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Hey there as well as welcome to Saabkyle04! YouTube's largest collection of vehicle range. In today's video clip, we'll take a detailed take a look at the Ferrari LaFerrari!


Color/Initial start up series: 1:02
Steering/transmission information: 2:16
Outside walk around/styling/discussion/ history, etc: 5:48
Wheels/tires/brakes/ suspension: 11:17
Engine/performance/fuel economy/dimensions: 14:53
Inside quality/design/comfort: 21:21
Audio clips (cool start/warm start/multiple perspective revs): 25:08
Inside tech and also functions (incl. reconfigurable instrument screen): 27:30
Freight space/front compartment: 31:09
Quick interview with the owner: 32:26

*** A large many thanks to Foreign Cars Italia Greensboro for aiding make this video possible. To find out more concerning their contact info and current inventory, do not hesitate to look into their web site given below!

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Throughout this presentation, we will certainly take a First person look at just what the lorry is everything about starting with the start up, efficiency data, fuel economy, the periodic track information, as well as build high quality. Also, I will certainly instruct you how you can use most of the exterior and interior functions in a thorough style, that before, you can just get from mosting likely to a car dealership yourself! Throughout the video, I will certainly highlight vital styling and one-of-a-kind distinctions about the lorry, any offered choices, as well as of course it would certainly not be a lover automobile video without the excellent ole engine part with rev and exhaust note with interior and exterior point of views. A detailed tour/review of this car designed to provide others a greater total gratitude of the car.

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    • As a previous owner of both cars, I SERIOUSLY recommend the Kia Picanto.
      Kia Picanto has more horsepower while having such better fuel economy and
      looks. I swear, I didn’t see anyone being jealous when I drove the
      LaFerrari, but when I was driving in my Picanto, people literally jumped
      off from bridges and buildings because they were so jealous. Not to mention
      that the Picanto kills with its amazing exhaust sound.

    • this coment thread is gold! But on a serious note I’d get the LaFerrari…
      the Picanto’s running cost is INSANE. The complex engine with it’s many
      turbochargers the hybrid powertrain and the oil changes and spoiler
      mechanisms cost the same as a bugatti veyron’s (20k+) also the baggage
      space in the Picanto is much smaller, traffic laws won’t allow you to take
      it to 300 kph, and it consumes gas like crazy in spite of being a hybrid
      all in all, the LaFerarri’s a savyer, cheaper vehicle for your average
      commuter, it’s safe for the family, and not very fast:) although you may
      not get as much ladies looking your way with this car:/
      don’t get me wrong… if I was a trillionaire, I’d get me a Picanto 🙁 or
      better yet, a corolla

  1. The horn sounds hideous..

    the horn shouldn’t be a sound, when honked, it should just say “Move it you
    poor bastard!”..with an italian accent


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