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Tesla investors challenge Elon Musk apologize for calling Thailand diver ‘pedo’


Tesla CEO announced immature after attacking Vernon Unsworth, who rescued captured children

Tesla investors have challenged an confession from CEO Elon Musk after he lashed out at a British cave diver who rescued children in Thailand.

Musk’s posts on Twitter triggered backlash from stockholders and Silicon Valley specialists, who called his behavior immature and an obstacle to the car company’s success.

The embattled CEO came under flame over the weekend after he baselessly called the diver, Vernon Unsworth, a “pedo” on Twitter and doubled down on the insult before eventually removing the posts. Musk had run to Thailand and offered to assist in the recovery duty of 12 boys and their tutor from a inundated cave by providing a submarine, but leaders of the operation diminished his help .

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Elon Musk posts footage of ‘mini-sub’ made to assist Thai cave save

Unsworth, who was instrumental in the successful save, subsequently said Musk’s try was a” PR stunt”, stimulating the Silicon Valley billionaire to say he would make a video testifying his “mini-sub” would have worked, lending:” Sorry pedo guy, you really did ask for it .” The diver, who was still at the cave website assisting with clean-up, told the Guardian he was ” astonished and very angry” and considering action at law.

Musk and Tesla have gone silent since he removed the tweets, dismissing recited requests for comment since Sunday. Some stockholders, however, are speaking up.

James Anderson, a partner at Baillie Gifford, Tesla’s fourth-largest stockholder, told the Guardian in an email on Tuesday that the company discovered” the end of carbon as essential” but, was ” forestalled that the real steps towards this are being overshadowed and endangered by this saga “.

Anderson said he agreed with some of Musk’s past remarks announcing out critical psychoanalysts,” but this is different. We are in contact with the company and we are hopeful that it is being taken with due seriousness .” He said he would like to see” peace, quiet and execution” at the electric car busines.

Musk has faced increasing scrutiny in recent months over his bizarre denunciations on Twitter and his aggressive strikes on writers, regulators and other critics. The scandals come amid resuming complaints about workplace safety and a struggle to meet production points.

If Musk’s behavior did not change,” it could have a spectacular negative impact on the company”, said Gene Munster, head of research at Loup Ventures, a risk capital firm.” It has to start with an apology .”

In addition to losing the confidence of investors, Munster said,” the paradox here is that their firebrand is word of mouth .” The gossips” could negatively affect demand and access to uppercase “.

Loup Ventures published an open letter to Musk on behalf of the members of investors, saying specific comments to Unsworth” crossed the line” and announcing for the purposes of an apology.

” Over the last 6 months, there have been too many examples of referring demeanor that is shaking investor confidence ,” the character said.

Jing Zhao, who recently registered a shareholder it is proposed to remove Musk as chairman of the Tesla board and install an independent chairman, said the CEO was being unprofessional and that it was ” not his business” to travel to Thailand and try to directly solve the save challenges.

Zhao said he believed Musk originally had” good intents”, but that” humanitarian salvages … are professional undertakings that is why we should rely others with neighbourhood parish connections.

” He should focus on his profession ,” Zhao said, adding that if Musk wanted to help these kinds of causes, he should have a separate charity company.

Zhao also said that this scandal offered further evidence that the company needed an independent chair:” He is not mature enough .”

Tesla’s board members did not respond to requests for note.

Solar Shed, a British renewable-energy installer, said it would” no longer promote” Tesla-branded concoctions and called on other solar the company to do the same, the Washington Post reported on Monday. The company’s managing director tweeted :” All it takes is a public justification Mr Musk and i will turn our decision .”

Julia Carrie Wong contributed reporting

The Best Bachelor In Paradise Recap Youll Ever Read: The Finale, Night 1 Betches


Well, fam, we’re back for (supposedly) the last week of this season of Bachelor in Paradise. It’s not like I’ve been begging for this moment to happen ever since the producers started trying to convince the contestants to make soft core porn with food a thing before each rose ceremony.

This week we’ll find out which couples will ruin their lives by getting engaged to a person they’ve known for about as long as my leftover Chinese food has been sitting in the fridge, and which couples will break up, having just brought shame upon their households by dry humping anything with a pulse all summer. *cough* Venmo John *cough, cough*.  Shall we get started?

The episode opens with Kamil still talking about the Russian witch hunt. He’s like “she burned my picture in a fire, she’s definitely a witch,” which is literally something my ex has said about me so, what’s your point, Kamil? Hmm?

The next natural transition here is to introduce a date card into the mix. Joe mentions he’d like a date card because he’s never gotten one before and would like to solidify things with Kendall so production gives it to Jordan. ABC, why do you want me to burn your studios to the ground so bad?

Jordan asks Jenna on the date and it’s going to involve some sort of photoshoot, which I’m sure is code for softcore porn. Mark my words. And it’s wedding themed! I guess ABC was tired of sh*ting directly on the sanctity of marriage and decided to try their hand at perverting engagement photo shoots instead. This should be good. *turns up volume*

JENNA: I’m nervous about this photo shoot. I’m nervous about fake getting engaged. I’m nervous about my feelings for Jordan.

JORDAN: Not now, honey, you’re blocking my light!

Okay, why is Jenna acting like such an anxious freak rn? Could it be the drugs, or is it because they’re making her put on a wedding dress in front of a man she’s been dating for 9 days? I didn’t know she was capable of such rational thought, but okay.

Robby Hayes walks into Paradise and I’m confused as to why new men are still showing up. Is this not the finale? ABC DO NOT PLAY WITH ME LIKE THIS.

CASSIE: Robby is going to have a hard time here because everyone knows what a piece of sh*t he was to Amanda.


So naturally Shushanna, who has turned down literally every semi-nice guy to walk into Paradise, starts foaming at the mouth at the sight of Robby and his drawn on eyebrows. Damn, this girl is a psycho and I love it.

Robby asks Shu on the date and she accepts because literally every other girl turned him down first she thinks he felt a connection with her. Godddd this date is so boring. They go on some sort of dinner/date combo that can be summed up in this entire exchange:

SHU: Apparently I’m a witch so be careful.

ROBBY: That’s okay, I bet you’re good in bed.

While the Russian and Robby are on their date, Jordan gathers the girls around to tell them the bedtime story of how Robby screwed over Amanda Stanton and there were receipts to prove it. Ah, yes, I believe I’ve heard of that one before. Scarier than the boogeyman. Meanwhile, Jenna hears the words “douchebag” and “cheater” and looks longingly into the distance.

Cut to Shu and Robby’s date and it actually seems to be going pretty well? Idk how this girl is doing it because I could not take a date with Robby and his blinding veneers seriously.

Back at the beach, the rest of the couples are trying to figure out if their relationships will make it past the tequila shots they took this summer. Doubtful.

Joe tells Kendall that he sees a future with her outside of Paradise and she looks like he just told her she should go lick their communal bathroom floor. MY GOD KENDALL. If you were so petrified of commitment why did you go on a show TWICE where the end goal is engagement? I swear to f*cking god, Kendall, I will skin your ungrateful body and hang it on my wall if you don’t start returning Joe’s love.


Wait. Tonight’s a rose ceremony? Lol they’re still doing that? I figured production had abandoned them to tequila and their own devices at this point, but okay.

There’s only one rose that’s up for grabs and it’s Olivia’s. She gets to choose between Diggy, who is goddamn snack, or Venmo John, who can offer her the world a rose next week but only if another girl doesn’t walk in first. This choice is so hard!!

Elsewhere, Kendall tells Joe that she loves him but she’s not in love with him and I’ve never wanted to cut someone so much in my entire life. She’s like “we just have doubts about this whole thing” and Joe goes “please stop saying ‘we’ because you know that’s not how I feel.” PLEASE STOP SAYING WE. I AM DEAD.

KENDALL: I don’t know if I’m in love with Joe.


OMG Joe is leaving?? Just like that? Tbh I didn’t think it was possible, but Joe comes out of this looking even better than before. Joe, call me.

Side note: I’m just imagining these two being stuck at the airport together actively not looking at each other and having their producers speak for them. You know Chris Harrison is somewhere saying “Oh, sorry! We booked you on the same flight. Budget cuts, you understand!”

Meanwhile, we’re still doing the rose ceremony I guess EVEN THOUGH LOVE IS DEAD. Fine.  The rose ceremony goes as such:

  • Cassie picks Kiwi Jordan
  • Shushanna picks Robby
  • Annaliese picks Kamil
  • Astrid picks Kevin
  • Krystal picks Chris
  • Jenna picks Jordan
  • Olivia picks… Venmo John?! WHAT. I guess nerds are so in this season.

Cut to the next morning and Chris Harrison drags everyone away from the bar long enough to let them know that no new people will be coming to Paradise. He’s like “if you do not leave this beach rn you will be contractually obligated to get engaged by the end of this, k?”

He leaves and couples start abandoning ship left and right. Venmo John after promising to always choose Olivia at the rose ceremony, immediately stutters out that he’s not ready for anything serious but, like, maybe they can hang out when they both get back to LA? So sweet. Cassie and Kiwi Jordan also call it quits.

Lol did Robby just tell Shu “have a nice summer, we’ll hang out soon”?? He might as well have said “don’t expect me to speak to you at Bachelor reunions but do expect me to DM you naked mirror selfies.” Ah, Robby Hayes, please never change die in a fiery car crash already.

Wait. Do they not even get to say goodbye to their friends first? Or finish their breakfast? What about Kevin’s eight-egg omelette, Chris?! You savage.

Kevin and Astrid are up next and I have a feeling Kevin is about to say some dumb shit for no reason.

KEVIN: *opens mouth to speak*

ME: You should be wearing a helmet.

Kevin keeps saying how into Astrid he is, but how he has doubts about progressing their relationship to the next step in the fantasy suite. What? Does he think she’ll be bad in bed or something?

ASTRID: What do you have doubts about?

KEVIN: Well for starters, if I say no to the fantasy suite do I still get my grand slam breakfast?

Kevin says he has doubts about going into a fantasy suite again because he shouldn’t have gone into one with “someone else” and omg he’s totally talking about Ashley I. and her V-card.


WAIT. And now he’s dumping her? This sh*t is literally bananas. Like, Kevin displays more passion over his homemade salad dressings and eight-egg omelette than he is over Astrid rn. Hope that balsamic vinaigrette will suck your d*ck at night, Kevin!

Chris and Krystal, Annaliese and Kamil, and Jordan and Jenna are all going to the fantasy suites. Literally none of these couples should be getting engaged. Like, I can’t even believe they are making us entertain the possibility that any of these couples made it past Labor Day.

Moving on to the fantasy suites. Annaliese just asked Kamil if he could imagine himself with a girl like her and he came up with a very long convoluted answer that meant nothing but definitely got him laid. I’m sure when we find out at the reunion that he’s been sliding into other girls’ DMs, he’ll blame that little slip up on the language barrier. I see right through you, Kamil!

Meanwhile, Jordan is wearing a monochromatic outfit and telling Jenna he’s in love with her. Jenna says that she thinks God brought Jordan to her and it’s like please don’t bring God into this. God officially would like to be excluded from this narrative.

Jordan just stopped their make out session to fix his hair and my body shriveled up a little. And on that note, I’m out! We’ll have to wait until tomorrow to see which of these couples will actually get engaged spit on the sanctity of marriage. See you betches then!

Images: Giphy (5); @annaliesep /Instagram ; @jennacooperfit /Instagram 

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Taylor Swift And Katy Perry Make Peace! Cardi B and Nicki Minaj Call A Truce Too! AND …


Taylor Swift and Katy Perry have bad blood no more! And Taylor Swift comes out on top!

Nicki Minaj and Cardi B squash their beef at the Met Gala!

Was the topic of Catholicism appropriate for the Met Gala?

Cardi B’s wild brawl subsequentlies!

Calvin Harris in a serous auto accident!

Emma Stone and Justin Theroux are heating up!

And much more, including Elon Musk, Khloe Kardashian, Nikki Bella, Colton Haynes, Jada Pinkett Smith and MORE!

Watch! Relations after the jumping!

Enjoy! Share!

KATY PERRY transmits Taylor Swift an olive brach:
http :// perezhilton.com/ 2018 -0 5-08-taylor-swift-katy-perry-olive-branch-reputation-world-tour

CALVIN HARRIS and girlfriend in auto clang:
http :// perezhilton.com/ 2018 -0 5-08-calvin-harris-girlfriend-aarika-wolf-car-crash-beverly-hills-report

CARDI B in struggle with fan:
http :// perezhilton.com/ 2018 -0 5-08-cardi-b-met-gala-security-fan-fight-video

NICKI MINAJ and Cardi make peace:
http :// perezhilton.com/ 2018 -0 5-08-nicki-minaj-cardi-b-squash-feud-met-gala-hang-out-jeremy-scott /

EMMA STONE and Justin Theroux:
http :// perezhilton.com/ 2018 -0 5-08-emma-stone-justin-theroux-spotted-leaving-met-gala-after-party-together

ELON MUSK dating Grunges:
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KHLOE KARDASHIAN places new rules for chiselling Tristan Thompson:
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NIKKI BELLA hiding out and living with her sister following John Cena split:
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COLTON HAYNES documents for divorce:
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ALLISON MACK married girlfriend last year:
http :// perezhilton.com/ 2018 -0 5-08-smallville-actress-allison-mack-married-battlestar-galactica-alum-nicki-clyne-ahead-of-sex-trafficking-arrest

KATHY GRIFFIN is so like Kanye:
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JADA PINKETT SMITH’s new display:
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William and Harry repented last ‘rushed’ call with Diana – BBC News

Image copyright The Duke of Cambridge and Prince Harry

Prince William and Prince Harry have spoken of their expresses regret that their last-place gossip with their baby was a “desperately rushed” phone call.

Prince Harry, who was 12 when Princess Diana died, said: “All I do recollect is likely repenting for the rest of “peoples lives” how short the phone call was.”

In an ITV documentary to mark 20 times since their mother’s fatality, the sovereigns also spoke of her “fun” parenting.

Diana encouraged them to be “naughty” and smuggled them sweets, they said.

The lords added that she was a “total kid through and through”, who understood the “real life outside of palace walls”.

Media playback is unsupported on your machine

Media caption“She was one of the naughtiest parents”: Prince Harry and Prince William on their storages of their mother

Unpublished photos of the lords with their father are available in the programme.

Prince Harry and Prince William are attended examining through Diana’s personal book as they talk about how their childhood recollections of their father sat alongside her world-wide portrait and affect as a campaigner for the homeless, Aids casualties, and banning landmines.

Princess Diana was killed in a gondola accident in Paris on 31 August 1997 when Prince William was 15 and Prince Harry was 12.

Prince William said taking part in the programme initially seemed “quite daunting” but had been “a mending process as well”.

He said they craved “her legacy to live on in our make and we feel this is an appropriate way of doing that”.

Image copyright The Duke of Cambridge and Prince Harry Image caption Princess Diana was pregnant when photographed with Prince William here. “Believe it or not, you and I are both in this photograph, ” the Duke of Cambridge tells his brother in the program

But the Duke of Cambridge said the last communication with their mother weighs “quite heavily” on his mind.

It took place while the brothers were having a “very good time” with their cousins at Balmoral, the Queen’s home in Scotland.

“Harry and I were in a frantic hasten to say goodbye, you know ‘see you later’ … if I’d known now plainly what was going to happen, I wouldn’t have been so blas about it and everything else, ” he said.

Prince William says in the interview he remembers what his mother said – but does not discover details of the conversation.

Prince Harry said: “It was her speaking from Paris, I can’t certainly necessarily remember what I said but all I do remember is probably repenting for the rest of my life how short the phone call was.”

Recalling Princess Diana’s sense of humour, Prince Harry said: “Our mother was a total boy through and through.

“When everybody says to me ‘so she was fun, dedicate us an example’ all I can hear is her giggle in my head.”

He contributed: “One of her adage to me was, you know, ‘you can be as naughty as you miss, just don’t get caught’.

“She was one of the naughtiest parents. She would come and watch us play football and, you are familiar, smuggle sugareds into our socks.”

Image copyright The Duke of Cambridge and Prince Harry Image caption The photos shown in the programme were taken away from Princess Diana’s personal book

Prince William said his mother was “very informal and certainly experienced the laughter and the fun”.

She could be “sort of the joker”, he lent, and “loved the rudest posters you could imagine”.

He said: “I would be at institution and I’d get a card from my mother. Usually she found something, you are familiar, very embarrassing, you know, a really funny poster, and then sort of wrote very nice stuff inside.

“But I dared not open it in case the educators or anyone else in the class had encountered it.”

Image copyright PA Image caption Prince Harry and Prince William , now aged 32 and 35 respectively, say Diana was “the best mom ever”

He also talked about the “very funny memory” of coming home from academy to find his mother had invited supermodels Cindy Crawford, Christy Turlington and Naomi Campbell to their home in Kensington Palace.

“I was likely a 12 or 13 -year-old boy who had posters of them on his wall, ” he told Monday’s documentary, Diana, Our Mom: Her Life and Legacy.

“I travelled shining red, and didn’t know fairly what to say and sort of flub and I visualize pretty much fell down the stairs on the way up. I was completely and altogether awestruck.”

‘Granny Diana’

Earlier this month, the princes listened a service to re-dedicate their mother’s grave at Althorp House in Northamptonshire, on what would have been her 56 th birthday.

Prince Harry said he had only hollered twice for his mother – one of the times was at the funeral service at Althorp in 1997.

“So there’s a lot of heartache that still needs to be let out, ” he said.

Peter Hunt on the monarches taking limit of Diana’s remember Image caption The lords, portrait here with their father in 1992, recall their last-place communication with her

11 Penny-Hoarding Cheapskates Who Are Dumber than They Are Stingy


When you offer to pay 30 dollars for a 300 dollar laptop, it doesn’t help your case to start calling the seller a dumbass who deserves to get hit by a car.

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Jersey Shore Family Vacation Season 2 Premiere Recap Betches


After a boring summer without enough GTL, Jersey Shore Family Vacation is back! We’re excitedly waiting to see if Ronnie finally got the balls to stay single, if Mike’s going to prison, if Angelina is going to be a regular (God, please, no), if J-Woww found her personality, and what a preggo meatball Deena will be like. The season preview was literally just them screaming at each other.

We open up to Ronnie and Baby Mama Jen having a baby shower. Ronnie, you f*cking moron. If your woman is throwing you out of a moving car, if you’re trying to cheat every two seconds, just break tf up. Why must I tell you this? Ronnie is such a good dad, he went to London when Jen was about-to-burst pregnant and landed when she went into labor. And he literally complains that he had to fly back for the birth of his child. A dream parent, really. We’re 30 seconds in and I’m already mad at you, Ron.

Ugh, God, I hate babies. I mean, ooooh looook little guido baby. Cuuuuute. Let’s get on with the show, people.

Oh, here’s generic blonde Lauren and Mike, talking about their dream wedding abroad, ruined by Mike’s impending prison sentence. It’s so annoying when your crimes prevent you from your special day plans, amirite? Love that none of this is a red flag to Lauren, but hey, she let Mike break up with her several times to f*ck other women, and took him back again and again.

Now Pauly and Ronnie are playing with his tiny meatball baby. By “playing”, I of course mean “staring at it” because that thing is barely alive at this age. Oh my God, here we go with a hilarious montage of Ronnie and Jen’s totally abusive and nasty messages to each other with Ronnie screaming over it. Yikes. They’re really glossing over how problematic this is.

And now we’re somehow cutting to lunch with Snooks and Angelina being fake polite to each other. Oh good, Snooki bought her adult diapers. Oh good, they got their boobs done together. I have no interest in this.

Vinny is talking to his mom about how much happier he is without the Instagram Model in his life. Now he can save all the strippers he wants! Oooooh, I totally forgot this season is going to be in Vegas. Funny how for Jersey Shore there is no Jersey Shore in sight. Guess they’re still not allowed back then? TBH, I didn’t even know what the Jersey Shore was before this show, so maybe they should be thanking MTV.

J-Woww is all, “Oh everyone thinks babies are so easy!”, like no b*tch, babies look like life-ruining nightmares, but okay. Her baby is two and doesn’t speak yet and has to go to therapy. I don’t know at what age babies usually speak at, but I’m assuming this is bad? While I do feel bad she’s worried about her kid, quiet kids seem way easier, soo…

The girls meet for drinks (food?) and apparently Angelina called Jenni a Jersey Whore which she finds really offensive. I’m disappointed in you, J-Woww, you used to be proud of being a Jersey whore. Deena announces that she’s not coming to Vegas due to her pregnancy, which like, good. Sorry D, you spent all last season falling on the ground and crying about your husband. I’m imagining pregnancy hormones are worse than alcohol, yes? I could do without it.

The guys arrive in a ridiculous suite at Planet Hollywood. It has a stripper pole in the shower.

Vinny: Ronnie’s gonna be single by like dinner.

He’s still with Jen after the violence and the weird little Instagram montage? Oh, Ron. Also Vin, Ron does not have to be single to f*ck strippers, which we’ve learned many times over. I remember when they had a little tiny (but really gigantic) beach shack above the T-shirt shop. Ah, memories. Pauly calls Ron out for posting two days prior on social media that he is single; now he’s saying he and Jen are good.

Mike: Ron’s acting like Puerto Rican Jesus. He says he’s working things out but how long will that last.

Mike, I think we remember the Bible differently.

Ronnie doesn’t want to go to a strip club. Also, can we discuss Mike’s shirt? Like, it’s not a bad shirt, but it just doesn’t look like him. He doesn’t look right next to the other guys.

Ronnie: I don’t want to go anywhere with Mike in that shirt.

Oh f*ck, if I’m agreeing with Ronnie, I need to rethink my entire life.

The girls arrive in Vegas!

Oh wait. I forgot. Sammi’s dead, Deena’s pregnant (which may as well be dead), and Angelina thankfully wasn’t invited yet because the producers are obviously going to surprise throw her on us later in the season. So the “girls” is literally just Snooks and J-Woww. And J-Woww still looks like a librarian, so she really doesn’t count. Snooki better step it up this season, that’s all I have to say.

We’re almost done with this episode and literally nothing has happened.

Snooks: Mom’s are here!

See? Having children makes everyone boring. Snooki has an updated pouf, where it’s like as big as her old pouf, but it’s segregated in three pieces like a spiked crown. Is she going to party or rule the seven seas?

F*CKING SNOOKI, she just announced that she invited Angelina to replace Deena on the trip. Why are you doing this to us? Angelina left the first season, 10 years ago. She is cancelled. Snooki has failed me so far. J-Woww is pissed but you can’t tell because her face does not move.

Out of nowhere, Mike announces that he and the “Missus” are “experimenting in the bedroom.” File that under things I don’t need to picture, thanks. Ronnie is bringing the baby and Jen to show everyone (why do people always insist on showing you their babies? They all look like shriveled potatoes for the first six months). J-Woww super sketchily cuts to her interview where she announces: I have a secret.

Apparently, she reached out to Jen after #SocialMediaGate. Now she’s worried Jen has told Ron that she once again inserted herself in the middle of his relationship. Like, why would she even talk to Jen? She doesn’t know her. Jen brings the shriveled potato up to their room. Snooks and J-Woww cry and say she looks just like Ron. They say this like it’s positive. Can you imagine Ron as a woman? That is going to be a hideous child if she doesn’t grow out of this. Don’t put that on her, guys. Vinny’s ovaries explode at seeing the baby. Oh my God, Snooki tries to smile at the baby and her face is so puffy and frozen it ends up like grimace. That is so scary and also so hilarious. Why do people do this to their face? Who is allowing her to have this much botox?

Mike to Jen: I don’t know what you did to this man, he’s a different person now.

Mike, Ronnie said no to the strip club. Once. One time. Two days ago he was announcing over social media that he was single. A little before that, he was engaging in totally abusive and violent arguing with Jen. But yeah, he’s a changed man. Mike is basically every woman ever.

J-Woww pulls Jen aside to talk and Jen says didn’t tell Ron anything about their conversations.

Jen: I told Ron I trust him 100%, and also if he f*cks up, I’ll find out.
Also Jen:

First of all, you should not trust him, he has given you a million reasons not to. Secondly, what is there to find out if you trust him? Run, Jen, run. Collect that child support and go. I cannot believe there is a woman in this world that wants to be with someone like Ronnie so badly that she’s willing to put up with this kind of garbage.

We end Jersey Shore Family Vacation season 2 episode 1 with Ron sending Jen off. Let the sh*tshow begin, friends.

Oh wait, there are two episodes back to back.

Okay, I guess I have to do this all over again now. I mean, fine, but something actually interesting better happen.

The group is talking about Ron and Jen behind their backs. What else is new? I am sooooooo embarrassed for Jen. This man drove you to getting into a physical altercation in the car with your baby, throwing him out of the car in front of said baby, and then running him over with it. But yeah, I’m sure it’ll work out now, guys. Or you could just break up.

Oh sweet Jesus, Mike is getting tanner by the second. He looks like OG Snookie. As if on cue, Vin starts singing the Oompa Loompa song. Ronnie says he’s glad everyone got to meet the baby before Jen goes to Oklahoma. Why is she going to Oklahoma? Is she moving away or like, on vacation? Who vacations in Oklahoma?

Now we have a whole sequence of the boys playing with the sequins on pillows. Can you people be fun again, please?

WHAT is with Jenni’s severe bun in her interviews? She looks like one of the men from Mulan.

Jenni is crying because she wanted some kind of Mother’s Day video but her friends were supposed to be in it (?) and now she’s mad at them (?). Unclear. Also, I have trouble understanding people who talk without moving their mouths. This is why I have so many friends in LA. I just smile and nod because I don’t know what their Botox faces are saying. It makes me appear agreeable.

They all go to dinner.

Vinny: All I want is for someone to look at me the way Mike looks at a food menu.

Seriously, me too, dude. Mike orders half of the menu. Why is he insisting on being fat? He’s like “oh, whatever, it won’t matter because I’ll get ripped when I for sure go to prison”? Does anyone really do that? I’ve seen every episode of OITNB, and that was Piper’s goal too, but so far she’s lost some teeth and caused a lot of problems, but is def not ripped.

Jenni is now announcing that she’s mad at Snooki about the Mother’s Day video. I don’t get this? Why would any of these people be in her Mother’s Day video? These aren’t your kids. Even though you supervise Vinny’s haircuts. It’s weird and creepy. Jenni, you used to have real problems, like b*tches looking at you wrong at the club. Fun things. Then Jenni decides she really wants to cause problems over this stupid f*cking video, because although she made sure Baby Mama Jen didn’t tell Ron anything, she now announces that she’s been conspiring with her at the table to everyone. Why? Then she comes for Vin.

Jenni: If only you had cheated on Alicia (Insta model) like you cheated on your diet, you guys would still be together.

It took me a second to understand what the f*ck she meant, but I get it. Vin never cheats on his miserable and insane keto diet, but did cheat on his miserable and insane gf. Way harsh, Jenni.

Vin: I loved Jenni in The Mask, it was amazing.

Jenni: My face will go down in a day or two, but your ego and cheating ways will stay forever.

I mean. These statements are all true. But good to know that Jenni’s face is freshly shot up, maybe she’ll even make an expression by next week?

So Vinny and Pauly are both single but Ronnie isn’t, which means nothing to Ronnie, so basically they’re all single. Pauly is besties with everyone because they’re going to Drais, where he is the resident DJ. Pauly is so happy the “Smash Squad” is back. Didn’t they used to call it smushing?

Jenni is asleep in the club in the corner and she’s all giant scary lips. The guys say she looks like a mannequin and they are not wrong. Jenni, who are you? I don’t know this woman.

Ronnie is sitting in the corner. Like, you guys can still be fun even if you’re not cheating? Why are these the only options?

Jenni took Snooki with her in the cab. She is such a bore, I can’t take it.

Snooki: Did Bill Cosby drug you?

This. This is why we keep Snooki around. But also, too soon?

Back at the club, Vinny is educating us that all Canadian women are DTF because they’re basically men. Oooookay. Mike and his puffy orange face and indoor sunglasses pouts against the wall. Pauly and Vinny bring the slutty Canadians back and immediately put them in their beds. Like, fully dressed and with shoes on. What is this. Now there is a montage of Canada. Which is mostly hockey. I mean, this is definitely what I think all of Canada is, so fair. Pauly and Vinny send the girls away once they’re done with him. Just like old times!

Boring J-Woww wakes up at 8:30am, and all I want to know is how anyone can sleep in this severe bun. Does your head not hurt? She calls Roger to continue b*tching about Mother’s Day. Let it go, woman. This is like her entire personality, this Mother’s Day video. Everyone but Vin goes to breakfast. Mike orders chicken and waffles and french fries.

Mike: I do the keto diet with one cheat day. One cheat day, 3-5 times a week.

Weird, me too.

Ron calls Jen and apparently her flight was changed so she wants to come visit Ron. He’s like, f*ck no. And he basically explains that she’s really pure evil and he doesn’t want her around. Seems like this is going well.

They all go to a pool party and Pauly DJs. Mike is jealous he’s not getting enough attention, so he puts on this totally revolting giant panda head and dances around. So I guess Jen won, because Ron is spending the whole day moping that she’s coming out with them. Ron starts getting 400 texts from Jen yelling at him. Like, Ron, what did you do now? You haven’t even been here for 24 hours. Ron goes to the bathroom and gets in a little fight with some guy. Then security has to intervene. Like, can’t you just pee without causing a problem? He’s even doing aggressive clapping at the guy, which I didn’t know was still a thing. They are all forced to leave the party. Ron, you have a child, get your sh*t together!

Jenni: So since Jen is visiting, she likes tequila right?
Ron: I don’t know, I don’t care, I’m over it.
Jenni’s shocked face:

He’s literally throwing a tantrum that Jen is coming out with them. Like wtf? Just break up, you psycho. Being single is way more fun. Now Ronnie is crying because he doesn’t want to hang out with Jen. I’m exhausted from their relationship.

Mike: Relationships are tough, life is tough, it doesn’t get easier.

Mike, when you cheat on people and commit crimes that will send you to prison, you’re right. You’re not really the person to ask for advice here.

Ron is calling Jen repeatedly and muttering, “Where’s my daughter?” and crying. Unclear what’s going on here.

Ronnie admits to the group that Jen is basically holding the baby hostage from him based on his behavior. I mean, if you behave like a drunken psycho, I wouldn’t want you around my kid either. And my kid is a dog.

Jenni: Uh if you’re so scared of her taking your kid from you, why are you posting crazy sh*t all over Instagram and baiting her?

Seriously. She then tells Ron to leave Jen and get court-ordered custody so Jen can’t withhold the baby when she feels like it. He freaks the f*ck out and says it’s too hard. Like, he hates Jen anyway, what’s the problem here? Ron continues to play the victim and Jenni is like, “this is your fault for getting a crazy woman pregnant.” SERIOUSLY. Use protection, you idiot.

Oh I guess that’s it for this week. Let’s hope Single Ronnie comes out next week. And by Single Ronnie I mean Probably Still In A Relationship But Gives No F*cks Ronnie.

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Def Leppard’s Joe Elliott: ‘We had this inner beast of popping wanting to come out’


The parties frontman picks out songs from their back catalogue, and explained how they have remained positive through cancer, gondola gate-crashes and alcoholism

Joe Elliott of Def Leppard has the ogle not so much of a rock-and-roll hotshot, but a reputation actor playing a rock-and-roll superstar. The invests are expensive, the hair carefully coloured, but the 58 -year-old’s face- somewhat downturned- was possible that of a Yorkshire butcher fussing about his Barnsley chop supplier. His physique, reassuringly, is not that of a husband who spends eight hours a day in the gym (” I’m not going to go out there wearing a union jack shirt and leather trousers and do a split-jump ,” he says ). He is also delightfully fannish still- we discover a reciprocal affection of the Italian stripe Giuda, and sing their slam Roll the Balls to each other.

Def Leppard may have transferred into the heritage stone business these days, but that the enterprises is big. They are on a massive tour of US arenas, then they will play Hysteria, the 1987 book that became hard rock’s Thriller, in full across Australasia and the UK. Oh, and a chest give of all their 80 s registers has been liberated. That’s a whole lot of Leppard to go round this year, and Elliott is in the mood to talk about it.

Photograph( 1983)

” We always had this inner demon of papa wanting to come out ,” he says of the single that turned Def Leppard from an up-and-coming metal circle into whizs of MTV and the most difficult boulder strap of their age. “[ Bassist] Rick Savage enjoyed strips like Queen and T Rex; I adoration T Rex and Bowie and Sweet and Slade. We were always is an attempt to do something like that, but we could never certainly draw it together until Photograph. I recollect the first time I sounded the riff through the studio wall: me and a couple of the crew moved”- Elliott pulls an perplexed face-” and when that happens collectively, you know somebody’s hit on something .”

Photograph’s parent album, Pyromania, proceeded diamond in the US- platinum auctions 15 times over- but to achieve that rank of success symbolize putting the band before everything else, even relationship. Partway through the recording, they had to sacking guitarist Pete Willis, who had founded the band, because of his boozing.” It was containing us back ,” Elliott says.” We all drank, don’t get me wrong, but when we drink we are only told dirtier jokes a bit louder. Pete generated questions. He was disruptive and negative. The ensemble had to come first .”

Animal( 1987)

It took four years for Pyromania’s follow-up to emerge, during which time drummer Rick Allen lost his arm in a automobile clang( involving the building of a custom-made electronic kit with paw prompts for specific container structures ), and the band tried recording with Jim Steinman:” Pretty grim. Has anyone actually read the small print? Bat Out of Hell is generated by Todd Rundgren; it was written by Jim Steinman .” When the producer-songwriter Robert John ” Mutt ” Lange, who had previously pleaded tired, are available to us, Hysteria emerged and sounded little like a collecting of songs than a carefully assembled machine to deliver secures: a hard rock Meccano set. “That’s exactly what it was,” Elliott says.” Mutt ever said:’ Don’t come in with songs. Don’t be too precious. Come in with lots of fragments and let’s see what we can glue together .”

Looking back … Joe Elliott in 1987. Photograph: Ross Halfin/ Idols

Def Leppard were obsessed with remaining ahead of the challenger and Animal demonstrated how far they would go to achieve that. They had written and preserved the song in 1984, but no one was happy with it. Practically 3 years later, Lange insisted on them taking another pass.” He took all the sliders down except for the containers and the vocal, and said to the band:’ Play something .’ So they’ve got the lilt and they’ve got the music.’ Come up with something that strengthens this vocal .’ We’d always written music and lyrics to a tune- most people do. But for us, this time round, it was backwards, which sums up the whole enter .”

Two Stairs Behind( 1993)

Between Hysteria and the 1992 book Adrenalize, the hard rock landscape was changed by the emergence of grunge.” We were lucky, us and Bon Jovi ,” Elliott says.” We were so big-hearted that though some descended off, there continues to had a enormous number of devotees. We were doing two sold out nights instead of three. We were doing 24,000 instead of 36,000. But “hes still” 24,000. When we put out Pyromania, a lot of the bands “whos” big-hearted at time wheeled over and croaked. Whereas[ in the early 90 s ], we said:’ Knock me down, I will get back up again. We’ll go down to regime exhibitions, we’ll gambling organizations, we’ll build our occupation back up .'”

And there were still ten-strikes. Two Steps Behind was originally a last-minute extra racetrack for a single box (” You’d waste two years making an book with 10 racetracks, and then you’ve got to come up with another 18, because there’s potentially six singles “). Then the US composer Michael Kamen asked if the band had an unreleased psalm for the Last Action Hero soundtrack. They didn’t, but they sent over what was at that point an obscure B-side.” He didn’t really hear anything ,” Elliott says.” He goes off on the Friday night, and on the Monday his secretary is whistling Two Gradations Behind. So he plays it, and now he gets it, through her. He places a string section on it and we have a massive hit- with a B-side from a year before that took an hour to enter .”

When Love and Hate Collide( 1995)

Def Leppard’s biggest UK hit was an old-fashioned ability ballad that was registered- and scorned- for Adrenalize, then revisited for the greatest punches album Vault. The original demo, from 1990, featured the last solo for the band by guitarist Steve Clark, who died from the consequences of alcohol abuse in January 1991. He was replaced by Vivian Campbell.” With Vivian you got the intuition he wasn’t going to wake up dead the next morning ,” Elliott says, matter-of-factly.” By co-occurrence or torturing, I often got the chamber next to Steve. I could sounds through the walls the suffering “hes in”. I recollect the darknes before one tour started, he was trying to smash his knuckles on the sink so he wouldn’t have to play, because he was scared to death of getting up on stage. And then we did the gig and he was like:’ I’m fine .’ With bruises everywhere. It was fucking hard work to have to chamber next to him. We would never have kicked him out of the band because he was always apologising for being the direction he was. He wasn’t an asshole by any means. He wasn’t angry or throwing things. He was always repressed or insular. So you always felt sorry for him .”

Rock On( 2006)

In 2006, Def Leppard revisited their collective adolescence with Yeah !, an album of cover-ups of old favourites, including this version of David Essex’s first slam. The music of Elliott’s youth stands hugely important to him( he gives me a 20 -minute monologue on the honour of the New York Dolls ).” The first account I recollect cherishing was Even the Bad Times Are Good by the Tremeloes. I was in a gondola on my method to a holiday in Wales with my mum and father, and it was on the radio. I remember contemplating:’ This sounds awesome !’ I’ve heard it since and it’s humorous, genuinely. Then I started get into really good daddy nonsense. I could only render ex-jukebox singles and I’d buy two or three a week. I built up a nice accumulation of three-minute hymns, and then I started getting is fine with T Rex and Bowie and Rod Stewart .”

Undefeated( 2011)

What’s this, Joe Elliott? Are you trying to tell us something with this selection, about how Def Leppard, nearly 40 times on, will never bow down to the ravages of time? Elliott giggles.” I desire positivity in melodics, especially for a stadium rocker. I’m not going to denied it: I write lyrics like the Brill Building people. I require my psalms to be massively anthemic, lighters up at Madison Square Garden. That’s where this song emanating from. It was us on the way back in, saying:’ You’ve tried and you’ve failed. We have found you wanting .'”

Undefeated first showed as one of the bonus ways on the live album Mirror Ball- Live& More. Are Def Leppard now a live attraction more than a studio strap?” Because of the generation we came from, we can’t give up on the record. I recollect where reference is firstly signed to Howard Kaufman Management, he said:’ I hope they don’t make any more registers .’ His rebuilding structure was built around the room he did it with Fleetwood Mac[ who have not made a brand-new studio book since 2003, while abiding a huge live attraction in the midst of lineup changes ]. That’s not going to work with us. We’ve got to do it. But we are in demand live, and that’s why we wanted to be in a banding. To play in front of parties. That’s what we realise. Little girls in polo-neck sweaters dancing like puppets around beings on Top of the Pops with the drums at the front. It was all based around people watching you on stagecoach. It’s in our DNA to do that, but we’re still going to represent evidences. We’re just never going to do it each year .”

Man Enough( 2015)

At this stage in life, Elliott says, he’s not fussed with are seeking to make something that sounds altogether original. Man Enough began with a bass riff by guitarist Phil Collen that clanged enough like Queen for even Savage to raise an eyebrow.” But why not? They’re not moving enters anymore. It doesn’t matter anymore. The rulers have changed. It’s OK to sound like somebody else because your own identity will come through. Everybody sounds like someone else sometimes. Why did I pick up a guitar in the first place? Because I heard someone else playing it. And what else is I gonna play? What they were playing, until I learn to write .”

We Belong( 2015)

” This song has everybody in the band singing lead vocal, which is something we’ve never done before ,” Elliott says.” Every way the guys sing can totally reflect their own lives. Vivian’s line-‘ Behind a painted smile’- well, he was going through cancer. He was still turning up and being as positive as he could. At the same meter, behind closed doors, he’s in blaze .”

It is, by Elliott’s admission, a uncommon Def Leppard ballad whose melodics have some personal gist.” We’ve always been accused, and maybe rightly, of our lyrics not being important. And to a item, they’re not. The words aren’t important in Marc Bolan ballads, but they’re incredible. For 30 times, I’ve gladly run the’ Hubcap diamond stellar halo‘ roadway as opposed to’ The answer, your best friend, is blowin’ in the wind ‘. We all know which one is the better lyrical, but which one reverberates better? In our record, the phonetics were important, as in Pour Some Sugar on Me. The texts have got to be percussive .”

How long, then, can Def Leppard save involve sugar be swarmed on them, insisting that they require and they need and they lust, and asking if a little rock’s out of the question? As long as they like, as long as they know their limitations.” It’s like being a footballer: if you’re a centre forward and you want to keep playing, move into midfield. You can still do a job. Just be aware. And you are able to merely get a game for 70 minutes .”

* Def Leppard’s 12 -date Hysteria tour of the UK and Ireland begins on 1 December in Dublin. Capacity One, a casket determined of their first four studio books, is out now.

Joe Elliott has curated a longer primer to Def Leppard’s work, featuring the above alongside other favourite trails from across their vocation; you can listen and are contributing to it in Spotify below

Rob& Chyna: the saddest appearance on TV


The format of this dreadfully dull show is identical to other persons of the Kardashian empire: interminable backgrounds of parties sitting in kitchens not dining cheese plates

Is there a least qualified reality substantiate idol than Rob Kardashian? If you lined up 10 beings from the throwing document of A& Es Intervention and Rob Kardashian and had to choose one to base an ongoing television series around, would you ever pick him unless people know his last name? Isnt this a tragedy? Shouldnt we all be more upset?

Sunday darkness premiere of the brand-new E! serial Rob& Chyna commemorates the return of the black sheep Kardashian to the public eye. Hes wasted years of their own lives unwilling to leave his room, which justification him to addition( his paroles) a control of heavines. He searches little comfortable seeing eye linked with other human being than the little orphan girl Newt from the movie Aliens. A Los Angeles Dodgers hat covers whats left of the poor people thin, matted fuzz. His wardrobe contained in T-shirts , nondescript jeans and sneakers. In other paroles, when I watch this astoundingly depressing curriculum, I realise myself and what I might become( minus the millions of dollars ).

The first few minutes of Rob& Chyna intend to acquire us empathize with Rob and his pregnant fiancee Blac Chyna. As an digression, isnt it a little bit horrid that Blac Chyna extends almost exclusively by the refer Chyna in the first chapter now that the original Chyna the former WWE wrestler has died? Its like rummaging through someones jewelry after a funeral.

Regardless of what you call her, Blac Chyna is the actual whiz of this depict, even if her figure is second on the marquee. She came up from the world-famous airstrip clubs of Atlanta and grew something of an entrepreneur, at least in accordance with the rules that we define that message in 2016. She took the Kardashian template of monetizing tabloid villainy through a religion of personality social media ubiquity, labelled products, and now, the final article of the baffle, an E! actuality dealership. Shes become a major supporting player in the ongoing Kardashian meta-narrative having a baby with the rapper Tyga, who then leaves her for Kylie Jenner, which leads to Chyna connect actions with Rob. Whether or not her relationship with Rob is genuine or a calculated effort to increase her earning potential is not for me to decide (* cough its bullshit cough *) but what is is whether or not this Tv show is good. Its not.

Rob& Chyna: travelled with the wind. Image: E!

If your litmus test for persisting with a program is answering the question does someone fart within the first 10 instants with a yes, then Rob& Chyna is for you. Spoiler alert, Chyna farts in the car. If “youd prefer” a little bit of drama, then maybe flip over to another channel. Or shed your cable casket or streaming design into the nearest open body of water and wander into the town square. Either one is fine with me.

The format of this dreadfully dull show is identical to the other outposts of the Kardashian empire: interminable backgrounds of beings driving indulgence vehicles on featureless roadways, be standing kitchens not devouring cheese illustrations, or folding robes for a business journey that may or may not ever happen. During these vistums, mush-mouthed pod people debate some ill-defined conflict. Someone needs to go to rehab for a ambiguous difficulty. Someone must be free to text someone back about a concept that happened off camera. Someone feels disrespected. A party invite is lost in the mail. Watching these proves is like speaking “the worlds largest” banal email thread at 3am. Plug sad-eyed agoraphobe Rob Kardashian into this format and you have a cure for insomnia so potent, the Food and Drug Administration should regulate it.

The ostensible patch of this escapade revolves around Rob accusing Chyna of texting guys behind his back. He says this to be the case because he discovers that Chyna has changed the passcode on her iPhone. He even insinuates that shes robbing up with her ex, Tyga. All of this takes situate with Rob spread out comfortably on a bed. Chyna denies any immorality, then accuses Rob of contacting maidens behind her back. He apparently admits it, which I vaguely recollect before my eyelids glued slam for the night. It must be the case, because the very next panorama is Chyna in another expensive vehicle screaming at Rob to stop texting bitches.

These are the moments one watches actuality TV for belligerence, incoherent scream and curse. This is why I favor the Andy Cohen Bravo model for reality over the clumsy Ryan Seacrest/ Kris Jenner indulgence gabfests. Contrast Rob& Chyna with Bravos Below Deck, currently on the work of its fourth season and with one spinoff under its loop. Below Decks premise is simple: make a bunch of attractive deckhands on a mega-yacht, travel them with alcohol, and encourages them to melt down every episode. Would you rather watch that or a show starring parties more famous to stir proper gulls of themselves for your amusement? The reaction is, neither, Im a grownup who is too busy contributing quality to the culture to demean myself with such technicalities, but dont perturb, I picked the show about yachties drunkenly fastening up too.

I said here today that the producers of Rob& Chyna( which include the titular Rob and Chyna among their ranks) do try to spice acts up. Scott Disick appears in the role played by Robs only friend in the entire world and his chauffeur, schlepping him around Los Angeles like a pasty grey Morgan Freeman from Driving Miss Daisy. Theres a memorable scene where Rob steps into Chynas home in full Eeyore mode, carrying flowers to apologize for texting bitches. Chyna isnt having it, grabs the flowers, chows them in a pool, then knocks Rob out of her home. This is the turning point of the suspect narration, as the rest of the occurrence implies Chyna trying to get Rob to text her back, as she has seemingly forgotten that she screamed at him to leave her alone while pee-pee all over his nostalgic gesticulate. Im sure Rob Kardashian, AKA Calabasas Morrissey, actually took that well.

Finally, Kris Jenner, matriarch of the expansive Kardashian family and former nemesis of Blac Chyna, appears to counsel Chyna on how handled with Rob. Jenner is shown to be so wise that I half expected her to have grown a beard, picked up a large twig, and hurled on a pointy hat off-screen. Much has been made of how Blac Chyna is so astute and took down the Kardashians by getting engaged to Rob. Thats a neat little underdog narrative, but if you think that Kris Jenner isnt clever enough to use this to her advantage and will be the ultimate win of this dim-witted race, then you arent paying attention to the present. Thats fine, since it probably built you pass out from apathy, but the facts of the case remains that one of the last faces you see in this first episode is Kris Jenner. The whole moronic firm is hers and hers alone. Chyna can have a piece, as long as she pays her taxes to her feudal lord.

And then theres Rob. At last, they found a path to monetize his mopey face and wrinkled clothes. Instead of a Shrek-like soul they continue locked away in a cellar, he has his own see, which simply furthers the aims of his family. In exchange, this being who maybe has real clinical depression has to pretend to be a TV adept. By accident, E! has stumbled upon the saddest establish on television, so fitted with existential desperation that youd premise it was drummed up by a government-funded writer in some sodden Scandinavian country over a bottle of cheap scotch. If “youre watching” more than one of the following options chapters, youll maybe find yourself not leaving the house for years, just like Rob Kardashian.

Unexpected effects of climate change: worse nutrient refuge, more automobile ruins


( CNN) On too red-hot days, there are more likely to be fatal car accidents and food safety problems, and police officers and government food auditors tend to do less of their duties, according to a survey published Monday in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology scientists, who psychoanalyzed data from across the United States, be stated that if the climate continues to change, by 2050 — and in another 50 or so years beyond that — countries around the world may be less safe than it is today.

“The crux of the idea — which is that weather alters how we play our the responsibilities and how we go about our daily lives and the risks that we knowledge — is indeed simplistic, ” said Nick Obradovich, co-author of the results of the study and a research scientist at MIT’s Media Lab.

Cop – Your Car Smells Like Weed – Me – Its A Tesla


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