a white material.

Some viewers believed this to be a reference to the rise of viral videos of police brutality and racist encounters to overcome the metaphorical muzzling of black people in a white supremacist system.

“Kids are seen recording everything on their phones, referencing the use of livestreams in police shootings as a means of documenting and sharing the truth,” tweeted @thelocalemo. “Gambino’s lyrics state, ‘this is a celly, that’s a tool.’”

White horse

Childish Gambino/YouTube

It’s easy to miss the white stallion galloping by in the background on the first viewing of “This Is America.” Upon closer look, viewers pointed to biblical references of a “pale horse” heralding the apocalypse, which largely goes unnoticed by the characters dancing in the foreground of the video.

Karen Civil, a social media and marketing guru, pointed out the specific passage from the Bible’s Book of Revelation: “And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him.”

Traffic stop killings

Childish Gambino/YouTube

Toward the end of the video, Childish Gambino dances atop a red car surrounded by other decades-old cars with their hazard lights flashing and doors open.

Viewers drew connections to the black men routinely killed by police during traffic stops, including Philando Castile in Minnesota in 2016.

“Do a lot of those cars … have their drivers side doors open and hazards on cause they’re symbolic of the cars of all the people pulled over and killed by the police?” wondered Twitter user @giddy_pony.

Others found economic symbolism within the sea of beat-up cars.

“I’m having a 4 am finals procrastination epiphany that the mostly parked, vacant cars in #ThisIsAmerica reference to the stalled socioeconomic and political mobility of Black people in America,” tweeted @izaynab.


Childish Gambino/YouTube

R&B singer SZA made an appearance in “This Is America,” sending her fans into a frenzy. Viewers noted the similarities between her hairstyle and the Statue of Liberty’s crown.

SZA appeared to confirm the Lady Liberty theories Sunday on Instagram.

Liberty .

A post shared by SZA (@sza) on

The Sunken Place

Anyone who has seen the film “Get Out” likely picked up on the eerie vibes at the end of the video as Childish Gambino attempts to escape the warehouse. It reminded many of “the Sunken Place” seen in the 2017 film, the mental space where the main character Chris goes after he’s been brainwashed, unable to control his body.

“The Sunken Place means we’re marginalized,” Jordan Peele, the movie’s director, explained on Twitter in March 2017. “No matter how hard we scream, the system silences us.”

Daniel Kaluuya, who played Chris in “Get Out,” introduced Childish Gambino’s performance of “This Is America” on “Saturday Night Live.” 


Twitter user @_mikepearson suggested “This Is America” features over a dozen improvised lines from mostly black artists, including Kendrick Lamar and Offset. 

However, Complex pointed out that the streaming music service Tidal only lists Young Thug, 21 Savage, Quavo, Slim Jxmmi and BlocBoy JB as contributors on the song.

Read more: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/childish-gambino-this-is-america_us_5af05c12e4b041fd2d28d8e9

Nick Jonas Drooped His “Find You” Music Video& We’re All Freaking Out


OMG, you guys. Today is already a big day. Nick Jonas’ “Find You” music video is finally here, and it’s truly, really good. Nick Jonas, the international man of sex, is always surprising us with brand new music, and this time it’s something altogether, perfectly classy. Jonas’ brand-new song, “Find You, ” is the sort of soothing pitch to get you in the mood to disco on the beach with a cluster of attractive strangers. Jonas does that in the music video, and this is really invigorating for me. Can I do that? Is that what a beach day with Jonas is like? If so, sign me up.

Jonas descended “Find You” on Sept. 14, 2017, and the world started bobbing their foremen. We know where to find you, Nick Jonas. You can find him on the radio until eternally because this song is catchy AF, y’all. So what does this music video actually entail? Who is it about, and why is he driving an expensive auto so close to the water? Watch out, dude! One of the lyricals mentions, “I look for you in the center of the sun.” I have no clue what that could signify, but do not gaze instantly at the sunbathe, beings. It’s not worth it to simply find a mystery daughter that saves hiding from you. No way.

This is Jonas’ second song to come out this summer, and we aren’t mad about it. The lyric, “Remember I Told You” was the catchy carol released after May. It boasted Mike Posner and Anne Marie, and it showcased Jonas’ sultry voice. Mama like. Both songs are completely different, but both are sensual.

One thing is for certain, Jonas knows how to connect with his love. In October of 2016, he told

Heartbreak is a theme that a lot of parties relate to — the challenges presented by the next steps in your life, and when some openings open, and how you approach the next ones opening … I considered pretty quickly that it was a lot of what my devotees could relate to. It’s nerve-wracking when[ the fondness] are as personal as the ones that I shared were. But I find counteracted when I use my writing as a practice to treat — it’s extremely therapeutic.

Jonas is getting deep, and I like it.

Here are more lyricals to deeply analyze 😛 TAGEND

I took a capsule but it didn’t facilitate me numb
I see your face even when my gazes are shut
But I never truly know where to find you

I taste the words that keep falling out your mouth
If I could love you I would never put you down
But I never certainly know where to find you

Where to find you
Where to find you
But I never genuinely know where to find you
Try, try, try
Try, try, try
Try, try, try
But I never genuinely know where to find you

I’m guessing, based on the music video, Jonas is stumbling through a sweltering, steamy desert all alone, and finally observes the beautiful California coast. Although one would assume the first stop would be instantly into the giant body of water, Jonas instead moves with all the beautiful women working in the beach. Hey, we all have our priorities. Is he looking for that special lady he lost long ago? Is he searching for himself? Oh, Jonas. You are a mysterious man.

At the end of the video, Jonas climbs into a Lyft on the beach and leaves. Yes, he gets into a freakin’ Lyft. I couldn’t think it is either, but it happened. Does that have mean, or is it ingenious produce placement? Probably a little bit of both, honestly. Although Jonas never seems to find who he’s go looking for, the music video is a delicious treat.

Now, let’s all get out there and shake our hips to this sexy little song and find our inner disco! Afterall, we’re all looking for something.

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Theresa May’s Vogue shoot is a smart manner evidence | Anne Perkins


For the premier of a car-crash nation to feature on the sheets of American Vogue is not as out of stroke as it might seem

The obvious circumstance to say about Theresa Mays decision to allow herself to be seduced by the glamour of a Vogue mode shoot is that it appears irreducibly horrendous. Tone-deaf, self-indulgent, frivolous whatever the angle , not one of them is flattering.

This is the narrative: not even Annie Leibovitz, mistress of digital manipulation, can rebuild dignity to a “ministers ” who chooses to take part in a fashion shoot while presiding over a car-crash commonwealth. A manager uneasy to appear as if she is in touch with her just-about-managing fellow citizens fighting with austerity and Brexitwill be pictured flaunting robes that will certainly not be available in your norm Marks& Spencer.

Its no explanation that the relevant recommendations was envisioned in the pre-Trump era maybe even in the heady dates when it must have seemed a reasonable bet that by the time the pictures appeared in April, Hillary Clinton would have joined May herself and Angela Merkel in a trilogy of female dominance unprecedented in the history of the western world.

If that had been the plead( and who are in a position but sorrow its loss) then the smart stuff to do on 9 November, immediately after the call to Trump Tower, would have been an pressing email to the editors office in New York.

Now it seems likely that on her first inspect to Washington as prime minister, she will have prepared the dirt for her encounter with a male notorious for reducing wives to objects by presenting herself on the sheets of American Vogue as, well, an object.

And “thats really not” the end of it. Even more detrimental is that her decision to submit before the eyes of the world to the narcissism of fashion could easily become one of those defining moments: like Margaret Thatcher in the container turret looking like a cross between Boudicca and Lawrence of Arabia, this one misjudgment might readily become a signifier of all that is flawed in her prime ministerial style. Here is a woman already perceived to lack strategic nous, a “ministers ” with no mandate from their constituencies, a politician who, even if she says the right thing, carries on doing the incorrect one.

Where was the sage-green admonition that it would not sounds like a good look for soft-focus personas of the prime minister to be in the news at the start of a financial year that will remove many hundreds of pounds in excise credits and housing is beneficial for the incomes of many thousands of families? What part of a wise prime ministerial strategy might have been juxtaposing austerity with an form in the pages of the global handbook of conspicuous consumption?

And hitherto, while all that is true, she is on to something important. First, British fad is big business and the US is a big market. That is at least part of the reason why American Vogues British editor, Anna Wintour, was made a madam in the New Year honours.

Second, style is on to a trend: the world has just got serious about politics. Last-place month Teen Vogue had a smash hit with a blistering commander about Donald Trump gaslighting the country( to gaslight, it helpfully justifies, is to psychologically manipulate a person to the moment where they interrogate their own sanity ), which far outstripped the second most-read peculiarity of its first year, on the right way to apply glitter nail polish.

A generation ago, UK media strategists realised Lady Hour and the Jimmy Young Show were a more effective behavior of reaching ordinary voters than the broadsheets and political Tv. But this is something different. After Brexit and Trump, voters who for years rarely had cause to difficulty a polling station had now become heartfelt. The business of manner publications is discerning the progress and this year, at the least, politics is fashion.

That is not the same as said today way is politics. Yet it is slowly growing so, as the business to seeing how women around capability express their political identities moves mainstream. Leibovitz, the portraitist who did the American Vogue shoot with May at Chequers, is always very interested in women and dominance and the power of the status of women. She has rescued the Queen from nations grandmother status and rendered her regal presence. She takes Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama, both regulars in American Vogue( Obama has been on three treats) and makes them softer, and more traditionally feminine, than people would expect from their public spirit as representatives and identifies of power.

Clinton was open about the conflicting press of supremacy and appearance, and accommodation by adopting the invisible androgyny of the Angela Merkel trouser dres. But May “ve never” confessed her interest in fashion to the demands of political agreement. She set out to normalise the relevant recommendations of serious women being serious about fashion too. She was in the sheets of British Vogue before she had even been elected an MP.

She has developed style as a figure of political communication. Where her male peers might brief select correspondents to trail a policy development, May testifies her intent with a fashion evidence that is often flashier than what she eventually alleges. Where she is cautious politically, she used bold( at least, fashionistas might mutter, by Maidenhead touchstones ). Like the vicar, the vicars daughter garments for the number of jobs. In a world-wide where policy debate being carried out by tweet, a style film in Vogue might be read as a manifesto. If the “ministers ” has a future, it will need to be a good one.

Mays decision is likely to be become one of those defining moments, like Margaret Thatcher in the container turret. Photograph: Jockel Fink/ AP

From Thor: Ragnarok to Stranger Things- 10 occasions we learned from Comic-Con 2017


The annual follower happening in San Diego, with its usual mingle of teasers, trailers and talks, leaved observers extends on what to expect from next years hottest projects

Stranger Things season two will ramp up the 80 s nostalgia

Poor Will Byers might well rescued from the dark rotate dimension that is beginning to bleed into the town of Hawkins, Indiana( otherwise known as the Upside down) in the Netflix smash. But it seems as if his agony is not yet over. As our gang of pre-teens take a excursion to the local arcade to play-act Don Bluths Dragons Lair video game, Will suddenly attends the Upside Down flash into world, with himself once again inside it. Whats more, a brand-new, larger devil 10 times the size of the Demogorgon from season one and with at the least six appendages appears to be marauding through the darkened skies.

The fact that this is revealed to the gothic musical strivings of Michael Jacksons Thriller complete with Vincent Rate doomy narration from the classic 1983 John Landis video combined with our heroes dressing up as the Ghostbusters to carry out their paranormal investigations, just clears it all the jug. Is that an actual ghost net?

Michelle Pfeiffer is participating in Ant-Man and The Wasp

Pfeiffer was announced as Janet Van Dyne, the original Wasp in the comic books, at Marvels panel on 22 July. She will appear in Peyton Reeds upcoming sequel Ant-Man and the Wasp, as the mother of the new Wasp, Evangeline Lilys Hope Van Dyne, and ex-partner of the original Ant-Man, Michael Douglass Hank Pym.

Michelle Pfeiffer considers her superhero options. Photograph: Craig Blankenhorn/ AP

Fans of the comic book is understood that the character of Janet Van Dyne is a subject of some contention in the Marvel world, thanks predominantly to a 1980 s occurrence in which she was assaulted by Pym during a sequence. Marvels latest version of the size-shifting superhero is, of course, the second Ant-Man, Scott Lang, a character this is gonna be reprised by Paul Rudd in the new movie. There has been little hint of Pyms murky past so far in the comic books big-screen carry, so tells is hoped that the government bides that way.

Could there be The Walking Dead without zombies?

Season eight of the zombie cataclysm testify looks as if it will be all about the war between Ricks adherents, backed up by King Ezekels heavily armoured faction, and the Saviours, led by everybodys favourite apathetic psychopath, Negan. But after approximately four and a half times of blood war, its the final hit of Andrew Lincolns Rick Grimes, apparently a decade older and waking up in a infirmary bottom, that leaves us with the most wonders. Is this some kind of flash-forward to a future without zombies?

Ben Afflecks reign as the dark cavalier isnt over just yet

It hasnt been the easiest period for Affleck since he signed on to play the dark cavalier. Pitting the DC Extended Universes two biggest brutes against one another in Batman v Superman: Daybreak of Justice turned out to be a really bad space to propel a superhero cinematic world. And while Affleck amazed as the caped crusader, “hes found” himself duelling against both Zack Snyders wrongheaded reading of Gothams shadowy defender and the Watchmen chairmen convoluted and cumbersome struggles at world-building.

Since then, the negative publicity hasnt stopped. First, Affleck revealed he was walking away from has the intention to direct himself in upcoming solo outing The Batman; then his heir, War for the Planet of the Apes Matt Reeves, disclosed that he had completely vacated his precedes script. On 21 July, the Hollywood Reporter indicated studio Warner Bros was primary to go one pace further and do its best to usher out Afflecks Batman altogether. But at the members of the commission for DCs upcoming Justice League, the actor and chairman confirmed he has no plans to give up the cape.

Let me be very clear, added Affleck. I am the luckiest guy in the world. Batman is the coolest part in any world, DC or Marvel. The performer also said he would be an parrot on the dirt for Matt Reeves, whose stand in Hollywood could not be higher in the wake of his triumphant shepherding of the second and third instalments of the current Planet of the Apes trilogy.

The Hulk will find his voice in Thor: Ragnarok

The green machine has been a part of the Marvel cinematic macrocosm for the best part of a decade, but weve scarcely heard him mutter more than the strange message in all that time. Now, following Mark Ruffalos suggestions that the superheros temperament is beginning to merge with that of Bruce Banner, the brand-new Comic-Con trailer for Thor: Ragnarok showcases a Hulk whos abruptly capable of entire convicts, as he is in some comic book iterations. While a Hulk solo movie still ogles a long way off, this will be a satisfying development for followers of the sulky behemoth, and indicates Ragnaroks cribbing from the classic 2006 graphic novel Planet Hulk isnt simply limited to the inclusion of Sakaar and all those monumental gladiator battles.

Star Trek: Discoverys brand-new hero is Spocks sister

You might thoughts Leonard Nimoys pointy-eared alien would have mentioned a human sibling at some degree during his near half-century stint in the persona, but probably CBSs new infinite story will address the previous absence of Sonequa Martin-Greens Star Fleet first officer Michael Burnham from official canon at some degree during the first season. The Comic-Con panel for the reveal on 22 July been demonstrated that Burnham, who is female but has intentionally been given a male first name, was adopted by Spocks Vulcan father Sarek, here give full play to Gotham and True Blood alumnus James Frain, as small children.

The brand-new trailer discloses Discovery will focus on a looming conflict between the Federation and a resurgent Klingon empire. Burnham is second in bidding on the USS Shenzhou, whose captain is Michelle Yeohs Philippa Georgiou. The 15 -episode show takes home a decade before the events of the first Star Trek TV testify, and is altogether separate from the reset timeline currently being followed in the big-screen instalments. There is no word yet for purposes of determining whether Spock himself is likely to make an appearance.

In Blade Runner 2049, Rick Deckards world has changed beyond recognition

What kind of a movie would the original Blade Runner have been without Rutger Hauers overwhelming final speech as the dying Roy Batty? It seems were about to find out, as the weekend body for Denis Villeneuves Blade Runner 2049 discovered the replicants of mid-2 1st century LA now have an open-ended lifespan. A brand-new timeline available to read online here fills in the gaps between the events of 2019, seen in Ridley Scotts doom-laden sci-fi classic, and the new episode. We discover that the Tyrell Corporation exhausted a new pattern of replicant, the Nexus 8, in 2020 to supplant the decommissioned Nexus 6s. These were then swopped, in 2036, to the supposedly safer Nexus 9s, which likewise have no restriction on their lifespans.

How does this feed into the age-old conundrum over whether Harrison Fords Rick Deckard is himself a replicant? Well, it surely suggests that both he and Rachel might easily have been age-unlimited paradigms, though that would not be explained that Deckard himself appears to have been subject to a very human ageing process. What it does do is remove from the Blade Runner world the splendid pathos of the replicants short lives, surely a metaphor for the brevity of the human condition. As Edward James Olmoss Gaff tells Deckard, at the end of the original movie: Its too bad she wont live, but then again who does? Such symbolism now seems to have been itself lost in time, like snaps in rain.

The robots will continue to wreak retribution in Westworld season two

After mass host-on-guest slaughter broke out during the final escapade of Westworlds debut season, you might contemplate the authorities would be called in to shut down the common early in season two. But 22 Julys panel for the demo, which doesnt restore until 2018, read the release of a trailer illustrate Evan Rachel Woods Dolores and James Marsdens Teddy gleefully hunting down their former tormentors intimating the robots revenge has not been able to are duly reenacted. Theres too a shot of Jeffrey Wrights resuscitated Bernard Lowe next to a dead beast, and a brief situation featuring a blood-spattered Soldier in Black( Ed Harris ). Where the Emmy award-winning show excursions to in season two remains shrouded in whodunit, but it consider this to be well be staying in Westworld itself, rather than honcho out into wider vistas.

The virtual-reality world of Ready Player One is filled with pop-culture phenomena

William Gibsons cult 1984 journal Neuromancer, widely considered the original cyberpunk romance, presents a perception of cyberspace so alien to our sensibilities with its heavy employment of invented technobabble that its murky virtual-reality world is nearly impassable. Not so Steven Spielbergs upcoming modification of Ernest Clines sci-fi tale Ready Player One, which offers us a Matrix-like technosphere occupied by cheerfully familiar pop-culture stalwarts. The weekend board for the movie discovered the release of a entry trailer, in which gamer Wade Watts duels against and alongside The Iron Giant, an orc from The Lord of the Rings and Freddy Krueger from the Nightmare on Elm Street movies, in a dystopian 2044. All of a sudden, Ed Sheeran diverting up in Game of Thrones doesnt seem virtually so incongruous.

The Defenders have work to do to reignite Netflixs Marvel shows

The first trailer for The Defenders, which debuted at Marvel TV panel on 21 July, suggests the ensemble superhero prove has work to do in order to convince us its worth binge-streaming next month, especially after the disappointment of the second half of Luke Cages debut season not to mention the whitewashed vehicle accident that was Iron Fist.

Sigourney Weaver participates Alexandra, who appears to be a spokesperson for evil ninja family The Hand, which to our storage has been set on taking over New York since at the least season two of Daredevil but apparently hasnt fairly got there hitherto. The question with these Netflix indicates is the low-level bets: the baddies never seem to want to hold the entire city in subjugation; they are generally only want to profit by ensure local misdemeanour rackets, setting them up in opposition to the neighbourhood superheroes who want to keep the streets clean.

When Marvel began its Netflix experiment, this low-key approach was a accepted succour from the CGI mega-destruction of the big-screen outings, but The Defenders surely needs to up the ante with a more ambitiously evil programme if its to justify wreaking all these street-level heroes together for an epic showdown.

Woman’s Amazing Post-Car Crash Eyeliner Review Goes Viral!


Shelby Pagan is a legend.

The nurse posted a review of

See, Shelby had just been in a car crash, and she titled her review:

“I was in a car accident and my eyeliner didn’t budge”

AH-Mazing! A Twitter user was the first to spot the fire post on KatVonDBeauty.com this week, and she was so shook she wrote:


The story doesn’t go exactly like that though. Shelby didn’t take the pic for a review — the review was demanded after the pic!

First she shared the photo on Instagram to tell her peeps what had happened:

She told Huffington Post her followers wouldn’t stop asking about it:

“I had shared the photo on my Instagram to tell my story and multiple people said, ‘How does your eyeliner look so good still?'”

Well, now we know. And Kat Von D beauty got the best ad it’s ever had! They should put Shelby on a billboard!

Or name an eyeliner after her? “Pagan Pitch” has a nice ring to it… Or “Crash Victim”! LOLz!

BTW, here’s how Shelby looks when she isn’t recovering from a car crash:

[Image via Instagram.]

Read more: http://perezhilton.com/cocoperez/2018-04-25-viral-eyeliner-review-kat-von-d-shelby-pagan-car-accident

Rob& Chyna: the saddest present on TV


The format of this painfully dull show is identical to other persons of the Kardashian empire: interminable scenes of beings sitting in kitchens not devouring cheese plates

Is there a least qualified world show stellar than Rob Kardashian? If you lined up 10 people from the throwing document of A& Es Intervention and Rob Kardashian and had to choose one to base an ongoing tv series around, would you ever pick him unless people know his last name? Isnt this a tragedy? Shouldnt we all be more disturbed?

Sunday nights debut of the new E! succession Rob& Chyna tags the reappearance of the black sheep Kardashian to the public eye. Hes expended years of their own lives unwilling to leave his room, which caused him to addition( his terms) a grip of load. He seems less comfortable making seeing linked with other human beings than the little orphan girl Newt from the movie Aliens. A Los Angeles Dodgers hat covers whats left of the poorest of the poor guys thin, matted mane. His wardrobe contained in T-shirts , nondescript jeans and sneakers. In other paroles, when I watch this astoundingly depressing curriculum, I check myself and what I might become( minus the millions of dollars ).

The first few minutes of Rob& Chyna intend to see us sympathize with Rob and his pregnant fiancee Blac Chyna. As an digression, isnt it a little bit horrid that Blac Chyna leads almost entirely by the identify Chyna in the first escapade now that the original Chyna the former WWE wrestler has died? Its like rummaging through people jewelry after a funeral.

Regardless of what you call her, Blac Chyna is the actual adept of this establish, even if her epithet is second on the marquee. She came up from the world-famous row guilds of Atlanta and became something of an entrepreneur, at least in accordance with the rules that we define that parole in 2016. She took the Kardashian template of monetizing tabloid infamy through a cult of temperament social media ubiquity, labelled products, and now, the final part of the problem, an E! reality franchise. Shes become a major supporting player in the ongoing Kardashian meta-narrative having a baby with the rapper Tyga, who then leaves her for Kylie Jenner, which leads to Chyna connect coerces with Rob. Whether or not her relationship with Rob is genuine or a calculated effort to increase her making potential is not for me to decide (* cough its bullshit cough *) but what is is whether or not this TV show is good. Its not.

Rob& Chyna: croaked with high winds. Photograph: E!

If your litmus test for depositing with a program is reacting the issues to does someone fart within the first 10 times with a yes, then Rob& Chyna is for you. Spoiler alert, Chyna farts in the car. If “youd prefer” a little bit of drama, then maybe flip over to another path. Or throw your cable chest or streaming machine into the nearest open body of water and walk into the town square. Either one is fine with me.

The format of this dreadfully dull show is identical to the other outposts of the Kardashian empire: wearisome scenes of people driving indulgence cars on featureless freeways, be standing kitchens not feeing cheese sheets, or folding clothes for a business tour that may or may not ever happen. During these backgrounds, mush-mouthed pod parties debate some ill-defined conflict. Someone needs to go to rehab for a ambiguous difficulty. Somebody must text person back about a occasion that happened off camera. Person seems disrespected. A party invite is lost in the mail. Watching these evidences is like reading the most banal email thread at 3am. Plug sad-eyed agoraphobe Rob Kardashian into this format and you have a dry for insomnia so potent, the Food and Drug Administration should regulate it.

The ostensible plot of this chapter revolves around Rob accusing Chyna of texting people behind his back. He testifies this to be the case because he discovers that Chyna has changed the passcode on her iPhone. He even insinuates that shes fastening up with her ex, Tyga. All of this takes target with Rob spread out comfortably on a plot. Chyna denies any immorality, then accuses Rob of contacting maidens behind her back. He apparently admits it, which I vaguely remember before my eyelids glued slam for the evening. It must be the case, because the very next situation is Chyna in another expensive vehicle screaming at Rob to stop texting bitches.

These are the moments one watches reality TV for aggressivenes, incoherent holler and profanity. This is why I opt the Andy Cohen Bravo model for reality over the ponderous Ryan Seacrest/ Kris Jenner indulgence gabfests. Contrast Rob& Chyna with Bravos Below Deck, currently on its fourth season and with one spinoff under its region. Below Decks premise is simple: introduce a cluster of attractive deckhands on a mega-yacht, cater them with booze, and be fostered to melt down every occurrence. Would you instead watch that or a show starring parties too far-famed to form proper clowns of themselves for your delight? The refute is, neither, Im a grownup who is too busy contributing appraise to the culture to demean myself with such trifles, but dont fret, I picked the show about yachties drunkenly fixing up too.

I said here today that the producers of Rob& Chyna( which include the titular Rob and Chyna among their grades) do try to spice happens up. Scott Disick appears in the role of Robs only friend in the entire world and his chauffeur, schlepping him around Los Angeles like a pasty white Morgan Freeman from Driving Miss Daisy. Theres a memorable panorama where Rob moves into Chynas home in full Eeyore mode, carrying heydays to apologize for texting bitches. Chyna isnt having it, grabs the flowers, grubs them in a reserve, then knocks Rob out of her mansion. This is the turning point of the suspect tale, as the remainder of the escapade implies Chyna trying to get Rob to text her back, as she has seemingly forgotten that she hollered at him to leave her alone while pissing all over his romantic gesticulate. Im sure Rob Kardashian, AKA Calabasas Morrissey, genuinely took that well.

Finally, Kris Jenner, matriarch of the expansive Kardashian family and former nemesis of Blac Chyna, appears to counsel Chyna on how to deal with Rob. Jenner is shown to be so wise that I half expected her to have grown a beard, picked up a large twig, and hurled on a pointy hat off-screen. Much has been made of how Blac Chyna is so clever and took down the Kardashians by getting engaged to Rob. Thats a neat little underdog narrative, but if you think that Kris Jenner isnt cunning enough to use this to her advantage and will be the eventual winner of this dim-witted contest, then you arent paying attention to the testify. Thats fine, since it probably reached you pass out from boredom, but the fact remains that one of the last faces you see in this first chapter is Kris Jenner. The whole brainless enterprise is hers and hers alone. Chyna can have a piece, as long as she offer her taxes to her feudal lord.

And then theres Rob. At last-place, they found a way to monetize his mopey face and wrinkled robes. Instead of a Shrek-like character they deter locked away in a cellar, he has his own evidence, which exclusively furthers the attainment of the objectives of their own families. In exchange, this human who maybe has real clinical depression has to pretend to be a TV sun. By accident, E! has stumbled upon the saddest appearance on television, so fitted with existential desperation that youd accept it was drummed up by a government-funded novelist in some sodden Scandinavian country over a bottle of cheap scotch. If you watch more than one of these occurrences, youll perhaps find yourself not leaving the house for years, just like Rob Kardashian.

We Can’t Belief What These 15+ Creator Can Do Despite Their Disabilities


Around 10 percentage of the full amounts of the world’s person, or approximately 650 million people, live with children with disabilities according to Disability Statistics’ annual report. Seeming at the artwork bits on this list you couldn’t was well known that they were created by someone with trouble, often with great quantities of exertion and time.

From creators covering with their lips to blind photographers – these people are a genuinely an muse. Living with conditions most can’t even envisage, they often use skill as a space to communicate with “the worlds”. For some people here, that is the only course of communication they have.

To celebrate these incredibly strong-willed beings, Bored Panda gathered a index showing off their artwork. Check out these startling artists, we hope you find the stories of these beautiful people motivate!