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Real Madrid’s reputation for stunning comebacks is more myth than reality


The remontada has long been part of Reals identity but recent second-leg Champions League excursions show it is mere folklore

” If there is a team anywhere that can turn this around, it’s them ,” Pep Guardiola said. And so, it seemed, did almost everyone else. Down on the touchline at full age Casemiro said it. Up in the commentary box the former Real Madrid player and administrator Jorge Valdano said it, more. He knows: Valdano was a member of the team who fabricated an identity all over the remontada , realise dramatic comebacks part of Real’s mythology. It was a belief system, an ordinance of faith.

But faith is blind and the reality is different. Real may indeed turn their Champions League last-1 6 secure around after the 2-1 defeat to Manchester City at the Bernabeu on Wednesday. They have the players to do so even if they don’t have that player any more. Cristiano Ronaldo is gone but no one would be daft enough to say it’s done. No one from City did so, that’s for sure.

In recent years, as Real triumphed three Champions Leagues in a row, it has often felt inescapable they would find a way. Going further back it was their thing, or so it croaks. But the legend doesn’t always stand up and history is not always reproduced- specially if it didn’t happen in the first place, at least not the room it was told.

They used to call it the Spirit of Juanito after the forward who were killed in a gondola clang in 1992. Juanito had cautioned Internazionale that” 90 hours at the Bernabeu are very long” after they had triumphed a European Cup first leg 3-1 in 1986. Real won the second leg 4-1. It was becoming a habit: they had turned around a 3-0 defeat against Anderlecht the year before, wining 6-0 at home. That season they also overcame a 5-1 first-leg defeat by Borussia Monchengladbach with a 4-0 residence win. In 1976 they had done the same to Derby, acquiring the second leg 5-1, having lost 4-1 in the first.

When those antagonists got to the Bernabeu they suffered what Valdano described as ” stage fright “. Real related what they called ” Code Red “: it was noisy and it was nasty and it acted. Sometimes it did, regardles. Epic was what they did, or what they said they did. It was a mental state in part, the midfielder Michel saying:” The history of Real Madrid is full of competitions triumphed in the last minute and the resist knows that. History substances, history plays. No one knows why but you pull on that Real Madrid shirt and you become a mini Incredible Hulk .”

Only history says something different, especially now. Before the quarter-final second leg against Wolfsburg in 2016, Juanito’s son Roberto pleaded with beings to leave his dad’s memory alone. It was not surprising considering one newspaper had be put into practice a ouija board session to call on his spirt to beat Atletico Madrid in the cup having lost the firstly leg. Even less surprising considering they had lost.” Each time you mention him for a comeback, we lose ,” Roberto said.

That time, as it turned out, they didn’t: Real came back to beat Wolfsburg 3-0 having lost the first leg 2-0. But that wasn’t epic- it exactly marked how bad Wolfsburg were and how strange it was that Real had got themselves into that mess in the first place. And Roberto was right. Juanito had been rekindled when Real had to overcome a 4-1 first-leg deficit against Borussia Dortmund in the Champions League semi-final in 2013. They failed to turn it round– just as they had done the last 14 times they had sought to overcome a first-leg deficit going back 27 years.

Liverpool’s Jay Spearing leaves Rafael van der Vaart floored as Real fail to overturn their first-leg deficit in 2009. Photograph: Paul Thomas/ AP

The Champions League era obligates the level powerfully. Since 1992, they have had wins invalidated more than they have induced remontadas : Juventus in 2003, Monaco in 2004, Juventus in 2005, Bayern in 2007, Ajax last year. Against Arsenal, Liverpool, Dortmund, Juventus, Barcelona and Bayern, the talk was of a comeback, overturning an adverse result but they didn’t succeed in any of them.

This time the second leg isn’t even at home, although that may not be such an advantage considering Real have won only one of their past six competitions at the Bernabeu, that stage fright felt more by them perhaps than their tourists now. Sergio Ramos had shown so much better in the buildup to the City game, talking of anxiety and possibility, a certain tension at a floor where they have shown vulnerability.

And so, to England they go again. Arsenal won 1-0 at the Bernabeu and held during at Highbury in 2006. When Liverpool won 1-0 in Madrid in 2009, Real’s president claimed it didn’t matter: they are able to” piss on” them at Anfield. Real lost 4-0.

Turning a 2-1 defeat around against City is a tough task: Guardiola’s squad were the better side for most part in Madrid, even if Real lamented that late downfall that allowed their lead to slip away. Real have disadvantages, which were exposed.

Rodri mentioned Real are a ” flatter ” team now without Ronaldo and they go to Manchester without their command, Ramos, extremely.” It isn’t over but we have a lot of work ahead of us ,” Casemiro said. History is not on their side, either. Simply formerly have Real overcome a dwelling first-leg defeat in Europe- against FC Wacker in the Cup Winners’ Cup in 1970, losing the other four- but then history is there to be rewritten, too.

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Harvey Weinstein starts work on appeal from New York hospital


Disgraced movie moguls law team is discussing plead against his convictions for abuse and a criminal sex act

Days after he was imprisoned of rape and a criminal sex act, Harvey Weinstein is working on his appeal while he remains in Bellevue hospital in New York awaiting a probable transportation to Rikers Island jail complex before his sentencing.

Weinstein was admitted to Bellevue on Monday after concerns were expressed about high blood pressure and centre palpitations. During his trial Donna Rotunno, one of his advocates, told the judge that he has back injuries arising as a result of a gondola crash last summertime and a condition that requires hits in his eyes, so he does not go blind. Another of his advocates, Arthur Aidala, told the Hollywood Reporter that neither Weinstein nor his legal team had requested the admittance, and that it was a decision by the New York City Department of Corrections.

Aidala said that he is already discussing an appeal against the guilty verdicts, and that Weinstein” generated some counselings about how to proceed “.

If and when he is discharged from Bellevue, it is likely Weinstein will register Rikers Island before being moved to a district prison. While the Department of Corrections decides where inmates are room, trial magistrate James Burke has said he will question that Weinstein be placed in Rikers Island’s North Infirmary Command, where he would have something tantamount to protective custody.

Weinstein is due to be sentenced on 11 March. He was imprisoned on two weighs: a criminal sex act for forcefully play-act oral sex on the status of women in 2006 and third-degree rape for a 2013 attack on another woman. Together, the charges carry a maximum penalty of 29 years in prison.

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Harvey Weinstein: how the Hollywood mogul’s undoing revealed- video explainer

Miriam Haley, the former make assistant who accused Weinstein of forcing oral sex on her in 2006, said the verdict had supplied” massive aid “.” I just think that we’re being educated about current realities of sex crime and sexual assault preys ,” Haley said on CBS This Morning.” It’s not always simply a stranger. It’s very often mortal that the person or persons knows, and with that comes an entire other mantle of processing .”

Weinstein likewise faces accusations in California, with charges that he raped a woman at a Los Angeles hotel in 2013, then sexually assaulted a different lady in a Beverly Hills hotel the next night. He could be jailed for up to 28 years on service charges in the California case. Additional sexual assault subjects are under investigation by police in the LA area.

In the UK, the Labour MP Chi Onwurah called for Weinstein to be deprived of his CBE, a British commendation. In a letter to the Cabinet Office, Onwurah said:” In light-footed of the guilty judgment, will the secretariat ultimately strip Mr Weinstein of his CBE as I firstly solicited on 11 October 2017? Or will they continue to honour Mr Weinstein at the expense of all those who have experienced sexual violence and specially his scapegoats ?” Downing Street said Weinstein’s honour is a responsibility for the independent board but added that Boris Johnson’s government was ” crystal clear” in its disapproval of sexual abuse.

Ruler Andrew’s fall from grace returns uncertain times for the monarchy


After a difficult year, the last thing Britains royal family needed was the Duke of Yorks self-inflicted crisis

The unprecedented banishment of Prince Andrew to the outer reaches of the royal conglomerate, without a helpful future role or official actions, free- presumably- to spend more time with his golf clubs, comes at a critical time for the family.

After the calamities of the 1990 s and the patient rebuilding of reputation that followed, all seemed set fair simply 18 several months ago. The Queen was still soldiering stoically on into her 90 s, working on her red caskets of official newspapers every day as she had done for the previous seven decades and attending 293 participations during the year. Prince Harry had just married Meghan Markle to popular acclaim, apparently opening a brand-new period for the royal family. And the sequence was fasten to three generations, if they played their posters right.

How readily destabilising hesitations can intrude. From the Duke of Edinburgh’s car crash in January, through to Harry and Meghan’s evident unhappiness with their royal character and their cranny with Prince William and Duchess Kate, the great hopes of the royal family, it has been a difficult year, if not yet another annus horribilis like 1992. On top of that came Andrew’s self-inflicted crisis, which has angered other members of the family, specially Prince Charles, reopening age-old sores and shedding the smooth running of the institution into chaos.

Andrew’s fall from grace has had a slow motion inevitability. His relationship with the convicted child copulation delinquent Jeffrey Epstein had well known since the pair were envisioned strolling together in Central Park in 2011, but was ignored, especially once a Florida judge ruled that the allegations involving the prince were unnecessary to know. But following the latest complaints about Epstein and his suicide in prison in August, Andrew’s association with him is under an obligation to swam into view once more, even though no criminal allegations have been laid against him and he disclaims any personal wrongdoing.

His ill-judged television interview last weekend triggered his descend, highlighting as it did well documented flaws: his sense of right, freeloading, obtuseness and insensitivity. The British public can bear a lot from its royal family but resent exaggeration and superiority, especially over the expenditure of money and particularly from someone whose dedication to the common good has been sometimes hard to detect.

Prince Andrew at a British trade bazaar in Kuwait in 2000. Photograph: Yasser Al-Zayyat/ AFP via Getty Images

The prince’s timing was also at fault: distracting courtesy from national elections( which royals are not supposed to do) and, from Charles’s point of view, deflecting more positive publicity from the Waleses’ trip to New Zealand- not that that was generating much excitement anyway.

Making contents worse: Andrew did not have the excuse that the interview was sprung on him. It was his decision to take part, evidently without proper briefing, rehearsal or forethought. Perhaps he believed he could wing it, despite his ill-concealed disdain for the media and the threats of his newly appointed communications adviser Jason Stein, who lasted four weeks before leaving for the City PR firm Finsbury. The future of his private secretary, Amanda Thirsk, who lobbied in the interests of the interview as a clear-the-air exercise must now be in doubt.

The royal family controls to a complex grid method , not only in terms of official trips (” whose turn is it to go to the west country? … when was the last visit to Leicester ?”) but also in their association with particular interests: William and Kate with the arts, Camilla, duchess of Cornwall with health and literacy issues.

Andrew’s turf was business. For a season he relished the name of British trade ambassador, causing him scope to travel in some solace and no little expenditure by chartered airplane to often agreeable regions throughout the world, a capacity he continued to carry out until this month, though he lost the title some time ago because of his association with Epstein. If the trade decisions were nebulous- did foreigners certainly sign transactions because Prince Andrew had turned up at a British delegation reception?- the contacts did him no trauma at all. One such is Timur Kulibayev, the son-in-law of the former dictator of Kazakhstan, who bought the Yorks’ derelict former marital dwelling near Ascot for PS15m- PS3m above the asking price- in 2008.

Years of the media humiliating the costs of his trip-ups- last year’s best effort was PS22, 208 for a three-day visit to Hungary- had no effect whatsoever.” The commerce capacity was perfect for him because he felt he was have implications ,” a former palace official was just telling me.” The difficulty with Yorkie is he can be very arrogant and sullen. I think that’s down to insecurity .”


The Duke of York’s relationship with Jeffrey Epstein

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Andrew is reported as having been initiated to Jeffrey Epstein through mutual friend Ghislaine Maxwell, daughter of newspaper tycoon Robert Maxwell. Epstein apparently calls the Queen’s private Scottish retreat in Aberdeenshire



Andrew, Maxwell and Epstein are ensure together at Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Club in Florida. Later in the year, Epstein and Maxwell attend a joint birthday party at Windsor castle hosted by the Queen


Teenager claims

Virginia Giuffre, then aged 17, claims to have had sex with Andrew in Maxwell’s Belgravia home. Giuffre, whose surname was Roberts at the time of the alleged incidents, says she slept with Andrew on two further occasions, at Epstein’s New York home and at an “orgy” on his private island in the Caribbean


Epstein jailed

Epstein is jailed for 18 several months after imploring guilty to prostituting minors


Epstein freed

Soon after his freeing from jail, Epstein is visited by Andrew in New York. The pair are photographed together in Central Park. Footage rises year later, apparently filmed on 6 December, that appears to show Andrew inside Epstein’s Manhattan mansion waving goodbye to a woman from behind a large door



Andrew retires his capacity as UK trade envoy following a furore over the Central Park photos


Claims emerge

Allegations that Andrew had sex with Giuffre emerge in US court documents related to Epstein. The articles, filed in Florida, state that she was forced to have sex with Andrew when she was 17, which is under the age of consent in the state. Buckingham Palace repudiates the allegations.

The claims against Andrew are later struck from US civil court records following a federal judge’s decree


More claims

Andrew is accused of sexual indecency by a second alleged Epstein victim, Johanna Sjoberg. She claims he stroked her breast inside the US billionaire’s Manhattan apartment in 2001. Buckingham Palace said the allegations were” categorically specious “.

On 10 August, Epstein is were dead in his jail cell, having killed himself after being charged with sexuality trafficking.

A pilot on Epstein’s private spurt later that month claims Andrew was a passenger on past flights with the financier and Roberts

20 November 2019

Prince Andrew announces he is to step back from public obediences ‘for foreseeable future’.

Thank you for your feedback.

The writing was really on the wall for Andrew’s future when companies started questioning their sponsorship of his Pitch @Palace initiative, a sort of Dragon’s Den with chandeliers, where young entrepreneurs once a year attend Buckingham Palace and existing their ideas to business leaders.

They would just want to be associated with someone tarred by affection with a notorious sex crook. Andrew also has links to more than 200 donations, 33 of which are involved with education and young people. He won’t immediately molted his honorary military designations, as an admiral( except perhaps as admiral of the Sea Cadet Corps ), honorary colonel of various regiments and an air commodore in the RAF, but they won’t like the defile either and he may have to stand down for the good of the services. Talk that Andrew’s purdah will only last a few months is wishful thinking: Epstein’s ghost will ever waver behind him now.

Andrew’s absence will leave a hole in the royal grid: who will fulfil the 394 commitments he be carried forward last year? Who will step in to his persona with business, particularly with Harry and Meghan likewise taking a back seat? The passion of Prince Charles and some advisers to slim down the working membership of the family to a smaller active core is being achieved by natural wastage , not design.

Age is also having its effect: the 98 year-old Duke of Edinburgh has retired, the Queen herself is slowing down at 93, Charles is 71 and even William is nearly 40:” He’s just another bald-pated bloke in a dres ,” one royal photographer mourned. The recent poll this week, YouGov for the Times, was foreboding: 54% supporting the sovereign, 20% not and 25% apathetic. The strategy will need a rethink if the royals are, in the Queen’s words, needing to be seen to be believed.

* Stephen Bates is the author of Royalty Inc: Britain’s Best-Known Brand( Aurum )

Dog weepie movies- graded!


With mutts all over our screens in John Wick 3, A Dogs Journey, Paw Patrol and more, which of films furry friends can defrost the most middles?

16. John Wick( 2014)

Russian mobsters kill Daisy, the beagle puppy left to John Wick by his late wife. The sadness of the puppy demise is offset by Wick going on to kill everyone who had anything to do with it, which moves you feel better.

15. I Am Legend( 2007)

This third modification of Richard Matheson’s 1954 sci-fi classic about the last man alive cravenly misconstrues the novel’s premise, but grasps in its early stages, as Will Smith zooms around a depopulated Manhattan in a crimson Mustang with Sam, his trusty German shepherd, travelling shotgun. Alas, Sam gets bitten by a zombie puppy and has to be put down. It’s all downhill from there.

14. Frankenweenie( 2012)

Young Victor Frankenstein accompanies his dead dog Sparky back to life in this Tim Burton animation which is let down by some gratuitous anti-cat propaganda and a cop-out terminating that fails to elicit Corpse Bride levels of weeping. Sparky looks like an animated parsnip, but it is hard not to- no pun aimed- root for him.

13. Eight Below( 2006)

Six Siberian huskies and two malamutes are stranded in Antarctica and have to fend for themselves against these components( and a unnerving shut) while Paul Walker tries to find the money to bring them home. Spoiler: not all the dogs make it, but be thankful it isn’t the original Japanese survival drama this was based on, where the canine body count was devastating.

12. Turner and Hooch( 1989)

The best of the cop’n’canine sidekick subgenre, with Tom Hanks generating a mini masterclass in ad-libbing opposite a jowly, slobbering dogue de Bordeaux, a good son whose devotion to his human partner eventually exits above and beyond the call of duty.

11. Fluke( 1995)

Matthew Modine dies in a vehicle disintegrate and is reincarnated as a miscoloured golden retriever who gets busted out of Ron Perlman’s cosmetics-testing lab by a streetwise St Bernard-retriever cross announced Rumbo, voiced by Samuel L Jackson. Alas, Rumbo takes a bullet during the escape. Source material was a non-horror novel by James Herbert, better known as the author of The Rats and The Fog.

Blond desire … Owen Wilson and Jennifer Anniston document 15 years in dog Marley’s life. Photograph: Rex/ 20 th Century Fox/ Everett

10. Marley& Me( 2008)

Journalists Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson, so blond and shiny they virtually look like labradors themselves, get a labrador pup but fail to train it properly, so it destroys substance and whacks over Kathleen Turner. Fifteen times and three kids later, it is time for that one last trip to the vet:” You’re a great hound, Marley .” Cue tearful collapse of hitherto sceptical viewer.

9. All Dogs Go to Heaven( 1989)

Burt Reynolds provides the voice of a roguish German shepherd announced Charlie who is killed by his business partner( a pitbull-bulldog cross) but returns to Earth to rescue an orphan in this noirish Don Bluth animation boasting bird-dogs operating casinoes- a terrifying vision of hell with an unabashedly sentimental ending.

8. Wendy and Lucy( 2008)

Michelle Williams plays a penniless gypsy whose gondola breaks down in a small Oregon town, where she gets arrested for trying to shoplift a can of bird-dog meat for Lucy, her golden-brown desegregated breed. The dog doesn’t die in Kelly Reichardt’s achingly heartbreaking painting of the sort of marginal cosmo you don’t often see in American films, but the cinema will leave you in bits anyway.

7. My Dog Skip( 2000)

A nostalgic but far from rose-tinted memoir about grown up in 1940 s Mississippi, where the eponymous jack russell aids a boy overcome his shyness. The money panorama for sad-dog-film completists is the one where an ageing, arthritis-suffering Skip( played by Frasier’s Eddie) tries to climb on to a berthed, and fails.

6. Umberto D( 1952)

For times, I refused to watch Vittorio De Sica’s neorealist masterpiece about a hard-up pensioner ejected from his room in Rome, because I was convinced that Flike, his jack russell, dies at the end. Well, spoiler alert: Flike survives! But it was unable to not to sob your center out regardless, especially when the poor old geezer tries to find a new dwelling for his beloved pooch.

5. Dean Spanley( 2008)

Sam Neill plays a preacher whose ardour of Hungarian tokay initiations recollections about his past life as a Welsh springer spaniel called Wag in this delicious Edwardian fantasy, adapted from a novella by Anglo-Irish writer Lord Dunsany. It all culminates in father-son reconciliation and a blub-worthy denouement.

4. Lassie Come Home( 1943)

Little Roddy McDowall’s mothers are so broke they have to sell their rough collie( played by a son dog announced Pal) to a luxuriou aristocrat. But, is assisting little Elizabeth Taylor, Lassie flees and treks from Scotland to Yorkshire, having lots of escapades, one of them involving a loyal but fated little terrier announced Toots.

Station ruler … Hachi: A Dog’s Tale Photograph: Allstar/ Sony Pictures Home Entertainment

3. Hachi: A Dog’s Tale( 2009)

Richard Gere play-acts a New England music professor who attachments with an akita puppy, with decisions that run from heartwarming to heartrending. This is the Hollywood version of the history of the loyal hound commemorated by a statue outside Tokyo’s Shibuya station, waiting eternally for the original who will never arrive. A five-Kleenex weepie to competitor Futurama’s notorious Jurassic Bark episode.

2. The Plague Dogs( 1982)

Like Watership Down, this animated denunciation of man’s inhumane treatment of swine was adapted by Martin Rosen from a Richard Adams novel, and is guaranteed to traumatise not just younger viewers, but numerous adults as well. Rowf( labrador concoction) and Snitter( smooth fox terrier, was put forward by John Hurt) escape from a research lab in the Lake District and evade capture with the aid of a shrewd fox. The film fastens with Adams’s original objective, which his publishers coaxed him to rework into something a little more cheerful.

1. Old Yeller( 1957)

A stray yellow dog( played by Spike, a labrador retriever and mastiff desegregate) alliances with a family of farmers in postbellum Texas. After saving its humans from angry bears, wild boars and mad moo-cows, the” best doggone bird-dog in the west” lastly goes burnt by a fanatic wolf, leading to a tear-jerking conclusion at the business end of a shotgun swung by little Tommy Kirk. If you have tears, prepare to molted them here.

Police attempt doubt after bundle bombard blowup in France


Twelve people injured in incident described by Emmanuel Macron as an attack

Police in France were hunting a doubt following a explosion in a pedestrian street in the heart of Lyon that wounded more than a dozen parties simply two days before the country’s fiercely struggled European parliament elections.

The president, Emmanuel Macron, called Friday’s detonation, apparently from a packet jam-pack with shrapnel and placed in the street, an “attack” and direct his interior minister, Christophe Castaner, to Lyon.

A chassis grasp from a surveillance video testifying a mortal pushing a mountain bike in the vicinity of a suspect box rocket explosion in Lyon. Photograph: AFP/ Getty Images

Police questioned an appeal for bystanders on Twitter as they sought the doubt, a boy believed to be in his early 30 s on a mountain bicycle caught on insurance cameras in the area immediately before the explosion.

They posted an image of the man, wearing light-coloured suddenlies and a longsleeved dark top and described him as “dangerous”.

The country’s justice minister, Nicole Belloubet, told BFM television it was too soon to say whether the blast was a “terrorist act”.

A police source said the package contained” pins or rods” and had been placed in front of a bakery.

The number of injured stood at 13 people, with 11 taken to hospitals. None of the traumata was life-threatening.

Macron said:” It’s not for me to give a toll, but it shows there are no casualties. There have been injuries, so obviously I’m thinking of these injured and their families .”

Denis Broliquier, the mayor of the city’s second arrondissement, said:” An eight-year-old girl was wounded … We’re reasonably relieved because apparently there were no serious injuries but, on the other hand, we are certain it was an explosive device .”

Play Video

Lyon bombing described by Emmanuel Macron as an ‘attack’ – video

” There was an detonation and I thought it was a car crash ,” said Eva, a 17 -year-old student who was about 15 metres( 50 hoofs) from the site of the blast.” There were bits of electrical cable near me and artilleries and chips of cardboard and plastic. The spaces were blown out .”

A terrorism investigation has been opened by the Paris prosecutor’s office, which has jurisdiction over all fright instances in the country.

France has been on high alert following a brandish of deadly terror attacks since 2015 that have killed more than 250 people.

After What Said yesterday, I’m Never Letting Trick-Or-Treaters Knock On My Door Again


Growing up, I adoration Halloween. I would ever parallel my clothings with my sister. We “wouldve been” the twinneds from or Velma and Daphne, or Tweedledee and Tweedledum. We would spend all of October putting together our costumes from scratch.

But this October — the first Halloween after she died — I didn’t bother searching for a new clothing. I didn’t bother putting together candy bags for “their childrens”. I didn’t bother attending any defendants or watching any monster movies.

I was going to throw a bowl on the hall with a signed requesting kids to grab piece of sugar, even though some bratty kid would dump the whole container in their handbag regardless. But my husband pushed me to at least answer the door.

” It’s your favorite holiday ,” he said.” You should be thinking happy reckons about your sister today. She wouldn’t miss you to be this miserable .”

I threw my “hairs-breadth” in pigtails and pinched into an old-fashioned, wrinkled Dorothy dress from its first year my sister extended as Toto.

The first few kids who came to the door actually managed to cheer me up. There was a group of friends garmented as different colored crayons. Other groups dressed as the members of There were even a few stragglers garmented in the same Bob Ross costume.

But then a duet of siblings came to the door. One sister was “re dressed like” me, a miniature Dorothy. The other was garmented in rags with blood smeared across her face and bloodshot communications in her seeings. She supported a steering wheel in her move side, like she was the victim of a vehicle crash.

Like my own sister had been.

I threw sugar into their containers without caring them a happy Halloween. When they turned to leave, a jagged piece of metal was sticking out from the girl’s back. It examined eerily similar to the police pictures taken at the locations where my sister had sipped her last-place breaths.

“Wait,” I said, jogging toward them. Their parents stood at the end of the driveway, giving me weird appears.” Why would you garment like that ?”

She tilted her intelligence , not understanding the issues.” It’s Halloween .”

” I know. But that’s what you chose? Not a princess? Or a pirate? Or a phantom ?”

” I a ghost .”

” Not a ordinary specter. You could have just worn a sheet .”

” Real ghosts don’t wear membranes .”

” And you’re supposed to be a real soul ?”

She started to answer, but her mother grabbed her side and tugged her to the next room. Impatient. Or freaked out by the weird neighbor near tears in the driveway.

I stumbled back inside and threw the door. I didn’t even put out a container of sugar. I flicked the hall switch off and pretended not to be home. I expected the house to be toilet papered and egged in a matter of hours.

Toward the end of the night, when I went to check the damage, I located a greenback pinned to the door, writes to red paint. It simply had three texts: I MISS YOU.

I crept outside and virtually tripped down the stairs. Below my hoof was the plastic steering wheel the little girl had been carrying. The girl who looked like my sister. The girl who claimed to be a phantom.


Toni Braxton: ‘I tried marijuana once and got genuinely paranoid’


The R& amp; B sun has existed bankruptcy( twice !), the displeasure of Oprah and Whitneys dating tips-off. As she returns with a new album, she talks about her stormy life and career

Ask Toni Braxton for a remember that encapsulates her 90 s imperial stage and she’ll ignore that decade’s five Grammys, 25 m books sold( 10 m for 1993′ s self-titled entry, 15 m for 1996′ s Secret) and the 11 -week US No 1 predominate of windswept mega-ballad Un-Break My Heart. She’ll forget to mention the friendships with Prince and Whitney Houston, or the fact that her force represents she recently performed at Rihanna’s 30 th birthday defendant( slow jam-pack Breathe Again is a RiRi favourite ). No, the narration that remains in her president is a little less glitzy. One nighttime, she tells me over the phone from New York, she was followed to a eatery lavatory by a group of female followers who, while she was having a quick sit down, tapped on the cubicle wall.” Excuse me, are you Toni Braxton ?” they questioned.” Can we get your autograph ?”” I was like:’ Can you give me a few seconds ?!'” Braxton giggles, her low-toned, husky expression lending the narration unwarranted gravitas.

In the grandiose scheme of Toni Braxton’s life, however, an broken number one is fairly small fry. In 1998, despite represent one of the world’s biggest-selling artists, she filed for bankruptcy. In 2010, shortly before confirming she was suffering from the autoimmune malady lupus, she registered for bankruptcy again, the result of cancelling a 2008 Las Vegas residency due to microvascular angina. In addition, there has been a divorce, squabbles with administrators, testy description changes and, in 2013, a short-lived retirement. If you’re thinking:” Wow, this would make a great memoir or Lifetime movie ,” you’re in luck: the book came out in 2014, while the straight-to-TV film followed in 2016. It establishes this month’s new book, Sex& Cigarettes, even more of an unpredictable triumph.” People say Toni Braxton is over, but I’m not over ,” she says.” The bitch is back. Again .”

Toni Braxton should never have been a star. Raised by religious mothers in Maryland( her father was a Methodist preacher, her mom a rector ), her upbringing was strict.” My life was very clothed ,” she says.” I couldn’t wear pants[ she makes trousers] until I was 14. We are significantly’ Old Testament ‘, where a woman couldn’t wear anything pertaining to a “mens and” throbs were considered masculine .” While non-secular music was strictly forbidden at home, Braxton would sing in high-school bands, but never the make, often accompanying on the keyboard. She lost count of the times beings told her she would make an excellent backing singer.” My voice was really low-grade and deep and that wasn’t really in style then ,” she says.

In the late 1980 s, as her mothers’ grasp slackened, Braxton and her four younger sisters( Traci, Towanda, Trina and Tamar) started performing as the Braxtons. While their 1990 entry single Good Life flopped, it resolved up catching the attention of the members of producers Antonio ” LA ” Reid and Kenneth ” Babyface” Edmonds, who liked some of what they heard; the pair would sign Toni to their LaFace label as a solo artist. The information didn’t go down well at home. “[ My mum] felt like the devil was storming and separating our kinfolk ,” she says. What should have been a cause for celebration- Braxton cut two ballads for the hugely successful soundtrack to the 1992 Eddie Murphy vehicle Boomerang– was adulterated.” It was unending shame ,” she says.” Looking back, there were situations where I depart:’ You should have lived louder .'”

Dram queen: Toni Braxton performs in 2001. Photograph: Mick Hutson/ Redferns

The success of the soundtrack led to LaFace fast-tracking discussions for what would become Braxton’s entry book. Applied to having what she wore and sang prescribed to her, Braxton ran along with the plan to constitute her seem much older than her 25 years.” I was so green ,” she says.” Only happy to be there. I ever felt this need to do my best immediately. The first album was done on purpose, you are aware, moving me a little more adult contemporary. By the time the second album came around I wanted to be my age. I didn’t want to wear all these long garbs; I wanted to wear jeans or a catsuit .”

The campaign mirrored Whitney Houston’s early years for the purposes of the watchful eye of description heading Clive Davis, with the main aim being not to alienate the lucrative grey, adult contemporary audience. Davis once referred to Braxton as” extremely pitch-black to be white and very lily-white to be black “. Did she concur?” Yes, perfectly. In matters relating to my music. I’m an African-American artist, the manner of my tone lends itself to being a soul singer, but my music is popping as well as R& B. So you have to straddle that fraction carefully. Like Whitney had to .”

Did Whitney ever grant her any advice?” She gave me great advice on dating ,” says Braxton, somewhat surprisingly.” She was the leader of the pack for me .” For a while, Braxton’s sales reached Whitney heights. The 1996 book Secrets generated her two massive smacks in the shape of the honeyed copulation jam You’re Makin’ Me High and the medically ambitious Un-Break My Heart. The former was inspired by Braxton’s brief dalliance with doses.” I tried marijuanas once and got certainly psychotic .” In detail, it drew her thoughts she could understand Chinese.” That part of it was quite exciting ,” she reasons.

Less than two years after Secret, however, Braxton learnt herself filing for bankruptcy. Despite being unable to go into details about the occurrence, it was decided Braxton should go on Oprah Winfrey’s chatshow. The interrogation was a car crash, with Oprah reprimanding what “shes seen” as Braxton’s lavish lifestyle. The truth is a little more complicated. Braxton wound up with big debts after being forced to self-fund her tour with corkscrew-permed saxophonist Kenny G and expected the royalty cheques she was owed would clear the debt. The cheque she’d been waiting for amounted to only $2,000 after label inferences, while her indebtedness totalled virtually$ 4m. In late 1997 she sued LaFace and Arista, before filing for insolvency in January 1998.

Sax request: Toni Braxton on tour with Kenny G in 1996. Photograph: REX/ Shutterstock

In a 2012 interrogation, Braxton alleged Oprah of being” so frickin’ mean to me, I was in shock”, but today she’s a little more sanguine:” I recollect I didn’t want to do it, and I was admonished we should. I thought it amplified it. It was a bad call; it realise it an enormous situation .” One person offering better admonition, however, was Prince.” He was always there, even during my second bankruptcy …” She delays, before abruptly roaring,” which announces so crazy to say!’ My second bankruptcy !'” She retrieves her calmnes.” I feel like he’s still watching me. There have been days where I’ve been thinking about him and his song will come on the radio .” Merely as her financial position was stabilising( she reached an agreement with Arista and LaFace in early 1999, signing a $20 m record cope ), Braxton found out she was pregnant. Being three months into a prescription for Accutane- an acne therapy that are in a position have serious side-effects for unborn babes- she decided to have a termination.” I dislike to even think about that decision I built ,” she says.” I believe in pro-choice. It was just a moment in “peoples lives” that, with all the success I was anointed with, I guess that came with it .” She would later have two sons: Denim and Diezel.

While she had further success with 2000′ s classic kiss-off He Wasn’t Man Enough, she says there was a ” heaviness ” to the books that followed. In 2013, she announced her retirement, leading to letters of support from the likes of Missy Elliott and Barbra Streisand. Babyface- with whom she hadn’t worked for more than a decade- indicated up at her home recommending they collaborate. The arising joint album, 2014′ s Love, Marriage& Divorce, deserved her another Grammy and a fresh start. As our interrogation gusts down, we touch on TV( she adores The Crown ), swear words( her favourite is “wanker”) and Rihanna.” I desire how much she enjoys her vocation. She won’t be smothered or censored. To be that brave …” A sigh.” But for my generation we weren’t allowed to do that. The followers were allowed to express themselves but the women weren’t .” She is keen to make sure this next chapter of her career is both loud and long. “My goal is to be a centennial,” she giggles.” By the time I get my word from the president- who will probably be Justin Bieber by then- I would like to be proud of myself .”

Sex& Cigarettes is out now

Tesla email discovers two hires have tested positive for COVID-1 9


Two Tesla employees, who had been working at home for nearly two weeks, have tested positive for COVID-1 9, are in accordance with an internal email direct Thursday morning by the company’s is chairman of environmental, health, and safety department and viewed by TechCrunch.

The employees is still not symptomatic in the office, and the two are quarantined at home and recovering well, according to the email from Tesla’s EHS department head Laurie Shelby. Their co-workers, who were already working from residence for nearly two weeks as well, were notified so they can quarantine, the email speak. The email did not disclose the locations where the employees were working.

” In both cases, interactions with the individuals had a low likelihood of transmission based on the negligible staff onsite and social distancing weighs we took earlier this month ,” Shelby wrote in the email.

Tesla could not be reached for remark. Business Insider previously reported on the same internal email.

The email has heightened concern among various Tesla employees that TechCrunch has spoken to, as they weigh the risk of coming into work or exploiting paid-time off or unpaid leave to stay at home. Tesla utilizes more than 48,000 parties at its headquarters, factories, marketings and service centers and delivery hubs throughout the U.S. While some employees are able to work from dwelling, the company still has workers at its delivery and service centers, as well as an estimated 2,500 people at its Fremont, Calif. factory.

Tesla suspended production at its Fremont factory beginning March 23, daylights after a shelter-in-place order went into effect in Alameda County due to the COVID-1 9 pandemic. Some basic operations that support Tesla’scharging infrastructure and what it describes as its “vehicle and energy services operations” have continued at the factory, which under normal circumstances applies more than 10,000 people.

The decision to suspend production at Fremont came after a multi-day publictussle between the automaker and local officials in Alameda County over what was considered an “essential” business.

Tesla has also suspended actions at its plant in Buffalo, N.Y ., except for “those parts and affords necessary for service, infrastructure and critical supply chains, ” the company said in a statement. Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted Wednesday that he plans to reopen the Buffalo factory to produce ventilators, a critical piece of medical paraphernalium used in severe cases of COVID-1 9.

The email comes only two days after reports of at least two positive COVID-1 9 occasions at SpaceX, another fellowship foreman up Musk. The positive actions at SpaceX sent some hires into quarantine, CNBC reported. The fellowship is obliging mitt sanitizer in house and taking other steps to protect anxious workers, according to CNBC. TechCrunch could not reach SpaceX for comment.

COVID-1 9, the disease caused by coronavirus, has ruffled through corporate and industrial America. Manufacturers have suspended production of vehicles, tech business have ordered employees to work from home and metropolitan, county and state governments have issued a variety of orderings to try to slow the spread of COVID-1 9.

For instance, California Gov. Gavin Newsom problem a stay-at-home directive that ordered all nonessential businesses to close and for occupants to simply leave their homes for essential needs like groceries or to visit the pharmacy. Other countries where Tesla has runnings such as New York are also under a stay-at-home order.

Musk’s acts during the pandemic have caused a variety of reactions among employees, commentators and his millions of Twitter adherents. He has appeared scornful of COVID-1 9 in emails to employees and on Twitter, where he has spread misinformation on the disease, including that children are ” basically immune ,” a statement that belies information provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. In one internal email sent to SpaceX employees, Musk noted that they were more likely to die in a vehicle accident than from the disease.

Even as Musk seemed to downplay the disease, he has also stepped up to donate medical quantities needed by infirmaries and has directed staff members to not come to work if they feel ill or are unpleasant. Tesla employees have received emails from human resources intelligence Valerie Workman that if they could not or were reluctant to come to work they could use PTO or take unpaid time off after they weary their PTO. The email told one employee( who spoke to TechCrunch on condition of obscurity) that they would be not be penalized for their decision or face disciplinary action for attending based on health or impossibility to come to work.

Musk has also donated critical personal protective material to hospitals that are facing a shortage of these quantities, and has committed to trying to help ramp up production of ventilators.

‘Gangsta jihadi’ Denis Cuspert killed crusading in Syria


News site berths pictures of body said to be that of German rapper known as Deso Dogg

The real opposite of Trump isn’t Sanders


( CNN) There’s a ideology that every new president poises out the previous tenant of the Oval Office.

By this reasoning, it’s easy to understand why some kinfolks interpret Bernie Sanders as the eventual comparison to Donald Trump: a Democratic socialist and Sixties-style revolutionary who rails against millionaires and billionaires. But take a step outside the class-warfare paradigm and let’s look at compares in reference and know-how — calibers which normally drive a decision of who to hire for a big job.

Even his reviewers concede that Joe Biden is known for his propriety and empathy among longtime colleagues in the Senate. “As good a humankind as God ever caused, “ asserted a teary-eyed Senator Lindsay Graham back in 2015, before he went full Trump. Here’s what John McCain said about him: “He is a good and decent person, God-fearing and category, a devoted leader and partner and a genuine patriot who puts our country before himself.”