When a rolled vehicle bumped into a Walmart in Wayne, West Virginia, on Friday, evidences possibly didn’t expect to find man’s best friend behind the rotation.

The owner of the car says she left her two hounds in the vehicle while “shes gone” browse. She left the car running in order to keep the pups cool, WSAZ reports.

Big mistake! The dogs altered the car out of park and took a little joyride.

Confused buyers watched as the slow-moving vehicle crashed with the building.

The incident is yet another lesson in why it’s a bad impression to leave your dog in a red-hot automobile, even if the air conditioning is on.

Witnesses said the car owner appeared to be in her late 70 s, according to WSAZ. The terminal reported that the dogs were fine and that both the car and the building held only minor damage.

Luckily, the dogs, the car and the building were all more or less unharmed.

Now, if the dogs do decide to take another shot at driving, perhaps they should first trip New Zealand, where a very talented duo of canines completed a driving measure in 2012 on live TV.

These West Virginia hounds could hear a situation or two about checking your blind spot and making a left turn.


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