( The Hollywood Reporter) Winging under the radar with the working entitle “Valencia, ” the latest feature from producer J.J. Abrams was only linked to his previous “Cloverfield” project when trailers first surfaced last-place month in the current title. Steered by first-timer Dan Trachtenberg, “1 0 Cloverfield Lane” is, in Abrams’ words, a “spiritual successor” to Matt Reeves’ singularly gripping 2008 ogre movie, rather than a literal sequel.

Any disclaimers seem unlikely to assuage long-standing hopes for a follow-up, especially since promos for the cinema clearly hint at something otherworldly overshadowing the narrative. Trachtenberg favors a slow structure getting to the final expose, nonetheless, and while some may miss the immediacy of a rampaging kaiju destroying everything in its path, this is an entirely different breed of movie that’s potentially even more effective for its shift in style and colour. Ebullient fanboy prospect aside, Paramount’s tempting viral sell campaign and enthusiastic word of mouth could propel the secrete to a strong depicting going into the spring disintegrate season.


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