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‘Gangsta jihadi’ Denis Cuspert killed opposing in Syria


News site uprights pictures of body said to be that of German rapper known as Deso Dogg

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio Unites the Nation: No One Misses Him to Run for President


To become mayor, he overcame a Republican who dedicated to kill kittens to keep the studies running.

After complaining that New Yorkers didn’t appreciate his year one attainments,he killed a groundhog.

Then facilitated kill a deer.

Now, he’s coming for America.

I get it: If there’s one person who can unite this society, it’s New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, who likes to prattle on about his transcendent, historic imagination and who( polls confirm) approximately nothing wants passing for chairman after he’s flirted with the relevant recommendations for months, but who The New York Daily News reported Friday announced today as soon as next week that he’s joining the absurdly crowded Democratic field–where he’d be the only one of 23 swore campaigners with a negative favorability rating.

I was seduced to propose a New York to America: Take our mayor, satisfy, joke, but 76 percent of New Yorkers say he shouldn’t run. Politico New York canvassed 30-odd members of Team de Blasio, and all but two said it was a bad idea, with one calling it” fucking absurd .”

The crew that helped him become mayor has mostly bided away, some of them still scarred from his horrifically humiliating and ineffectual attempts to play a role in the 2016 presidential safarus.

The chronically late mayor of New York devours pizza with a fork, and has the NYPD drive him from Gracie Mansion in Manhattan to Park Slope in Brooklyn so he can use the gym there. He leaves town an horrific slew, and even when he’s here the pols looking to replace him in 2021 are already openly searching past him when they’re not bashing him.

And it’s not like New York mayors have a great track record of receive any higher role, let alone president, but I get why de Blasio is doing this. He has the stubborn, superstitious confidence in his approach and abilities common to politicians who’ve supported naysayers wrong before.

In seeing the progressive brandish coming. And in getting elected mayor–albeit by winning a low-grade turnout primary in a crowded domain and with a big under-the-table assist from his cousin John Wilhelm and the unintended help of Carlos Danger–and then reelected.

” I was the underdog in everything I’ve ever been near, and I’m not saying that with any hubris ,” he told the Daily News .” Any time I get into a race I get in it to prevail .”

The trouble is that, after his first time, he’s spent more experience please explain how, despite copious evidence to the contrary, “hes not” a villain. And while the city hasn’t collapsed on his watch–which is really all a Democrat needs here at this point to win a second term–he’s had precious few accomplishments after year one other than maintaining the decline in crime he inherited and an economy that, if anything, has remained hotter than most New Yorkers would like, so the wages haven’t kept up with payment and the cost of living for most of us.

The lobbying business, at the least, has boomed on his watch, swelling from $62.7 million in 2013 to $102.6 million in exactly 5 years of de Blasio, with his favorite firms doing particularly well. That’s happened amid gossip after scandal involving bribers and the mayor, who unavoidably says that if he wasn’t criminally billed, that necessitates he did nothing incorrect, and likewise that he dedicated the bribers calling him instantly the same treatment he would any other ingredient.

And as we were reminded in de Blasio’s own little Mueller Report, eventually made public the same week as the one about Trump and even more heavily redacted, he’s always is dependent on a pay-to-play operation and the feds already forced him to shut down his shady neighbourhood fundraising operation.

Mostly, a term-limited mayor with no clear political future at home and who springs for the Red Sox anyways has little reason not to run for president and assure what that get him. Just ask the mayor of Indiana’s fourth-largest city, who’s polling at 8.3 nationally, according to the Real Clear Politics average, roughly 8 stages higher than de Blasio.

With no filter on the field, and the future prospects of national TV occasion, why not?

Like Al Sharpton told me about his 2004 run–where he was advised by Republican ratfucker Roger Stone, beta-testing the debate-disrupting tactics that paid off in spades for Trump three referendums later –” They deter saying I can’t win. How do they know what I’m trying to win ?”

Funny thing, but not really: If Anthony Weiner’s lust for influence had quelled his greed for other things, there’s almost no chance de Blasio would be mayor now, or that Donald Trump would be the president he’s hoping against hope to challenge.

” Whatever theoretical groundworks he may target are already being courted by nationally acknowledged anatomies ,” observed one of the sources who told the News about the mayor’s plan to make official the control he’s been flirting with for months now.” He may have a shot if every Democratic nominee is caught moving racy selfies to minors .”

If we end up reading the history of how Trump prevailed reelection, de Blasio — presiding over a city built on real-estate corruption and happy to pocket his little gash of it for his political activities–will be a footnote in that YUGE, historic story.

And unlike with the groundhog, among many other things, there’ll be no extending it up.

Three Americans who was killed at a Dominican Republic resort accepted same lung omission, autopsy demonstrates


La Romana, Dominican Republic( CNN) Miranda Schaup-Werner, the first of three American tourists to die mysteriously within a week at a Dominican Republic resort, succumbed to a heart attack, the Caribbean island’s attorney general said.

The couple had internal bleeding, be recorded in their pancreases. Holmes had an magnified heart and cirrhosis of the liver — both clues of substantial pre-existing disease. Day too had fluid in her brain.The three Americans had fluid in their lungs, Attorney General Jean Alain Rodriguez Sanchez’s office said in a statement.

Authorities said they won’t be able to provide more details on the causes of death until toxicology results are completed. Investigators experienced “several pill bottles” of three drugs, including the prescription opioid oxycodone, the attorney general’s office said.

David Beckham BANNED From Driving – Too Harsh A Penalty For Cell Phone Use ?? – Perez Hilton


And here we concluded the most controversial thing David Beckham did last November was kiss little Harper on the lips.

But while the Internet was in an uproar over a poppa being affectionate with his 7-year-old, Becks was busy getting in REAL trouble.

Apparently in November the football luminary was busted use his cell phone while driving!

Video: Offset Recreated His 2018 Car Crash In Music Video

According to attorneys,” a member of the public” spotted Beckham with his phone on his knee while sitting in traffic and took photos of the crime. Presumably that witness was not too driving and participating in the pics with their phone…

David Beckham’s Bentley — the stage of such crimes./( c) David Sims/ WENN

When Beckham was charged, he said he didn’t even recollect the day in question and therefore couldn’t defend himself; he plead guilty.

Thursday was the sentencing hearing, and it kind of seems like they hurled the book at him!

First, he was fined PS7 50, simply shy of a thousand horses U.S. Ouch. But the real kicker — sorry, wording! — for the multimillionaire was the ban.

His lawyer almost requested special courts not to keep him off the roads, saying 😛 TAGEND

” Mr. Beckham likes driving. He drives a lot. He takes his children to school each day when he can and he picks them up when he can.

But District Judge Catherine Moore was not swayed by the adorable Beckham children. She contributed six more points on Beckham’s driving license — which already had six from previous speeding offenses.

Becks was therefore banned from driving for HALF A Year! Judge Moore testified 😛 TAGEND

” I take into account it was slow moving traffic but that’s no forgive. It still creates a risk to others. I disqualify you for six months and that starts immediately. That’s no driving a automobile or a motorcycle for a period of six months.

David reportedly strolled out wordlessly when the hearing was done and went driven away by a chauffeur.

Victoria Beckham was heard leaving her New York hotel shortly after looking fairly upset.

Though if we’re being honest, Posh doesn’t exactly have remaining happy face at the best of seasons./( c) Michael Wright/ WENN


But is it too harsh? Or the right amount of coarse to keep beings from doing something dangerous ??

In California, handheld machines are likewise banned — but the penalty is a fine, generally north of $150 on first offense then over $250 for subsequent offense.

Not merely that, it includes NO Qualities to your license. Much easier for motorists to swallow.

And maybe that’s a problem? It’s certainly not the same deterrent “losing ones” license would be.

There’s certainly an statement we need to do more to curb texting and driving. The National Safety Council estimated cell phone use justification 1.5 MILLION collisions in 2017. And texting while driving is supposedly SIX TIMES as likely to cause an accident as wino driving!

Now those are sobering statistics.

So what do YOU suppose, Perezcious readers? Does the beating meet the crime ??

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[ Image via Oscar Gonzalez/ WENN .]

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Ritz Paris robbery: ornaments worth EUR4. 5m clutched in armed heist


Terrified clients conceal in kitchen as masked men wielding axes and knives make off with valuables from display cases

Five masked men armed with axes and bayonets marched into the Ritz hotel in central Paris on Wednesday and left shortly afterwards with an estimated EUR4. 5 million worth of jewels.

French police on patrol outside the five-star hotel caught three of the robbers after tasering them as they absconded on foot. The remaining two escaped through a back entrance and established their getaway on a scooter.

Detectives say the men entered the Ritz on rue Cambon, near the Place Vendome, at around 6.30 pm. They apparently crushed several spectacle windows inside the hotel with the axes and grabbed the jewels, substance them into suitcases before leaving.

Witnesses said staff in the hotel’s Hemingway bar told frightened guests to get down on the storey for their safety as the robbers struck. Other guests took refuge in the hotel kitchen.

” We discover a raucou noise and lots of racket in the street ,” one inn hire told AFP.” Passers-by took refuge in the inn. We didn’t know what was going on until someone told us there had been a robbery .”

Witnesses said at least 10 shoots were fired, and hotel clients reported witnessing one Ritz hire injured.

However, French police said there had been no hurts. A police officer said the exact value of the jewellery slip in the heist was not known, but was thought to be” various billion euro “. Le Parisien newspaper received information that the three arrested supposes were well known to police.

French writer Frederic Beigbeder was among guests drinking in the Hemingway bar at the time of the attack. He told journalists he took refuge in the basement.

Gerard Collomb, the French interior minister, praised the police response following the arrests.” Armed robbery at the Ritz: three of the presumed thieves already arrested by police from the 2nd arrondissement. Their sing froitd , their professionalism and their speedy actions do the police proud. I am grateful to them ,” Collomb tweeted.

Gerard Collomb (@ gerardcollomb)

Vol a prime armee au Ritz: 3 des auteurs presumes ont d’ores et deja ete interpelles equivalence les policiers du 2e arrondissement.
Leur sang froid, leur professionnalisme& leur reactivite font honneur a notre Police. Ils ont toute ma reconnaissance. #FiersDeNosPoliciers

January 10, 2018

The Ritz is owned by billionaire Egyptian businessman Mohamed Al Fayed. Diana, Princess of Wales died in a high-speed car crash shortly after leaving the hotel with Al Fayed’s son Dodi in August 1997.

Security was stepped up in and around Place Vendome in 2014 after a series of thefts on luxury browses and jewellers in the square, which is also home to France’s Ministry of Justice.

The French capital’s most high-profile recent jewellery fraud was carried out in October 2016, when jewellery worth 10 million euros was been stealing from US actuality television starring Kim Kardashian.

Five husbands, some clothe cases with police insignia, supported her at gunpoint, stimulating off with several parts of amber and diamond jewellery.

‘ We’re never going to bed ‘: brats rewrite the house rules


Sweets for breakfast, pillow crusades on expect, and no straighten up … what happened when three houses give the teenagers call the shootings for a week?

‘The house has the airless discombobulation of a student house in the 90 s, the working day after a big night out on ecstasy ‘: Decca Aitkenhead

Three hours in, I feel weightless, virtually giddy. I’m lying on the sofa with my sons, eating chocolate, watching telly, and it is no exaggeration to say that I am having the time of my life. For the first time in eight and a half years, I am not in charge. This exotic whiz of loosening is entirely unfamiliar- and yet stimulates a remote recollection of who I used to be.

The kids-in-charge experiment began at 1pm, and I can’t believe how well it’s going. In truth I’d been dreading it, braced for bloodbath, but so far it has been nothing but fun. At 1.01 pm the sons had hastened to the bakery and invested PS10 on cakes, before charge on up the road for lunch in McDonald’s. I’m very much enjoying the absence of washing-up, and curious to see what they will eat next.

Jake proposes a trip to the corner shop for provisoes. I move along the pavement beside him, laughing at his jokes; his feeling is unrecognisably effervescent, fizzing with witticism, and I tell him he’s on break anatomy. He halts and turns to me, his idiom unexpectedly earnest.

” But don’t you interpret? This is the real me. Your rules establish me go ,” and he winces, hunching his shoulders and gleaning his wrists together as if cuffed.” But our rules have released the real me ,” and he hop-skip off into the shop.

Jake and Joe’s rules

Decca isn’t allowed to say no
No baths
Hourly food fight
Unlimited screens
No bedtime
Decca has to play Laser Tag when we want
Unlimited desserts and crisps and chocolates and fizzy drinks
Decca has to disco dance when we want
Email Donald Trump every 10 hours to insult him
We should be permitted to get competitions on Decca’s phone
Allowed to swear
Unlimited ocean fights
Worst table manners
No vegetables
Allowed to jump on Decca’s bed, to play on a Wii and to urinate on the toilet posterior Sarfraz Manzoor with his wife Bridget and daughter Laila. Photograph: David Vintiner for the Guardian Watch more TV

Have Mummy and Daddy both speak to me at bedtime

No arguing

Daddy not to look at his telephone at dinnertime

Breakfast of Coco Pops

Dinner of fish fingers, chips and peas

Bedtime when I miss

Daddy singing anthems from Matilda at bedtime

No tidying up Clover with her five children( from left) Dash, Jimmy, Evangeline, Lester and Dolly. Photograph: David Vintiner for the Guardian A elevate anywhere, any time Weekly category recreations darknes

Themed dinner every night- Mexican, Indian, etc

Constant supply of chocolate cereal

We decide bedtime

‘I couldn’t shake the image of a slaughtered child’

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Emergency services were first on the scene at various terror attacks in 2017, including at Westminster Bridge in London

Paramedics are only ever a 999 call away from an experience that could change their lives forever. While some might have the good fortune never to have to respond to an emergency like the Grenfell Tower fire or the Manchester Arena bombing, others will have to live with the consequent brain scarring.

According to the mental health charity Mind, ambulance laborers are twice as likely to suffer mental health problems than the general public – but they are also much less likely to reach out for support.

So who is there to help the people who help us at our times of greatest need?

‘I thought it would never alter me’

Image copyright Our Blue Light Image caption Dan Farnworth set up his own charity to help emergency service works with mental health problems

Father-of-four Dan Farnworth says a 999 summon he attended in 2015 wholly changed his life.

He had been with North West Ambulance Service since 2004 as emergency measures medical technician, but a callout to the scene of a assassinate of a child hit him hard.

“Before this happened, I felt I was immune to mental health issues – it would never feign me, ” the 32 -year-old said.

At first he precisely felt low, but after about 24 hours he realised he was still struggling.

“I couldn’t shake the image of the child.”

Image copyright Our Blue Light Image caption Rich and Dan want to open up discussions about mental health problems

Dan met it reformed the practice he behaved, both at work and with their own families, and he suffered nightmares.

He eventually reached out to friend and fellow paramedic Rich Morton – something he says saved his life because it stimulation him to get help.

Dan was signed off work for five months with post-traumatic stress disorder( PTSD ).

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Miscarriage: ‘I precisely felt like it was my fault’

The sidekicks eventually went on to set up their own charity called Our Blue Light, of which Dan says he is “immensely proud”.

They work to open up discussions about mental health issues in the emergency services and to make sure people know what to do when a colleague is in mental health crisis.

“It isn’t something you’re taught; we may learn CPR but not what to do when it is a mental health problem – and it is so important.”

Image copyright Our Blue Light Image caption The charity’s work has investigated the friends involved with the Heads Together campaign, together with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

He has also worked with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry as part of their Heads Together campaign.

Dan has recently been awarded a Churchill Fellowship, which will fund a errand to the United Regime and Canada to research each of these reports for Parliament about how their emergency services tackle the issue of mental health.

He said: “I feel fairly good at the moment, I have taken a lot of comfort from being able to help other people.

“I’ve likewise built up my own resilience and have been able to accept that it isn’t always going to be OK. I’m more self-aware, which is a great thing.”

‘We are not superhuman’

Image copyright North West Ambulance Service Image caption Esmail Rifai says he blamed himself after a colleague took his own life

“There is this picture I’ve seen of Superman and he’s in the supermarket and he is crying his eyes out, ” said 52 -year-old Esmail Rifai, a ex-serviceman of 27 years with North West Ambulance Service.

“That is how I felt at the time. People receive us as superheroes, that we can do anything, but in reality we can go home and, quite often, can have a massive breakdown.”

Two years ago, he had a brain failure and wasted time off work from his persona as a paramedic to receive one-to-one counselling.

He said: “I remember all the horrible jobs to this day. Not merely visually; the smell, the flavor in my mouth. I ponder[ this is] something everyone from the emergency services will find.

“For me, my dislocation was a combination of lots of different things: the pressures of operate, that knock-on effect on your personal life – you can’t help but take stuffs home.”

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption North West Ambulance Service, whose paramedics treated cases following the Manchester bombing, says occurrences like these are “bound to have a lasting effect on our staff”

But shortly after Esmail came back to work, a peer kill herself. He told you he felt “personally at fault”.

“I could have spoken to him, could have helped him. I was upset that he didn’t open up to anybody, or felt he could not open up to anybody.

“I visualized, ‘I need to think, I need to do something, to avoid them getting to that stage in life where they feel they have nothing to live for’. It facilitated me to focus on something.”

Esmail now works for the ambulance busines as a clinical refuge practitioner and with the benevolence Mind as one of its Blue Light Champions, promoting its project.

How to get information and support on mental health issues Image caption “I would not do this job if I didn’t care – we naturally attend; that is why we do what we do” Image caption Some of the members of the emergency services who attended the Grenfell Tower fire suffer under personal trauma as a result of its own experience Image caption Peter Morgan was diagnosed with PTSD after he left his profession as a paramedic Image caption Emergency business at the scene of the attack by Darren Osborne near a mosque in Finsbury Park in June

Driver In Bay Area Crash May Have Been Targeting Muslims, Police Say


A San Francisco Bay Area operator charged against eight counts of attempted slaying is suspected of targeting the victims because he thought they were Muslim, local authorities said Friday.

Sunnyvale Police Chief Phan Ngo said at a news conference that there’s evidence 34 -year-old Isaiah Joel Peoples intentionally drove his auto into the crowd on Tuesday because he felt some of them were Muslim. He declined to elaborate further.

The car rammed into eight pedestrians in a Sunnyvale intersection. The injured included a South Asian father and his 13 -year-old daughter, who was the most severely injured. Her younger brother was not hit, according to The Mercury News.

Ngo said Friday that the girl “remains in critical condition.”

Jay Boyarsky, the chief assistant district attorney for Santa Clara County, called the evidence “very appalling and disturbing” but said his office has not yet decided to move forward with hate crime charges against Peoples, an Army veteran who lives in Sunnyvale.

“I know that there are questions about what the same reasons of this misdemeanour was, and some of you are wondering about whether this is a hate crime, ” Boyarsky said at Friday’s news conference. “There is no hate crime allegation accused at this spot in time for one reasonablenes only: The problem is still being investigated.”

A operator rammed into eight pedestrians Tuesday at an intersection in Sunnyvale, California.

The eight counts Peoples is facing, four of which have an enhancement for make great bodily injury, carry a maximum sentence of life in prison.

At Peoples’ first courtroom appearance Friday, a adjudicate ordered that he be held without bail.

Boyarsky emphasized that all departments involved in the investigation are taking the evidence of incitement very seriously.

“When a crime is committed because of someone’s nationality or their race or their religion, it’s not just that individual victim that is hurt, it’s our whole community, ” he said. “And our whole community stands unified against hatred and bigotry.”

The South Asian family asked that their last name not be released. The other martyrs were identified as Marina Reimler, 32; Soeren Reimler, 33; Ping Lu, 51; Rajesh Narayan, 45; Eric Nava, 24; and Miguel, 15, who was identified by his given name merely. It was not clear Friday which victim is the father of the 13 -year-old girl and her 9-year-old brother, according to The Mercury News.

Islamophobia is on the increaseboth in the U.S. and internationally while anti-Muslim rhetoric and policies have been a mainstay of President Donald Trump’s presidency.

In 2017, the Pew Research Center found that the number of members of assaults against Muslims in the U.S. rose greatly from 2015 to 2016, greatly surpassing the modern top reached in the aftermath of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

Tracy Morgan Reflects On The ‘Horrific Accident’ That Nearly Took His Life Five Years Ago – Perez Hilton


So often it happens in life that we gain perspective about what’s really important after a ghastly coincidence or near-death experience…

And such is the case recently for comedian Tracy Morgan , who on Thursday night relayed to his followers and admirers on social media that it’s been precisely five years old since the” grisly coincidence”

As you may recall, back on June 7, 2014, Morgan was a passenger in a van involved in a awful six-car pileup on a New Jersey highway. The accident severely injured Morgan — the comedian was air filched to a hospital with multiple burst bones and other serious injuries, and later spent nearly a month in a physical rehabilitation centre as he recovered. The crash likewise killed Morgan’s longtime acquaintance and traitor James McNair .

Besides the obvious effects of the accident on the 50 -year-old’s loved ones and those involved who were hurt or killed, the crash set off a long series of lawsuits with WalMart — the employer of the truck driver who firstly start out the pileup — and seriously affected Morgan’s career for several years after, as he struggled to fully recover and move forward.

But it’s clear he’s in a better place now. Tracy reminisced about that dreadful darknes and the friend he lost in a series of tweets sent out late Thursday evening from his official account( below ):

” Five years ago tonight, me and your best friend, Jimmy Mac , Jeff , @ARDIEFUQUA, @HarrisStanton, Ty ,& Joceleyn were in a terrifying collision. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t miss my friend Jimmy Mac, who sadly lost his life that night. I love you Jimmy. I thank GOD for their own families. I am eternally grateful for the passion and support they give me. My wife, daughter, sons, and friends are what got me back on my paw. I live every day trying to do right by them and make the most of this second chance.

I am emotional right now so bear with me but I likewise have to thank my professional house. The kinfolks at @TBSNetwork who got me back doing what I love to do best, entertaining people. MY YODA, Lorne Michaels . Going back to @nbcsnl was the first time I knew I would be ok. Finally, I have to shout out my reps Steve Smooke , Matt Frost , Mark Landesman , Jessica Mooney , Ben Morelli & Lewis Kay , who stay where you are me ever. Love you all !! God Bless and please spread love and kindness to one another .”

Here’s the full tweet flow as it is available on the social networking site( below ):

Powerful, powerful stuff…

And despite the tragic events of that horrendous nighttime five years ago, and even another car coincidence the coming week with his brand new Bugatti, it’s nevertheless still inspiring to see the funny husband back on his foot again and with such a positive, grateful outlook towards life.

Reactions, Perezcious readers? Share them in the comments( below )…

[ Image via WENN ]

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Tiger Woods fights for legacy — great or greatest?


Carnoustie, Scotland( CNN) From the instant he cleaned into view, you knew something was different.

As Tiger Woods strode onto the Carnoustie practice range, pulses of energy rent through the stands, shocking the introspective crowd into life.

Cheers and cries of “C’mon, Tiger” rang out.

Tiger Woods’ ideal day: ‘Caddyshack, ‘ oatmeal?