From the globe's fastest car to exceptionally rare unique vehicles, we take a look at the 10 most expensive cars in the world.

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    • In theory you could have a car made purely of recycled milk cartons,if the
      plastic was re enforced to the point of steel.The engine though would still
      have to sit in a steel type box,so the engine doesn’t melt the
      plastic.Imagine a car that says built on 2% fat milk!

  1. When can i buy a car made out of recycled milk cartons?,in theory it would
    be perfectly safe, if the plastic was re enforced to the point of it being
    as strong as steel.Plastic can be painted,and the engine,wires,etc.. could
    easily be hidden under thick plastic.The engine it’s self though would have
    to sit in a metal box so it won’t melt the plastic.But it’s just a
    theory.What do you think?

  2. Here is a bit of truth which applies to pretty much every material item
    group. There’s no such thing as “world’s most expensive”. There’ll always
    be something more expensive. That’s how the famed, and hopefully not sold
    out, 1.000.000 Euro tequila came to be.

  3. Where is the bugatti chiron it Cost more or the most expensive super car
    the mclaren p1 it Cost 3.000.000 dollar next time dont bullshit people

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