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Jimmy White:’ I’d have died if I’d beaten Higgins and won the world title in 1982′


Jimmy White, 25 years on from the last of his six snooker world final defeats, tells Donald McRae about some interesting nights out with Alex Higgins

“I‘m flying,” Jimmy White says with that cheeky old grinning. He pats his waistcoat, loosens his necktie and examines ready to celebrate his 39 times as a professional snooker player and the even more incredible happening he is still here one early morning in Sheffield. After overcoming cancer, rift, a gambling practice that rate him over a million pounds and the heartache of losing six world-wide championship finals, the Whirlwind is ready to show off his much younger girlfriend and his renewed determination to keep playing.

As always with White, a residue of hurt lingers. Just before his 57 th birthday he had hoped to return to the Crucible in the world championship, which began on Saturday. After winning his first qualifying coincide, White faced the world No 19, Ali Carter. White zipped into a brief lead before his dream died with a 10 -4 defeat.

“I’m disappointed,” White says, his smile crinkling into a grimace.” I didn’t grow and that’s sickening. It’s frustrating because, at my age, I’m not expected to win. But I prepared well, representing 147 s in practice, and I’m 3-1 up. I’m in control and then little errors creep in. Maybe I put too much pressure on myself, because I’d been practising really hard for three months. I might have burnt myself out .”

White lost nine of the next 10 chassis.” He got his confidence back ,” he says of Carter.” This game is very mental and I lost focus. So if I got to get to Q School to get back on tour I will. But if they give me another wildcard to stay on tour I’ll practise five hours a day so I’m ready .”

If I am astounded that White, such a gifted actor in his prime, wants to keep grinding away, the Whirlwind seems blown away to have subsisted this long. When we remember Alex Higgins, his fellow snooker genius and reprobate who died in 2010, White suggests that losing their epic semi-final at the worlds might have saved him.

” I would’ve died if I’d beaten Higgins and won the world championship in 1982 because I’d merely seen cocaine and I expressed the wish to suck ,” he says.” I always liked cocaine- whether drunkard or sober. It was no one’s glitch but my own. I’d just become famous, because we only had four canals in their own homes days and, instead of queuing round the block to get into a West End nightclub, I was get the care. I had such recreation, even though I can’t remember much .”

Quick guide

P6, W0: White’s world finals

1984 … Steve Davis( 18 -1 6 ): White routes 12 -4 but attracts it back to 16 -1 5 before Davis goes on to retain his world-wide title.

1990 … Stephen Hendry( 18-12 ): 21 -year-old Hendry triumphs his first designation comfortably.

1991 … John Parrott( 18-11 ): White is whitewashed 7-0 in the first conference and catches no way back.

1992 … Stephen Hendry( 18-14 ): White nurses leads-in of 12-6 and 14 -8 but Hendry prevails 10 chassis in a row to secure the triumph.

1993 … Stephen Hendry( 18-5 ): White beaten with a session to spare.

1994 … Stephen Hendry( 18-17 ): Final goes to resolve frame and White is 37 -2 4 up where reference is misses the pitch-black. Hendry clears up.

Photograph: Ian Walton/ Allsport UK

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Years of cocaine use led to the dark spiral of crack.” I’d knock about with Kirk Stevens[ the former snooker pro from Canada] and he’d be on crack. One day I tried it. It’s “the worlds largest” addictive thing ever. Kirk had no idea how to get cocaine. But I’d come from the street, so I knew 20 marketers. For me to get cocaine was easy. So I became hooked on rift for a few months. It’s like being an alcoholic. The first hit is the best- like your first glas. When you’re smoking cranny it’s pure but you never hold on to that first affected either .”

How did he knock cranny?” I couldn’t get any fund out one darknes. I had drained one report absolutely. I got the heebie-jeebies. I had a day trying to think and then I knew. I had to stop .”

White chuckles.” I’d be a great cocaine policeman. I can recognise beings on it from miles away. So I stayed away from them because I shat myself. I’d tell a lot of people down .”

How is Stevens?” Kirk’s a tree-surgeon now. He’s accommodate. He’s happy .”

White is also joyous.” I don’t suck. Don’t smoke ,” he says before turning now to his girlfriend, Jade Slusarczyk, a 32 -year-old who used to be a walk-on girl at projectiles tournaments.” If we have a bottle of wine-colored I want to start dancing in the restaurant .” White cackles and then, after he and Jade stress their restraint, he says:” I’ve got five grandkids. And I’ve got Jade. I maintain her away from Specsavers .”

Jimmy White Alex Higgins after winning a doubles entitle together in 1984. Photograph: Bob Thomas/ Getty Images

Higgins, in distinguish, could not save himself.” I first played Alex in an exhibit when I was 13 ,” White remembers.” He comes down to a labor men’s society in Balham, which my papa operated, and tried to chat my sister up. So my brother wanted to knock him out. It is more shocking first has met with your hero ever. I should’ve known.

” But the only time I fell out with Higgins was when I had a dwelling in Surrey. Swimming bath, snooker room. Higgins came over and we proceeded boozing. My friend drove us in a Mini Metro. We were boozing all day and I making a decision drive after another two gallons of wine-colored- for which I apologise. I crashed into a wall. The windscreen flipped out and Higgins, who never was wearing a seatbelt, flew out .”

White shakes his head.” Higgins stands up and he’s shouting:’ I’ve got nine lives, babe !’ I’m feeling dispassionate now and I drive to my house … the windscreen wipers are attacking us. I drive into the garage and the engine descents out. If we’d been driving we could have been seriously hurt. But Higgins is flying, saying,’ This is great !’

” After I get your best friend to pick up the windscreen, because it’s got my name on the tax disc, I feel safe. But I’m not ready for Higgins. He takes me to the snooker table and says:’ Let’s play for fund, baby .’ He wouldn’t stop. I hurled him out. He knew the neighbour and I didn’t get on so he went next door and said I’d assaulted him. That was Higgins .”

What happened when they next assure one another?” He said:’ Hello, babes. How are ya ?’ He had spaces where you’d be fuming with him and then he’d say something and you’d forget about it .”

In the clutch of throat cancer, Higgins scarcely ate in the last months.” It was terrifying ,” White says.” As much as me and his sisters done things for him it was no good. They did far more than me, plainly, but he fell down with them. So he wasn’t procured for 10 epoches. He died of hunger. It was horrendous .”

Jimmy White carries Alex Higgins’s coffin in 2010. The funeral was delayed to allow White to travel back from Thailand. Photograph: Cathal Mcnaughton/ Reuters

White and the sisters had raised money to buy a new set of teeth for Higgins’s ravaged opening.” We promoted three clods of fund for him ,” White says.” But you present fund to a adventurer it’s like making heroin to a junkie. The fund just made him anxious to gamble more. I remember Guinness prevented him alive- the cast-iron in it- because he wasn’t eating much. He was his own worst antagonist .”

The funeralwas delayed to allow White to return from Thailand.” When I got the announce saying he had died, I was numb. It was evil .” White helped carry Higgins’ coffin and” 4,000 people lined the street. It was unbelievable- but so sad .”

Higgins’s last-place world-wide championship entitlement came in 1982 when, in that memorable semi-final, White was 15 -1 4 onward. White was 51 -0 up in the next chassis, which would have won him the equal, where reference is demonstrated Higgins, who had been drinking heavily, an opportunity. Taking on films that needed outrageous fortitude and daring, Higgins cleared the table with a break of 69.” That was his best. There were three or four fires in there which- to the pressures- will never be repeated. The drunker he got, the calmer he got .”

White searches away, “ve lost” the reminiscence.” I was in awe of him. I was watching my hero playing. That clearance is the best ever realise .”

Snooker devotees drool over the brilliance of Higgins, White and Ronnie O’Sullivan. But who does White consider the best of a disturbed trio?” O’Sullivan. I’ve probably went more natural talent than both of them. But what O’Sullivan done was special. He took a little of Higgins, a bit of me and a little of[ Steve] Davis, and reached his play end. Perhaps his greatest gift is his positional play .”

Jimmy White:’ I precisely want to get back to the Crucible .’ Photograph: Christopher Thomond/ The Guardian

White and O’Sullivan make a fine punditry partnership on Eurosport.” Yeah, we have a bit of merriment. It’s not so serious. The BBC is a little bit predictable but with me and Ronnie you’re not sure. I certainly experience cultivating as a pundit .”

Surely he wishes he was playing rather than watching?” Yeah, I feel sick sometimes. Plainly I’d love to be playing .”

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This year brands the 25 th anniversary of White’s sixth and last world championship final which “hes lost” 18 -1 7 to Stephen Hendry. In the choose chassis White simply needed to sink a few more pellets to secure his first world claim where reference is missed a straightforward blacknes.” He was 16 -1 4 up, but I won the next two chassis and it was there for me in the last. But I twitched on the black. In snooker you’ve only got to somewhat leave your brain to find trouble. It’s probably the abuse that’s gone through my person that throws the sudden movement.

” But my life’s totally different now. I want to produce some of the snooker I indicate at shows. I played Ronnie on the Mythology tour and supported my own for 10 darkness. You can’t do that unless you’ve still got it- because Ronnie’s the best player I’ve ever seen. So I exactly want to get back to the Crucible .”

White during the 1994 final with Stephen Hendry, which “hes lost” 18 -1 7, a sixth successive final defeat. Photograph: Mike Cooper/ Allsport

White speaks so endearingly it inspires a cliched question. If he had the chance would he do anything differently?” I would have prepared differently before large-scale matches but I wouldn’t change my life. I’ve had a right cracking. On my 50 th birthday the Rolling Stones played at my party at Grosvenor House. That’s not bad for a kid from Tooting .”

We swap contact details and I smile when I consider his amount concludes with 147147. It seems just right for the maestro but I panic the end for White. Q school is a notoriously difficult direction into the main tour as it is filled with hungry young musicians from around the world.

On Saturday evening, as a beautiful daytime fades away, my phone pings. I check White’s epithet. He needs two tries to send me the splendid bulletin as the first text indicates he has acquired a “tool” poster. I imagine him laughter as he rails against predictive textbook in his second theme. Then, saying ” I’m delighted”, the respectful old charmer confirms he did not need a wildcard to avoid Q School. World Snooker, knowing how much they need his suffer popularity, have returned his full tour card. He will be back playing after the world championship.

I think of Alex Higgins holler” I’ve got nine lives, child !” after their drunken auto crash. His great friend has escaped the end again. Jimmy White, the Whirlwind from Tooting, will enjoy every last drop of life he has left in snooker.

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‘People are caught up in supernatural thinking’: was the oldest maiden in the world a fraud?


Jeanne Calment was 122 when she died. But last year a Russian scientist claimed she was a con artist, sparking an international dispute over the woman who may still accommodate the secret to eternal life

If time clears clowns of us all, you couldn’t blame Andre-Francois Raffray for taking it more personally than most. In 1965, Raffray, a solicitor in the southern French city of Arles, thought he had hit on the real-estate version of a sure thing. The 47 -year-old had signed a contract to buy an suite from one of his buyers” en viager “: a word of belonging sale by which the buyer makes a monthly payment until the seller’s death, when the property becomes theirs. His client, Jeanne Calment, was 90 and sprightly for her age; she liked to surprise people by leaping from her chair at the hairdresser. But still, it couldn’t be long: Raffray merely had to shell out 2,500 francs a few months and wait it out.

He never got to live there. Raffray died in 1995, aged 77, by which time Calment was 120 and one of the most famous women in France. She hadn’t lives in the areas she owned above the Maison Calment, the drapery shop once run by her husband in the heart of Arles, for a decade. Instead, as each birthday lunge her further into the realm of the improbable, Calment accommodated tribunal at La Maison du Lac, the retirement home next to the city hospital. She had no immediate family- her husband, daughter and grandson were long dead- but correspondents and neighbourhood noticeables would regularly visit for an audience.” I waited 110 times to be famed. I mean to make the most of it ,” she was reported to have said. One party section was recounting how, as a adolescent, she had encountered Vincent van Gogh; he was ugly and dishevelled, she said, and neighbourhoods announced him” the dingo “.

The pensioner seemed consecrated with the staman of Methuselah. Still cycling at 100, she only gave up smoking at 117; her doctors concluded that she had a mental capacity equivalent to most octogenarians. Enough, at any rate, to coin the odd zinger:” I wait for death … and correspondents ,” she formerly told a reporter. Aged 121, she recorded a rap CD, Mistress of Time. But even this “Michael Jordan of ageing”, as one geriatrician put it, had only so much road to run. By 1996, she was in steep decline. Using a wheelchair, predominantly blind and deaf, she ultimately succumbed on 4 August 1997. At 122, hers was the oldest ratified human lifespan in history.

At 121, Jeanne Calment released a rap CD, Mistress Of Time:’ I waited 110 times to be far-famed. I mean to make the most of it .’ Photograph: Sipa/ Rex/ Shutterstock

Some, though, believe it’s not just season that realizes chumps of us all. Last time, a Russian mathematician announced Nikolay Zak made an astonishing claim: “that its not” Jeanne Calment who were killed in 1997, but her daughter, Yvonne. Sceptical about the degree to which Calment had outstripped previous record-holders( the nearest supported claim at the time was 117 ), Zak had dug into her biography and uncovered a multitude of inconsistencies. First published on Researchgate, a scientific social networking website, then picked up by bloggers and the Associated Press news agency, Zak’s paper claimed that Jeanne Calment are really been killed in 1934; according to official records, this was when Yvonne had lost her life, aged 36, to pleurisy. At this extent, Zak alleged, her daughter had assumed her identity- they gazed similar- and she kept up the pretence for more than 60 years.

When the paper started viral, the French press exploded. How dare someone slur a national treasure, the status of women dubbed “ la doyenne de l’humanite “? And who was this upstart Russian anyway? Zak wasn’t even a gerontologist, functional specialists in ageing, but a 36 -year-old mathematics graduate who worked as a glassblower at Moscow State University and hadn’t published a newspaper in 10 years.

Zak redoubled down in response. He produced an expanded paper in the US-based journal Rejuvenation Research, in January this year. It compiled a dossier of 17 articles of biographical sign is in favour of ” switch ” possibility, including inexplicable physical differences between the young and old-fashioned Jeanne( a change in eye emblazon from “dark” to light-green) and gaps in the verbal testimonies she imparted while in the retirement home: she claimed to have met Van Gogh in her father’s shop, when Jeanne’s father had been a shipbuilder. He likewise claimed there used been no public revelry of Jeanne’s 100 th birthday, a key reference point in old-age validations.

As Zak acknowledged, there was no smoking gun; but together these segments of circumstantial evidence did emit a carnival sum of inhale. Crucially, he hinted a plausible intention: that Yvonne had taken her mother’s target so as to avoid punitive inheritance taxes, which during the interwar period passed as high-pitched as 35%.

The debate spread through the French press and international gerontological cliques, are always heated. Numerous rejected Zak’s swap conjecture as Russian-sponsored” hoax report”, as the newspaper Le Parisien set it. Certainly, it seemed to be an attack on western science. As well as Calment, Zak expressed little doubt the validation of Sarah Knauss, a Pennsylvanian policy part director who had died in 1999, aged 119, putting her in the silver-medal position behind Calment. Was the Russian trying to sow doubt, so that his countrymen could take the lead in the gerontology battlefield?

For the people of Arles, it was a matter of neighbourhood pride. They quickly rallied behind Calment and structured a Facebook group, the Counter-Investigation into the Jeanne Calment Investigation, to destroy Zak’s says. Their members included Calment’s distant relatives, and others who had known her; although some said she had been haughty and waspish, they didn’t want her honour sullied. They had easy access to the city’s repositories, while Zak had never been to Arles: what could he know? He shot back, on their open counter-investigation forum: perhaps the “Arlesiens” has only just been blinded by their faithfulness.” Note that from a distance it is obvious that the Earth is not flat ,” he wrote.

Both camps were equally adamant. One, that the woman who died in the Maison du Lac was the longest-lived human being. The other, that she was a gifted and almost inconceivably chose con artist. Which was the real Madame Calment?


An age of 122 seems to defy the limits of the possible. Even two decades later, with median lifespans still rising , no one has come within touching distance of Jeanne Calment. In the supercentenarian conference- 110 and above- the three-year gap between her and Knauss might as well be an aeon.

In 1825, the British actuary Benjamin Gompertz came up with a prophecy prototype for human fatality, one which estimated that the risk of death increased exponentially with age, redoubling every eight years. His “Gompertz curve” was quickly taken up by the insurance industry. In the year after a 100 th birthday, the chance of death is roughly 50%. Knowing this, Calment’s record sounds even more of a statistical long shot.

In Arles’s Trinquetaille cemetery, there is little to mark out the person with the world’s longest luck stripe, apart from the small book-shaped plinth impressed ” La doyenne de l’humanite “ on her mausoleum. When I visit in the last days of August, summer has checked out early; the sky is overcast, the first autumn leaves are on the soil. On the mottled, dark-grey marble of Calment’s lineage tomb stands a jackpot of hoax chrysanthemums and a yellowing succulent. Curiously, Joseph Billot, Jeanne’s son-in-law and Yvonne’s husband, and her grandson Frederic Billot are commemorated, but her daughter is not. Yet the graveyard guard, in a shack a few metres away, assures me that Yvonne is buried with her mother.

Tintype portraits of Calment’s followers, who all feud the hoax conjecture, from left. Colette Barbe, Brigitte Jajcaj and Cecile Pellegrin. Photograph: Jonathan Pierredon/ The Guardian

In a hotel garden next to Arles’s Roman amphitheatre, I gratify three members of the counter-investigation Facebook group: Colette Barbe, Cecile Pellegrini and Brigitte Jajcaj. I mention that it seems odd that Jeanne did not placed her own daughter’s figure on the family tomb; was it Yvonne who decided not to, trying to tell us she was still alive?” Oh, so you followed her all the way to the cemetery, then ?” jokes Barbe. Don’t overthink it, the women say. The mausoleum wasn’t renewed until the 1960 s, shortly after Calment’s son-in-law and grandson died( the latter in a vehicle crash ); by then, Yvonne had fucking dead for 30 years, and Jeanne only had the most recent fatalities engraved.

They are an incongruous trio of sleuths: Pellegrini, the group administrator, is a quick, sarcastic talker whose half-Vietnamese grandfather opened the city’s first Asian restaurant; Jajcaj has swept-back grey hair, a climb shoulder tattoo and a black-tasselled padlock on a series around her cervix; Barbe is a strong-minded bourgeoisie, vibrantly attired and covered in jewellery. The counter-investigation has 1,500 members, drawn from all over the globe, although the core group is made up of proud neighbourhoods. “[ Calment] was this elegant lady, even with a cane- an badge of Arles ,” says Jajcaj.” She supported herself perfectly upright at 102, which was beautiful .”

Soon after Zak’s paper was published, the group began to scour local repositories for evidence that eroded his theory. Distant members of the Calment and Billot lineages opened up their photo books and personal papers. In the minds of the open debate, Zak was also accepted on to the forum, where he to be maintained a leading commentary on the brand-new detects. He was collegiate on the surface, acknowledging that he and the counter-investigation had a shared goal: the truth. But over era they felt his attitude- requiring beings chase after evidence on his behalf, unfailingly use it to back up his own theory- begin to rankle.” Sometimes I get the impression that he believed to be understands our route of life and history better than us ,” says Barbe.

But digging into the past began to pay dividends. One brand-new photo donated by a family member demo Yvonne posing on a balcony with a parasol against a mountain backdrop. Clever sleuthing with postcards and Google Maps discovered it to be part of the Belvedere sanatorium in Leysin, Switzerland- consistent with Yvonne’s diagnosis of pleurisy, often a symptom of tuberculosis. Another document seemed to confirm the gravity of her malady: her husband, Joseph, an army colonel, was granted five years of compassionate leave in June 1928 to look after her. Unfortunately, the sanitorium closed in 1960, and its records haven’t survived.

If the switch did take place, maintaining this myth in plain sight would have necessary an exceptional and queasy stage of treachery. Yvonne would have had to share a house with Jeanne’s widower, Fernand, her own parent, until his death in 1942; Fernand would have had to pass his daughter off as his wife. Yvonne would have had to force her son Frederic, seven when ” Jeanne” died, to stop calling her “Maman”.

Many others would need to have been complicit. If Zak knew either the people of Arles or Jeanne Calment, the group argued, he would realise how implausible this was. A conspiracy would have been difficult to maintain in a close-knit person of 20, 000, and unlikely imparted Mme Calment’s reputation as a “dragon”, says Pellegrini.” If beings had known about the impostor, they wouldn’t have protected her ,” she says.

Perhaps the most important blow from the counter-investigation group- not quite a mortal one, but close- was criticizing Zak’s theme of a financial motive. The Russian had claimed Yvonne was trying to escape a 35% estate tax, but the group’s study led them to believe it would have been more like 6-7%- a rate the family could have managed, with Fernand Calment’s considerable assets.

But Zak refused to budge. Simply a DNA test, either from Trinquetaille cemetery or a test of Calment’s blood, rumoured to be stored in a Paris research institute, would determine the matter, he reasoned. But the status of women from the counter-investigation group believe he has gone too far down the rabbit pit to consider any possibility but his own.” Even if[ a DNA test] proves it was Jeanne, he’ll never accept it ,” says Pellegrini.” He’ll say the tests were rigged .”


There is some debate about what happens to frequencies of fatality in extreme old age. Some researchers believe they continue to rise with the Gompertz curve, until the risk of death in a afforded year is absolute- with an effective ceiling to human life somewhere between 119 and 129. Others believe there is no such ceiling, thanks to a phenomenon known as” fatality deceleration “: the plateauing of the mortality rate after 105. But there are doubts about this plateau, extremely, due to the frequent misreporting of supercentenarians( predominantly due to clerical error, rather than fraud ). With such a small dataset even a few cases faults can skew our understanding of human restraints( the Gerontology Research Group, based in Los Angeles, estimates that there are about 1,000 living supercentenarians ).

The validation of Jeanne Calment’s age, though, is regarded as the” gold standard” by Jean-Marie Robine, the man who helped carry it out. I fulfill him at his house in the village of Pignan, only west of Montpellier. Long legs stretched out in aquamarine committee abruptlies under his kitchen table, the researcher still has matinee-idol looks at 68. His work with Calment, carried out as a demographer for the French regime organisation Inserm( L’Institut National de la Sante et de la Recherche Medicale ),” never had validating her age as its core mandate ,” he justifies.” It was to validate the quality of the administrative documents that attested to her age. And from what we had at our disposal, there was nothing questionable .” He places at the unbroken chain of 30 censuses- every five years up until 1946, then every seven to eight- that chronicle Jeanne Calment’s life in Arles.

Only one- the 1931 census- was baffling. Yvonneis not rolled as resident in the family’s Arles apartment, which Zak takes to mean that she was already living semi-secluded in the family’s country house, 10 miles away in the hamlet of Paradou. He argues that she would masquerade as her mom, in order that Jeanne, the one who was really suffering from tuberculosis, could avoid the disease’s social stigma. Robine has a simpler explanation: that Yvonne was at the sanatorium at Leysin.

He is scathing about the Russian assumption, categorically rejecting it as “pseudo-science”. But he and his co-validator, Michel Allard, have been criticised by Zak, and by some on the counter-investigation forum, for not being more thorough in their own supports. They did, nonetheless, manage a series of virtually 40 interviews with Calment at the Maison du Lac, asking for details of her life that merely she only knew. She made some slips, unsurprisingly for her age, often mingling up her parent and spouse.( Zak climbed on such missteps in excerpts of the transcripts later published in a book .) But many other details, such as the names of damsels and teaches, predominantly tallied with the information recorded in censuses and institution registers.

Robine is softly spoken, but it is hard to get a word in edgeways as he constructs his argument. I mention the idea that a DNA test on Calment’s blood could agree the debate. Jeanne’s husband Fernand was her remote cousin, so Yvonne had more ancestors common to both sides of her family than her mom- something that would be visible in her DNA. Robine can scarcely hold back his indignation at the suggestion of DNA testing.” What are we going to do- merely hand it over to the Russians? To an international committee? To do what? These beings are caught up in supernatural believe- that the secret of longevity is in her genes .”


By August 2019, l’affaire Calment had settled into a impasse. When I speak to Zak over Skype at his dacha on the Ukrainian border, he seems more determined than ever:” With so much opposition, I want to prove that I are quite right ,” he says. There is a flash of academic dignity behind his poker-face. Boyish in a blue sport shirt with disheveled hair, a slight smile occasionally breaks his equanimity.” Some people don’t care about facts. So they just hate those who disagree with them ,” he shrugs.

Russian mathematician Nikolay Zak at Moscow University, Nov 2019. Zak am of the view that Jeanne Calment been killed in 1934, and that it was her daughter, Yvonne, who were killed in 1997. Photograph: Maxim Sher/ The Guardian

Gerontology had originally been a hobby for Zak. He was interested in the ageing process of the naked mole-rat, an animal with an improbably long lifespan of about 30 times. But he became caught up in the Calment case after stimulating contact on Facebook with Valery Novoselov, head of gerontology at the Moscow Society of Naturalists( MOIP ), who had longstanding surmises about her. Novoselov’s occasion had been based primarily on photographic analysis; he encouraged Zak, who spoke some French, to delve into other aspects, such as biographical and archival testify. Zak says he had no intention of publishing anything- until he contacted Jean-Marie Robine about the “problems” “hes had” located.” He ever had some condone about why he couldn’t reply, which I thought was strange ,” says Zak.” It was this that realise me carry on .”( Robine quarrels that he was evasive, saying he parallelled extensively with Zak in October 2018.)

Meanwhile, others were beginning to have doubts about Zak and Novoselov. Robert Young, who corroborates supercentenarians for Guinness World Records, conceives the attack on Jeanne Calment is a deliberate is trying to broadcast doubt about western scientific methods, is tantamount to” academic fraud “. He points to what he sees as Zak’s obstinate refusal to consider any scenario other than the permutation thought.” Segment of the technical testing procedure is that we need to be open to multiple possibilities, including that one’s starting position may be wrong ,” Young says.” Yet he self-declares his position to be 99.9% particular .” Zak counters that he has fully analysed the opposite scenario- that Jeanne was Jeanne- in follow-up work this year, and accepts accusations of fraud.

As well as the lack of academic rigour in the original paper, Young believes its disproportionately high number of speaks( 70,000, when the revised version only got 1,400) might have been inflated by bots, or human intervention. Zak had already declared influencing photographsof a young Yvonne Calment to emphasise similarities with her mother. Young alleges that such sleights of hand indicate that Zak, or beings are concerned with him, had an ulterior agenda.

Still, the permutation camp had arguments that couldn’t readily be dismissed. There was Calment’s odd seek, when Arles’s archives asked to provide them, that her personal newspapers be burned; and a 2006 detail in a French manufacture newspaper of a dinner at which a client insinuated that Calment’s insurers had known of the identity switching, but no act had been taken because she was already too famous. In mid-September, Inserm secreted an official rebuttal paper, co-authored by Robine, Allard and two others. While it didn’t address every aspect of the Russian case, it was a cool riposte, summarising many of the counter-investigation’s discoveries, and calling for the formal retraction of Zak’s paper.

Zak upped the ante. In an open character sent to prominent gerontologists, longevity researchers and correspondents- with Vladimir Putin, Emmanuel Macron, Boris Johnson and the White House CCed- he called again for the test of Calment’s DNA.” I don’t think such a study would be harmful to anybody ,” he disagreed,” while the potential benefits for science are huge .” Many parties recollected Zak had gone too far. One is part of the board of Rejuvenation Research, which had produced his revised paper, abdicated, saying it had” disgraced the field of gerontology in both Russia and internationally “.

Back in Arles, the counter-investigation group were also wondering about the singular behaviour of their “Russian friend”. He had been helpful at first, but in the depths of long note threads he could often be provoking, even goading. One member succeeded in getting Zak temporarily blocked from the forum on 5 March for a slanging match that culminated in the Russian calling him a “crook”. ” It’s very unpredictable ,” says Cecile Pellegrini.” Sometimes he has a sense of humour, other days he’s obnoxious, and we’re forced to block him for a few epoches .” They speculate that more than one person might be using his account, and that Zak or the Zaks might be paid trolls.( Zak denies receiving any payment or substantiate from others .) But if Zak is a frontman, who might he be fronting for?


The theory that the Calment attack has been politically targeted is dismissed by Novoselov, the gerontologist who tasked Zak with probing her.” Look , no one in Russia cautions at all about this history ,” he says.” They couldn’t care less. There have been two articles in the media, and that’s it .” Novoselov says he is simply following his scientific inclinations, and compares the French connect to Calment to the national cult of Joan of Arc.” Their ability to believe in such fairytales is one of the fundamental reasons behind the creation of this[ longevity] record .”

The straight-talking 57 -year-old is speaking in the canteen at the Research center for Obstetrics, Gynecology and Perinatology in Moscow, where he has just given a lecture on Calment. Having previously argued that Lenin died of syphilis rather than a stroke, Novoselov is used to courting controversy. In January, he declared that his destination was to get Calment struck off the supercentenarians register. Wasn’t it gallant to do so before there was conclusive evidence?” What’s incontrovertible evidence if there is no material from individual patients ?” he counters.” If they showed us her medical records, then maybe we would be convinced .”

Aubrey De Grey, in California. He speculates humen live their lives to 5,000, and misses Calment’s DNA tested. Photograph: Carlos Chavarria/ Redux/ eyevine

Novoselov wrote to Young at Guinness World Records about Calment in October 2018,” asking him to look attentively at the issues we grew “. His response, says Novoselov, was ” a presentation of invasion by Europe against everything civilised “; Young, he says, characterised his job as a scheme sent from on high by” someone important “. But its not surprising that Novoselov’s abrasive tactics have raised eyebrows; he has menaced Young, as well as Calment’s validators, with investigation by Sledkom, the Russian FBI.

The evidence for a Russian disinformation campaign is thin, but Zak’s article did have a second sponsor. The peer-reviewed version was published in Rejuvenation Research, the publication devoted to life-extension research revised by Aubrey de Grey, the controversial gerontologist and life-extension advocate who has claimed that, by 2100, the human lifespan could contact 5,000 times. Even if Zak doesn’t believe it, the possibility that Calment did reach 122 is tantalising for De Grey.” Anyone who is the world record holder of longevity is of interest to those of us studying the biology of ageing ,” he tells me.

Speaking on the phone from London, where he is on a stopover between Berlin and his home in California, De Grey is evasive about whether his strategy is to force the freeing of Calment’s blood sample. But he does think it should be made available for science:” In the interests of saving lives, used to identify more about ageing to eventually postpone ageing- then that’s actually quite important .” Would he want his own study organization, Sens, to do the DNA testing? Not necessarily, he says,” but I would certainly are aware of the right kind of researchers to recommend “.

That analysis seems unlikely to happen any time soon. The Fondation Jean Dausset, a private genetic study core in Paris, refuses even to confirm that it is keeping Jeanne Calment’s blood; just that it has a collection of biosamples it alone can use for research under anonymised provisions. But Francois Schachter, the scientist who in the 1990 s founded its Chronos Project, the first genetic inspect of centenarians in the world, proven that her blood was taken and her DNA extracted.

Twenty years ago, the life-extension field promoted by mavericks like De Grey was outlaw discipline. Now, the landscape has changed: the technical means for ” hacking ” the human lifespan have come into being, and the sector is beginning to attract serious speculation. In 2013, Google invested $1.5 bn in an entire discord, Calico, devoted to” solving fatality “. PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel has given millions of dollars to Sens.

But Sens, according to its annual reports, has been running at heavy damages. De Grey says it has been wasting the $13 m he put into the foundation in 2011 on research for anti-ageing therapies that will save” various million” lives. But it must start to pay its room; wouldn’t procuring the DNA of the oldest female in the world be a great publicity coup, as death-dodging tech billionaires pile into the sector? De Grey bats off this idea.” I get enough media attention as it is .”

If he could study Calment’s DNA, what might he expect to learn? De Grey points out that supercentenarians’ genetic substance contains a high ratio of useful information,” because they have to get more things right in order to get to the age they do “. One obvious field of interest is how Calment bypassed cancer, coronary thrombosis, diabetes and other late-life killers.

Several scientists I spoke to believe that Calment’s genome should be made available for study; but they don’t are supportive of the space Zak and De Grey have apparently attempted to force the foundation’s hand. One repercussion of promoting the switch theory, they point out, is that they have alienated family members whose own DNA might be crucial in understanding Calment’s.

Earlier this month, a Russian news organisation announced that a woman who was purportedly 123 had died in the Astrakhan region of southern Russia. This is almost certainly hopeless- even Novoselov thinks so; returned her children’s ages, she would have given birth three times in her 50 s. But the narrative underlines the need for gerontology to keep its house in order.

At the time of going to press, scientists from around the world were due to discuss the impact of the Calment affair on gerontology at a special meeting in Paris. As for her mortal remains, some see the Fondation Jean Dausset might be more open to collaboration as anti-ageing science evolves- but it is unlikely to be with De Grey. Despite trying to tell me that Jeanne Calment does not anatomy high on his priorities, he plans to devote another issue of Rejuvenation Research to age validation and Calment next year.

In Arles, despite everything, the counter-investigation group are tickled by the idea that Jeanne Calment might have been a original fraudster.” I would really like the permutation tale is correct, like in the romances I cherish speaking ,” says Cecile Pellegrini.” I find that kind of thing super-exciting. If it’s actually true-blue, she was really something !” But perhaps the doyenne has something else to teach the would-be immortals of Silicon Valley: what additional fus would 5,000 years of live fetching, if we can’t get the record straight-shooting on a single everyday lifetime?

* Additional reporting by Marc Bennetts

If you would like a comment on this portion to be considered for inclusion on Weekend magazine’s letters page in magazine, please email weekend @theguardian. com, including your name and address( not for book ).

The Woman In The Walls Tormented Us, And Now I Believe She Is After You


My Dearest Lilly,

I’m writing this because I believed that it was far too difficult to talk to you in person. I likewise need you to hear me out, without rolled your eyes or ending me. There are some things that have happened that your leader and I never told you about. We tried to bury it and move on because as quickly as it all had come into “peoples lives”, it was gone. Sometimes, I wonder if the whole thing had just been a figment of our collective imaginations; Maybe we were all simply stressed out at the time of my pregnancy with you, having merely moved into a new home, and trying to prepare everything for your advent. However, as your baby, knowing that you are currently carrying my unborn granddaughter in your belly, I feel it is my responsibility to tell you what happened to us when I was still pregnant with you .

When I saw you last weekend, you appeared a bit tired. I know the dark cliques under your eyes weren’t the shade of exhaustion that typically comes with the third trimester of pregnancy. They examined far too familiar, like the ones I had carried under my attentions during that outpouring of 2019. I’m going to go with my impulses and trust that they label the presence of something far more sinister.

You see, Lilly, It all started that outpouring when you were still growing in my belly. Your father and I had leased the members of this house on the western side of Detroit. With your big brother and grandma too lives with us, we needed a house with more infinite to accommodate our germinating family. We were “re running out of time” and funds, so when we found that place, we eagerly took it and never seemed back.

In the beginning, we were so happy. The room was everything we needed. Your brother, nearly three years old at that time, ultimately got his own bedroom. We were so excited to make a home for ourselves and prepare to welcome you, because we knew you were coming that summer. We were so relieved to have a place to call our own again. It was pleased to not have to answer to anybody.

The first two months of living there are kind of a blur now. Strangely enough , good-for-nothing really happened during that time. All of the activity started that April.

The first strange occasion that I can remember, happens if I was trying to take a nap upstairs. Our bedroom was finally totally unpacked, and I was exhausted. I had been having difficulty sleeping lately. With my pregnant belly, seeing a comfy position to sleep in had become a challenge. When I was finally about to drift off to sleep, I hear a creaking coming from the floorboards in our chamber. Initially, I had thought that it was your parent, coming home early from task. It wasn’t until I opened my eyes that I realized is not simply was the creaking actually coming from behind the headboard of our bed but that the seems were coming from inside of our bedroom wall .

When your parent got home later that day to find me sleeping on the couch, I told him what I had heard, and he validated that he had been hearing strange interferences coming from inside the walls for a few cases eras. He was indicated that he would listen scratching from within of the walls sometimes late at night when I was asleep, but he didn’t want to wake me up or scare me. Your father even said that he tried to investigate what the source of the rackets is currently in his own, but found that the door to the cubby that lead to the inside of the walls had been drilled shut by either the landowner or a previous tenant of the home.

After we both confirmed to each other what we had been hearing, it get worse. Lilly, I attest, there were darkness where the scratching in the walls turned in to pulsate. Merely then, it wasn’t just coming from inside of the walls, It sounded like it would travel up the walls, and in to the ceiling. However, that was impossible, because there wasn’t enough space between the ceiling and our ceiling for any animal to wedge itself up there, let alone move around. But I swear to you, that is what we heard. Except it announced more human than animal; Boney knees and elbows scurrying clumsily across our bedroom ceiling.

I detested sleeping in that room without your father-god. On dates when I couldn’t take it anymore and desperately needed to take a nap while your father was at work, I would lay down in the front room, on the couch. Nonetheless, it wasn’t long before strange things started happening in there , too.

One night after employment, your father was in the living room playing video games while sitting on the couch. He had this headset on that allowed him to hear “whats going on” in video games, and interact with other people who were playing the game in different locations. At the time, he was really focused on what was happening on the TV screen in front of him. Then, out of nowhere, he felt someone physically tap on his headset, on the patch that had been clothing his ear. His automatic assumption had been that your friend, Brayden, had snuck out of his room and on to the couch while your father was distracted. When he appeared around and discovered that he was all alone in the room, he quickly got up and checked in on Brayden, exclusively to find him seemed asleep. As well as everyone else in the house.

Later that week, I was sitting in the living room and folding laundry when I heard your grandmother see me from her bedroom. I threshed the clothes aside, carefully went up, and waddled my pregnant ego in to her bedroom to see what she missed. When I got there, she looked at me in confusion.

” Well, what do you want ?” I questioned, impatient with the direction she was just look at this place me.

” What? Nothing .” She said.

” Then why the hell did you only announce me and construct me come all the way in here ?”

“Megan,” she said, sitting outside from her bunked,” I never called you. I was laying in here looking at my phone .”

I wasn’t the only one hearing tones. It might perhaps be that same day when your father was sitting in the front room, and Grandma came in and said, “What?”

Your father looked at her and said ” I didn’t say anything .”

” Benny, I just heard you call my appointed. What’s up ?”

He looked at her and chuckled nervously,” Tammy, I didn’t call you. I assert .”

Then, they both heard me call” Hey you guys, come here for a second !” from the kitchen.

Your father and grandmother both looked at each other suspiciously, then went in to the kitchen, only to find it empty. They both started screaming my refer, reputing I might have gone down stairs.

“What’s up?” I requested, ambling into the kitchen behind them,” Why are you yelling? I just got Brayden to lay down for a nap .”

They both turning back and gazed at me in horror.

” You is now in Brayden’s area this whole occasion ?” Grandma asked.

” Yeah, why ?”

” Then who the inferno merely called us in to the kitchen ?” Your father questioned, fastening the door to the basement.

” Who announced me in to the living room right before that ?” Grandma questioned, terrified.

I gazed backward and forward between their faces, simply got to make sure they weren’t trying to pull one over on me. When I decided that they were both genuinely disorient and startled, I said,” Was it like earlier when you called me in to your bedroom, but it wasn’t you ?” I questioned Grandma, goosebumps ingesting every inch of my body.

A few nights later, I was awoken by my phone at 4 in the morning. It was your grandmother, calling me from her area downstairs. When I reacted, she was sobbing.

” Megan can you come down here satisfy ?”

” Mom, what’s wrong? What time is it ?”

” Please rushing ,” She muttered, startled,” And don’t hang up until you get here .”

” Mom, I gotta pee-”

“No!” She started sobbing again, ” Come down here right now !”

So, I toddled as quickly as my swollen ankles would enable, and raced in to her chamber. I turned the light on, and acquired her hiding under her coverings in bed.

” Mom, what the hell ?”

I turned the light on and hastened over to her bed.

She gathered the cross off of her and looked at me in terminated fear.

” There was someone, or something here ,” She suffocated,” I felt it sit on the edge of my berthed! I thought it was Brayden crawling into bed with me, but it didn’t move. I simply felt the heavines on my mattress and blankets, and then it was just still and silent and wouldn’t move. I couldn’t pull the coverings out from under its weight or anything! If it was Brayden, he would have been able to moved. He would have struggled to climb into bed with me. It wasn’t him !”

” Mom, hold on ,” I handed her the box of tissues off of her darknes stand.” Are you sure it wasn’t-”

” It wasn’t a dream, Megan! I felt it sitting here with me! I grabbed my phone off the nightstand and concealed under what coverings I could and called you. It was still sitting there as I was on the phone with you! When I heard your paces coming down the stairs, I felt it propel. It get up, but I don’t think it left. It’s still in here, I can feel it-”

” Mom, it’s okay. I believe you. strange trash has been happening around here lately .”

She blew her nose and nodded in agreement.

” I know you’re scared, but I’m gonna go check on Brayden real quick. I gotta make sure he’s okay .”

” Yes, start !”

Thankfully, when I checked on your brother that night, he was fine. He was sound asleep in his berthed. Nonetheless, the telephone that we kept in his room that redoubled as a nightlight as well as a source of solacing music to help him sleep, had been turned off and was on the floor on the other side of the chamber. We ever kept it on the dresser, where he couldn’t reach it. judging from where we usually saved it and where I feel it, there is no it exactly fell off of the dresser. It was like something had to have grabbed it and fling it to the other side of his bedroom. This realization scared the hell out of me, because now, whatever had been happening in our residence was going physical. What else could it do?

All of these appearances had happened inside of the first 2 week of April. On April 15 th, 2019, I had one of the scariest nightmares of my life.

I had dreamed that your cousins, the ones I used to babysit as children, were staying at our room. They were little again, and they had been sleeping on our bedroom flooring. In my dream, one of them had awoken and was crying. She moment down the hallway toward the stairs and said,” There’s something there !”

I tried to soothe her, but she wouldn’t calm down.

” Something is right here !” she insisted.

Just then, in the dream, I heard a noise coming from the hallway. It was a rapid thudding, accompanied by quick, raspy breathing. The only course to describe it is that it resonated like something was crawling promptly toward us.

” Okay you two, get up here !” I hollered, madly grabbing at the children, trying to yank them in to my bed with me,” Get in this bed right now! I don’t know what that is but I want you to get behind me right now-”

And then I discovered it.

A grotesque hand reached around the corner of my dream and grabbed the leading edge of the wall. The paws were long and inhuman, the knuckles gnarled as if they had been riddled with decades of arthritis. In that moment, I prayed as hard as I could not to have to see who- or what — was attached to that hand.

Before I could scream, I accompanied a face peek around the corner and glare at me. It was the most outraging, horrific face that I have ever seen. It draws me feel physically ill to even write of it now. It was the face of what can only be described as a hag. As soon as we stirred seeing contact, the thing unhinged its jaw and let out the shrillest, most nauseating scream I have ever heard in “peoples lives”. Then it turned down, chassis altering in to a pitch-dark shadow, and flew into the bathroom.

Running on pure rage and adrenaline, I hopped off of the berthed and chased after it. I entered the bathroom just in time to watch the dark mass fly down the drain of the lavatory settle and disappear.

I awoke from that dream in a cold sweat. I get up, ran to the bathroom, and hurled up.

The second half of that April was pretty stagnant, as far as any paranormal pleasure get. I necessitate, your leader and I continued sounding the scratching and thrashing in the walls and ceiling. As a result, we were wearied and grumpy all of the time, but there were no more nightmares or physical evidence of anything strange happening.

Then, on April 30 th, 2019, everything comes down to a president. It was my 25 th birthday, and we were all sleep-deprived, including your grandmother who had been scared to sleep in her own area, perfectly insistent that there was a presence in there. On that day, your parent and I had wanted to go out and guide some errands, and we asked your grandma to watch your brother, so we wouldn’t have to get him garmented and is concerned at him coming with us. We is ready to get things done speedily, and it would just be easier to leave your brother home. Of track, “weve all” tired and snarling at each other on this day. Grandma was “re giving me” a hard time about having to babysit, so I lastly went fed up and told her we would just take Brayden with us. At the last minute, Grandma changed her mind and agreed to watch him for us. I still thank God that she did.

I had grabbed your brother’s coat and a covering, because I had thought we were going to have to take him with us. When granny eventually said she would watch him, I was so wearied and frustrated and desperate to get the hell out of the house, that I took his coat and blanket with me without realise it. When I got in the car, I sat with them on my belly, then placed my fucking seat belt on.

Lilly, I don’t even remember where we were pate on that day. All I know is, one minute your father was driving and everything was fine, and then the next, I hear a high-pitched, eerily shrill scream that was familiar in the most nasty room. Then, our car careened forward, then sideways. There was an explosion of glass all the countries of us. The little shards of glass flew in front of my face in slow motion, collecting the sunlight and shimmering with the promise of tomorrow and the potential death of that day. In that minute, all I could think of was you as my psyche beat involuntarily this lane and that. When the car lastly descended silent again, the only heartbeat I was desperate to hear was your own.

As it turns out, some asshole had guided a red light. The scream that I had sounded, the same exact one from my nightmare , had been his tires skidding across the pavement. Somehow, he had managed to reached the back of our vehicle, spin out, then come back here and made us from the side.

When the initial startle extended, and we recognized we were both okay, your leader and I both turned and looked at the back seat. We both gasped in repugnance as we saw your brother’s car seat mangled in the wreck, amongst the smashed glass and the dented frame of the back automobile door.

Returning home later the working day, after assessing our hurts and discussing the damages and everything that had happened, we realise how rightfully lucky we were. All at once, everything began to add up in a way that, to this day, I cannot belief was a coincidence.

You see, Lilly, if everything of these strange things hadn’t been happening in our dwelling for the last month, we all wouldn’t have been so exhausted. If we weren’t so exhausted that morning, we would have taken your brother with us. Brayden would have been in that car seat during the collision of that other vehicle. Brayden would not have come home with us. He would not have survived.

If Brayden had come with us, he likewise would have been wearing his wintertime hair and that covering I introduced for him. If “hes had” been wearing his winter coat and using that covering, I never would have absentmindedly placed them on my pregnant belly before putting on my seat belt that day. If I didn’t have Brayden’s hair and covering with me to cushion the impact of my belly against that seat belt, I might have ended up with so bad harms than whiplash that day. What I’m saying, Lilly, is that you might not be here, see this letter.

As terrifying as that month had been for us, looking back now, I can’t help but wonder if maybe that horrifying woman, who we all accept was also the source of all of the paranormal pleasure that had been existing around our residence, had possibly been an omen. Maybe the purpose of her spirit in “peoples lives” had been to prepare and warn us of what was yet to come. Maybe, in some manner, she had been protecting us, from the ominous aims of something else.

All I know is, after that car accident, everything stopped. We never heard voices that we had mistaken for each other calling our appoints from various chambers in the chamber of representatives. Grandma began to sleep usually again, because she felt as though the attendance had finally left. Nothing ever called her bedside again. Nothing moved in Brayden’s room without justification after that. Even the rub and thumping in our bedroom walls and ceiling stopped after that vehicle crash.

I have expended daylights upon epoches experimenting and looking for a probable justification for what happened to us that spring. At the time, we had thought that she simply came with the chamber of representatives. We saw maybe, she was a spirit residing within the walls who we had awoken after moving in. However, that never acquired feel, because the activity didn’t start until two months after we had already been there. There was something about that April, like it had been cursed. The only thing I have come up with- the only thing that kind of shapes its own experience- is this creature, known as The Banshee . Irish Lore has it that The Banshee is an ancient female tone whose screams forewarn of an impending demise within a household. In our statu, her scream clanged precisely like the screeching tires of motor vehicles who loped the red light and nearly got everything from us on that momentous date, all of those years ago.

As I mentioned earlier, I am writing this letter to you because I “ve noticed” how “youve been” harassed with fatigue lately. I have also noticed how you and your partner have been snapping at one another in a way that I have never seen before. I know something is happening.

Tell me, have you been having nightmares? Are you discovering articulations calling to you from another chamber, simply to find that nobody is there? Has there been scratching or any other noises coming from within your bedroom walls?

Lilly, I felt a spirit were participating in my bed last night. I believe it is her. I think this woman, this Banshee , has returned to warn us once again. Exclusively this time, I conceive she has come for you.


Dame dies in three-car crash after M25 police chase


Several other people injured in Waltham Abbey collision after auto failed to stop for patrol on M25

A woman has died and a number of people have been injured in a accident following a police pursuit.

Essex police said the collision on Parklands, Waltham Abbey, involved three vehicles and happened just before 10 pm on Thursday.

The woman died at the scene.

A statement from the force said:” The incident has been referred to the Independent Office for Police Conduct as it followed a police pursuing involving one of the cars, which police officers from the Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire road policing part had attempted to stop on the M25 .”

The road was closed after industrial accidents. Police called for bystanders and people with dashcam footage to come forward.

Girl dies in three-car crash after M25 police chase


Several other people injured in Waltham Abbey collision after gondola failed to stop for patrol on M25

A woman has died and a number of people have been injured in a disintegrate following a police pursuit.

Essex police said the collision on Parklands, Waltham Abbey, involved three vehicles and happened just before 10 pm on Thursday.

The woman died at the scene.

A statement from the security forces said:” The occurrence has been referred to the Independent Office for Police Conduct as it followed a police pursuit involving one of the cars, which officers from the Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire road policing group had attempted to stop on the M25 .”

The road was closed after the accident. Police called for witnesses and parties with dashcam footage to come forward.

‘ We’re never going to bed ‘: babes rewrite the house rules


Sweets for breakfast, pillow combats on requirement, and no straighten up … what happened when three lineages give the minors call the shoots for a few weeks?

‘The house has the airless discombobulation of a student house in the 90 s, the working day after a big night out on ecstasy ‘: Decca Aitkenhead

Three hours in, I feel weightless, virtually giddy. I’m lying on the sofa with my sons, snacking chocolate, watching telly, and it is no exaggeration to say that I am having the time of my life. For the first time in eight and a half years, I am not in charge. This exotic superstar of loosening is absolutely unfamiliar- and yet whisks a distant recognition of who I used to be.

The kids-in-charge experiment began at 1pm, and I can’t believe how well it’s going. In truth I’d been dreading it, braced for carnage, but so far it has been nothing but fun. At 1.01 pm the boys had raced to the bakery and wasted PS10 on cakes, before accuse on up the road for lunch in McDonald’s. I’m very much enjoying the absence of washing-up, and curious to see what they will eat next.

Jake proposes a trip to the corner shop for funds. I swim along the sidewalk beside him, laughing at his jokes; his climate is unrecognisably effervescent, fizzing with ingenuity, and I tell him he’s on break word. He halts and turns to me, his look suddenly earnest.

” But don’t you picture? This is the real me. Your rules become me get ,” and he contracts, hunching his shoulders and sucking his wrists together as if cuffed.” But our rules have unleashed the real me ,” and he bounces off into the shop.

Jake and Joe’s rules

Decca isn’t allowed to say no
No baths
Hourly food fight
Unlimited screens
No bedtime
Decca has to play Laser Tag when we want
Unlimited desserts and crispies and chocolates and fizzy drinks
Decca has to disco dance when we want
Email Donald Trump every 10 hours to revile him
We are allowed to get activities on Decca’s phone
Allowed to swear
Unlimited sea fights
Worst table manners
No vegetables
Allowed to jump on Decca’s bunked, to play on a Wii and to urinate on the bathroom accommodate Sarfraz Manzoor with his wife Bridget and daughter Laila. Photograph: David Vintiner for the Guardian Watch more TV

Have Mummy and Daddy both read to me at bedtime

No arguing

Daddy not to be addressed by his phone at dinnertime

Breakfast of Coco Pops

Dinner of fish paws, chips and peas

Bedtime when I require

Daddy singing chants from Matilda at bedtime

No tidying up Clover with her five children( from left) Dash, Jimmy, Evangeline, Lester and Dolly. Photograph: David Vintiner for the Guardian A filch anywhere, any time Weekly kinfolk activities night

Themed dinner every night- Mexican, Indian, etc

Constant supply of chocolate cereal

We decide bedtime

Perplexed and confused, Johnson moves into the twilight zone with a police bodyguard | Marina Hyde


Was it only five few weeks ago that Conservatives belief the prime minister was the only possible answer to their problems, asks Guardian columnist Marina Hyde

Why do parties still call it a Tory ” divide” on Europe? It’s not a split: it’s an episiotomy. The Tory episiotomy on Europe became septic this week as Boris Johnson expelled 21 MPs , including two former chancellors and his hero Winston Churchill’s grandson; lost his fucking brother in a fable we’ll request Cain and Far More Able; and shall address a letter so hallucinatorily bad it whiteyed a policeman. At the current rate, even Robert Caro will exclusively need a week to write this Johnson biography.

Then again, Johnson might get a majority, and we’ll look back on these as the good old days. More on the prospect of that banter-apocalypse later.

For now, it feels remarkable to think that barely five weeks ago, the great majority of Tory MPs were telling us Boris Johnson was the only possible answer to various questions. It turns out those questions were:” How would Dudley Dursley and Draco Malfoy‘s newborn appear and behave ?”,” What if you scraped the Honey Monster and set him in a clothing for a court appearance ?” and” Does anyone know the ancient Greek for shitting the bed ?”.

Despite practising since boyhood, Boris Johnson’s entire demeanour is that of a humankind who has won a competition to lead the country for a epoch. He is Mike Bassett: England Prime Minister, hitherto pedals out jokes he’s done 437 days before as though he’s Frank Sinatra and reckons the crowd can’t wait to see him do My Way again. Johnson must be the only performer whose gathering spends his gigs screaming: Satisfy, DO YOUR NEW STUFF.

Physically, he seems in a impressive territory. Apart from looking like he cuts his fuzz with the bacon scissors, the PM’s shtick is odd and juddering, as though some of his innards are trying to escape. Perhaps they have found the tension between the bodily functions they are required to provide and the national interest unresolvable.

Oratorically, his PMQs debut merits a mere five-word review:” Welcome to the Commons, bitch .” As a dispatch box artiste, Johnson has all the accomplishment of one of those pisshead chancers who go house to house at 10 pm in December and” chant sing” for tavern coin. His delivery was that of a human finding out in real era that information which slayed at the accountancy corporate he did in 2007 is less well received by those who haven’t drunk themselves to within an hour of renal collapse. That is as much as 30% of the House of Commons. I’d give it a fortnight before Theresa May is rippling an ironic” WENGER IN” banner behind him.

As for his turns away from Westminster, Thursday afternoon spotted him at a Yorkshire police academy, where he showed deep disorient. He resembled a political Elvis- twilight years- who’d “mustve been” slapped awake on the tour bus by his administrator, imparted some of his special medicine, and shoved on to greet the LA crowd with the words” Hello Philadelphia !” This, but in Wakefield.

Having extremely belatedly taken the stage, Johnson proceeded to die on his arse in front of rows of police officers. Does this technically weigh as a fatality in custody? Certainly, it accept all the hallmarks of such an event, of which “theres been” 1,718 since 1990, with not a single sentence for slaughter or manslaughter. Which is to say: it was brutal and distressing, it happened right in front of multiple police feign not to notice, and the victim was officially concluded to have done it to himself.( Thank you in advance to the Police Federation for their forthcoming letters on this paragraph. I’ll make time to to read them when I retire at 50 after three years on the sick .)

There is much discussion about what actually ” cut through ” the coming week, with Johnson’s greatest shits collection set against such viral enjoys as a factual hitherto simultaneously car-crash delineation of Labour’s Brexit policy by Emily Thornberry on Question Time. It is quite something to be got the better of by fellow panellist Richard Tice, a sort of radicalised Damart catalogue model, but the shadow “foreign ministers ” organized it.

‘ Jesus Christ, Nanny: YOU HAD ONE JOB. Teach him some forms, yes? Jacob Rees-Mogg is 50( FIFTY ). Is he even housebroken ?’ Photograph: HO/ AFP/ Getty Images

As for Jacob Rees-Mogg, the leader of the House of Commons, his insolent frontbench loll-about is still lighting up Facebook. I’m not going to go full ad hominem on Nanny, who was probably simply following guilds, but I do think the time has come when we all have to ask: has anyone EVER done a worse task and stayed in post longer? She’s still there! Jesus Christ, Nanny: YOU HAD ONE JOB. Teach him some ways, yes? Jacob Rees-Mogg is 50( FIFTY ). Is he even housebroken?

Then again, why expect more from a guy who believe that that even incestuously abused minors should be forced to give birth, at the same time as his investment fund profits from sales of abortion pill? Asked about this hypocrisy once, Rees-Mogg showed airily:” The world is not always what you want it to be .” You’re telling me, mate. Very much ditto. With the world as it is, we have to tolerate the spectacle of the chancellor of the Duchy of Gilead spreading his loins all over the frontbench and equating an NHS doctor who co-wrote official no-deal contingency plans to disgraced anti-vaxxer Andrew Wakefield. This last portion of breathe yobbery watched Jacob humiliatingly ordered to apologise, apparently by Dominic Cummings( a soldier widely felt not to have completed the Norland Nanny training course ).

Perhaps it was terror of Cummings, then, that foreclosed Johnson from giving in to either fundamental human or political instinct, and assisting the faint policewoman in Wakefield. The PM chose instead to gibber out the last of his prepared positions, and the reports duly resulted with his claim that he’d” instead be dead in a furrow” than delay Brexit.

As for who would find his remains, it increasingly feels like a lawsuit for Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman, the pair of officers in Se7en, a movie in which numerous parties are ritually deadly sinned to demise. A guy of numerous uncontrollable cravings, Boris Johnson has incarnated each of the sins at parts in his life, and the coming week it virtually felt as if he was being strapped in like the glutton and forced to prime minister himself to demise. Had enough prime ministering yet, dear? I think you can equip simply a bit more prime ministering in, and a little bit more, and a bit more, and …[ Cut to hit of Pitt and Freeman battering down the door of No 10 and suffocating into their handkerchiefs ].

Anyway, you get the idea with that one. I guess the major philosophical question facing some of us the coming week was: would it all be worth it? Would you take three years of political paralysis, a toxic public realm, bitter clas rows and no potential of even medium-term national healing exactly to watch this one absolute monster reap his own whirlwind, live on telly, in a horrifyingly humorous cautionary narration about going everything you always wanted? The react, of course, is no. Not even close. And he might still get a majority.

Having said all that … you’ve got to get your knocks somehow in these dark meters, and if you can’t enjoy a good binfire, what’s really left? So chow another chair leg on the ignites, take your kindnes where you can, and try to get some rest before he takes a crack at next week.

* Marina Hyde is a Guardian columnist

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CLICK HERE to view “The Top Fashion Picks To Watch Harry& Meghan Say ‘I Do’ In! “

CLICK HERE to consider “The Top Fashion Picks To Watch Harry& Meghan Say ‘I Do’ In! “

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A boy gate-crashed their vehicle doing the


Someone needs to cracking the occurrence .
Image: Getty Epitome

By now, you’ve heard about the egg, which outstripped a photo of Kylie Jenner’s daughter, Stormi, on Sunday as the most-liked post on Instagram.

But who did the egg? Whose dumb but eventually successful feeling was this?

Here’s what we know so far 😛 TAGEND

1. The egg history incumbent goes by “Henrietta.”

Henrietta is, according to a report from BuzzFeed News, a “chicken from the British countryside.”

2. The account incumbent, however, claims to live in London.

“I’m an individual living in London, ” the chronicle owner told The Independentearlier this week . They likewise revealed that they only have 400 followers on their personal Instagram account.

Sources close to Mashable have also independently confirmed that the egg is a man who lives in the London area.

3. The egg’s name is Eugene, allegedly.

In some interrogations, the history owner goes by the name Eugene, bypassing the whole “Henrietta” schtick entirely.

4. The person who did the egg was participating in dry January at the time.

Nothing reproduces creativity like unexpectedly not drinking.

5. Fans of the egg are called the “Egg Gang.”


6. The egg accounting follows 928 accountings and two hashtags.

The hashtags are #WSHH — WorldStarHipHop — and #FatBoySSE, who is a rapper from New Jersey.

7. Supreme Patty is a suspect.

So far, the only public figure to have implied responsibility for the egg is Supreme Patty, an Instagram star who smokes hot sauce and is known for squeezing lemon juice into his own gazes. While Patty didn’t claim he did the egg outright, one of his friends did “ve said” in a TMZ interview.( This is, of course, to be taken with a lemon-sized grain of salt .)

For what it’s worth, we do not fantasize Supreme Patty did the egg. It’s more likely that he’s simply capitalizing on the big meme of the moment. He did get an egg tattoo, though, so kudos on committing to the bit. And the egg does follow him on Instagram.

We’ve reached out to Supreme Patty and will update this pole if we discover back.

8. Okay, the egg report says it’s not Supreme Patty.

In an Instagram story posted on Tuesday, @world_record_egg claimed the TMZ story was bogus. “We’re still anonymous. Fake news, ” they wrote.

Image: Instagram

So we guess it’s not Supreme Patty. Stay chanted for more egg updates.

This storey is developing …

UPDATE: Jan. 16, 2019, 1:34 p.m. ET This fib was updated to include information regarding the egg’s Instagram Story as well as the hashtags it follows.

UPDATE: Jan. 17, 2019, 10:03 a.m. ET This legend was updated to confirm the egg’s city of residence.

The astonishing disappearing act of Beto O’Rourke


#Betomania became #Betofatigue in six short months can the Texas Democrat rise again and evidence voters what type of president hed be?

When Beto O’Rourke travelled to Yosemite in California to unveil his $ 5tn plan on climate change, a ruffle of stun traversed America. How did the tall grey person with the funny first name known for his punk past, Beatnik road journeys and fondness for campaigning atop bars get to be the first Democratic campaigner to proclaim on the crisis of our age?

This wasn’t the O’Rourke that the country had grown used to during his battle with Ted Cruz last-place November for a US Senate seat. Then, the Texas Democrat had propelled himself to within three percentage points of win, and with it national fame, by making use of viral discussions about NFL actors takinga knee and by instilling hope through a feel-good but instead wishy-washy call to unity.

Now here he was framed against the attractivenes of Yosemite Falls, delivering a granular plan of action worthy of the most nerdish policy wonk. Coming from a politician from oil-rich Texas who has been criticized for his track record on fossil fuel, his proposals for the largest 10 -year investment in history and a goal of net-zero emissions by 2050 caught many off guard.

” We were agreeably stunned ,” said David Turnbull of the climate advocacy group Oil Change US.” When you attend someone like Beto O’Rourke calling for the elimination of fossil fuel aids and an dissolve to fossil fuel leasing on public regions- that’s moving in the right counseling .”

There was another group of people hoping to be pleasantly surprised by the Yosemite announcement that day- O’Rourke himself and his unit of campaign advisers. They have been battling with one of the great magical mysteries of the early phase of the 2020 presidential election.

That is: the astonishing disappearing act of Beto O’Rourke.

Beto O’Rourke listens to environmental counsels on 29 April 2019, in Yosemite national park, California. Photograph: Marcio Jose Sanchez/ AP

Like Houdini, O’Rourke has get from figurehead of stagecoach to a inhale of smoking in six short months. #Betomania morphed into #Betofatigue, seemingly overnight.

Look back on the events of 7 November 2018, when he delivered his agreement pronunciation, having lost to Cruz in a packed sports stadium in El Paso, and you can see the oppose. At that time he was lauded as the politician who could do the hopeless: challenge a virulent Republican like Ted Cruz in a solid red commonwealth like Texas and is consistent with an inch of victory.

Next stop Donald Trump? But from the moment he launched his presidential bid in March, he has been struggling. Those extremely qualities that had been the recipe of his relative success in Texas abruptly became liabilities.

His charming paths and good looks were shed back in his face as grey advantage. That wasn’t helped when he presented Vanity Fair a gift of a one-liner on the eve of launching-” Man, I’m just abide to be in it”- that prepared many Democrats wince.

The mere decision to run for the White House was interpreted as chutzpah. As the Daily Beast cruelly applied it:” Reacting to losing to Ted Cruz by loping for chairperson is like failing to land a role in a community theater production and made the decision to take your flairs to Broadway .”

In the latest poll from Quinnipiac university, O’Rourke is attracting a glum 5% of Democrats and Democratic-leaning voters. He is being outgunned on 10% by Pete Buttigieg, the mayor of South Bend, Indiana, who has stolen much of his thunder.

” We’ve seen Mayor Pete take a leading role in the newcomer district ,” said Quinnipiac’s Peter Brown who prophesied worse to come.” We’ve got 18 months to go and I gamble there will be other fresh faces taking the spotlight .”

So what happens next to O’Rourke now that the spotlight has shaken away from him? Can he completed the Houdini trick and make a reappearance? And if he can, what kind of potential president would he present to the American beings?

‘He was always exceedingly focused’

Examining those questions, it quickly becomes clear that all roads Beto lead to El Paso. That’s the dusty, sunbaked border municipality in Texas where he was born Robert Francis O’Rourke in 1972.

His father, Pat, was a businessman and judge, and his mother, Melissa, ranged a furniture accumulate. They were comfortably off and organized part of the white middle class elite in a city that is 80% Latino.

O’Rourke’s antagonists have tried to depict his youth as one of fecklessness and gluttony. Rightwing pundits like to poke him for the name “Beto”, claiming it is a conceit designed to suggest that he has Latino springs, which he does not.

They likewise point to a drunk-driving episode in 1998, his teenaged toying with his punk strip Foss and to the period when he struggled around in New York City working as a glorified maid. Reuters recently contributed to that pile of possibilities negative onrush textile with the revelation that O’Rourke had privately belonged to the prominent “hactivist” radical Cult of the Dead Cow.

But those who have known O’Rourke for years say they do not recognize this caricature of the bungle wild boy from the border town. Take Maggie Asfahani, a writer and El Paso restaurateur, who had a teenaged relationship with O’Rourke when he was at an all-male boarding school in Virginia.

Asfahani clearly recalls their first encounter in an El Paso plaza when he was back on holiday. Her memory instantaneously gives to rest any suggestion that ” Beto ” was an adult affectation.” I’d imagined this Mexican kid, given the name, but there was this really tall white guy. I can categorically dismiss all that speculation- he was’ Beto’ at least since I’ve known him in high school .”

Asfahani can also, incidentally, put to rest any defamatory talk about a much photocopied photo of O’Rourke flanked by his Foss bandmates in which he wears a long floral dress.

” I just wanted to put one across the record, that is my dress he’s wearing ,” she said.” There’s nothing particularly complicated about it- we were all hanging out, and someone thought it would be funny if we swopped clothes, girl children and guys. That was all, precisely being different .”

What struck Asfahani then as now was something that’s been lost amid the presidential chatter – his seriousness.” He was always extremely focused. He was this strenuously smart, strange person who was into things, always wanting to learn things, always with a notebook in his hand .”

Asfahani remains in touch with O’Rourke to this day. She concludes the flak he has taken over unearned right since he entered the 2020 hasten, based on her knowledge of the man, has been unfair.

” It strikes me he is finding his acces on the national stage ,” she said.” He’s being open and honest and vulnerable, hoping parties will relate to that and see themselves in it. That’s not a defect: it has been his personality since I’ve known him .”

‘He learned how to take vigor from crowds’

O’Rourke’s has entered into politics followed his return to El Paso, the prodigal son, at age 26. Having been largely away since his teens, he re-engaged with the city, setting up Stanton Street, an internet firm working in partnership with a short-lived alternative newspaper.

His political thoughts structured around his ambitions for El Paso, which in the late 90 s was economically depressed and suffered by a brain drain of young people. O’Rourke forged a alliance with four friends who came to be known as the Progressives, one of whom, Veronica Escobar , now occupies the El Paso congressional set evacuated by O’Rourke.

” What motivated him was the relevant recommendations that El Paso didn’t have to settle for being a low-key, down-at-heel city which was fine with exporting its infants ,” said Bob Moore, former editor of El Paso Times who has known O’Rourke since his return in 1998.

The Progressives’ ideals for their city led all four friends to stand for local agency. All four won, with O’Rourke joining the El Paso city council in 2005.

Moore recalls that in his political infancy O’Rourke slouse a paradoxically diffident representation for a humanity now playing for the White House.” By quality he’s a profoundly private being. He was very awkward when he firstly moved for office, unpleasant in large radicals. Then he “ve learned” to take vitality from gangs, and that has changed him .”

Despite such initial reticence, O’Rourke championed some progressive and highly contentious campaigns. He became a passionate advocate of legalization of marijuana long before it was de rigueur, authoring a work with fellow Progressive Susie Byrd, Dealing Death And Drugs, that indicated powerfully that the US war on stimulants was a disaster for both sides of the US-Mexican border.

He too fought to extend health benefits to unmarried and same-sex partners of city workers, then a hot potato in heavily Catholic El Paso.

You will hear O’Rourke projecting his track record on marijuana and LGBT privileges on the presidential campaign trail. You are much less likely to catch any reference to a third controversy that unyielding him as city councilor, and still does to this day: the redevelopment of downtown El Paso.

The plan to revitalize downtown with a brand-new sports arena, Walmart and other facilities predated O’Rourke’s time on the council, having been initiated in 2004. But he cuddled it keenly.

Beto O’Rourke strolls with his wife, Amy Hoover Sanders, and his three children, Ulysses, Henry and Molly in El Paso on 6 November 2018. Photograph: Paul Ratje/ AFP/ Getty Images

His involvement became problematic for two main reasons. The first was his family ties to the mastermind behind the plan, multi-millionaire real estate magnate William Sanders. Months after O’Rourke met members of the security council, he married Amy Sanders and William Sanders became his father-in-law.

The downtown project was a private-public partnership. The private slope involved a civic organization called the Paso del Norte Group, PDNG, which Sanders set up with some of his super-wealthy friends from El Paso.

Controversy erupted when it emerged that O’Rourke was also a member. Did his position, with one hoof in the private PDNG side of the treat and another on the public council side, amount to a conflict of interest? He was slapped with an moralities complaint, later dismissed.

O’Rourke initially voted in the council to go ahead with the change program, but as neighbourhood resist thrived he recused himself from several key referendums. Further cries of foul play pitched on him in 2012, when O’Rourke made an insurgent’s bid to depose the incumbent Congressman for El Paso, Silvestre Reyes.

A company owned by Sanders contributed $40,000 to a Republican-backedSuper Pac that invested in attack ads against Reyes, contributing to O’Rourke’s underdog victory and dedicating him a leg-up to Washington.

In a recent interrogation with the American Prospect, O’Rourke repudiated any conflict relating to his father-in-law. Sanders” manufactured it the standard rules that he religiously followed, never to talk politics”, he said.

But the Sanders connection still riles with activists opposed to the downtown scheme such as David Romo, a contributing is part of the main demonstration radical Paso del Sur. He said that O’Rourke’s connections to Sanders takes the shine off his current claim that as a presidential nominee he eschews big bucks and is running a ” people’s safarus “.

Romo told the Guardian that in his view O’Rourke’s role in the redevelopment shoots doubts concerning his 2020 candidacy.” What happened in El Paso is said that the solution to our national problems does not come from a multi-millionaire funded by billionaires who does their entreat .”

Romo is a celebrated historian of El Paso’s revolutionary past and as such is an articulate exponent of the second criticism leveled at O’Rourke over the redevelopment strategy- that he surfaced with gentrification despite the impairment it would foist on poor Latino residents and historic El Paso.” He was the jolly face of ugly gentrification .”

O’Rourke is denying that he surfaced with gentrifiers, holding his intention was to breathe new life into the dilapidated middle of a major metropoli. He did tell the American Prospect, though, that in hindsight he accepts that he did” a really poor chore of listening to that criticism “.

‘He truly does need to answer questions’

Similar controversy followed O’Rourke to Washington. Whether it originated from his innate pragmatism as a politician who tends to decide each topic as it comes rather than following ideology, or whether it was because of his beginnings in Texas, a state that has been dominated by Republicans for the past 20 times, his voting record in Congress was impressing for its lack of party purity.

Although El Paso turns overwhelmingly Democratic, a fivethirtyeight.com tracker shows that he voted 30% of the time in accordance with Trump. Compare that to his presidential contenders: Kamala Harris( 17% ), Bernie Sanders( 14%) or Elizabeth Warren( 13% ).

That didn’t matter much in his senatorial hasten last-place November. But then he was running against Ted Cruz, one of the most toxic rightwing senators who even fellow Republicans call ” Lucifer in the flesh “.

In that hasten he proved himself to have various of the qualities that might appeal to Democratic voters looking for a presidential campaigner capable of beating Trump, first and foremost his ability to turn out the vote. He indicated himself adept in charm to young person, African Americans, Latinos and suburban white girls- electoral groups all likely to play a crucial role in 2020 in deciding Trump’s fate.

But the road to the presidential nomination is proving to be a stonier path for O’Rourke than his itinerary last year. By taking his safarus national he has moved on to much more fertile ground for a Democrat than the traditionally arid grunge of Texas, yet it has come at the price of aggressively intensified scrutiny.

Which delivers O’Rourke back to his climate change announcement amid the splendor of Yosemite Falls. Fossil fuel activists may only be agreeably surprised by O’Rourke’s robust program, but that doesn’t mean they have forgotten that its liaison with the oil industry has been complicated.

He hesitated for weeks before agreeing to sign the No Fossil Fuel Money Pledge in which candidates forego all subscriptions above $200 from Pacs, lobbyists and executives of fossil fuel business. The assurance was particularly sensitive for O’Rourke, who according to Open Secrets abode more contributions from oil and gas in 2018 than any congressional candidate other than Ted Cruz.

He has said his hesitancy was out of concern for ordinary workers in service industries who should be allowed to participate. The organizers of the assurance however stressed that only the donations of top honchoes were excluded.

In the end, he did sign the assurance, two days after his Yosemite declaration.

Another sticking point is that O’Rourke voted twice in Congress to filch a 40 -year ban on US exports of crude oil. He tried to justify the voting rights in October 2015, two months before the Paris Agreement on combating climate change was adopted by 195 nations, by arguing that US crude was cleaner than that of other nations and” the oil that supplyings the current dominant mode of transportation will have to come from somewhere “.

The lifting of the ban has led to a massive spike in US crude exports, from well under 1m barrels a day to more than 3m per period currently.” There’s been a hazardous and problematic increase in the extraction of crude oil driven by exportations in the US. He truly does need to answer questions about that poll ,” David Turnbull of Oil Change US said.

It all points to the steep uphill climb that Beto O’Rourke faces if he is to claw his acces back into the Democratic spotlight. The Yosemite announcement made a solid start, introducing American voters to a more serious, focused politician than they had previously been shown.

Now the real scramble begins.