From the uncovering of gravitational curves to a promising male contraceptive, it was a groundbreaking time for science

It came from beyond the Large Magellanic Cloud. The signal, a mere 20 milliseconds long, captured the moment when two black hole slammed together a devastation that transmitted ripplings through spacetime and onwards to Earth, where they prepared organs chirp and scientists hearten. We have spotcheck gravitational movements, said David Reitze of the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory( Ligo ). We did it.

The announcement ranked as the physics discovery of its first year, corroborating Einsteins century-old thought of seriousnes and putting the Ligo team on course for a Nobel. But the real excitement is yet to come. For the first quarter of a million years, the cosmos was hidden from astronomers. Now scientists can construct gravitational waving observatories and, with them, look back to the birth of the universe. We can consider the moment of creation.

It wasnt the only duration astronomers celebrated in 2016. In August, the European Southern Observatory in the Chilean desert find changes in the daylight coming from Proxima Centauri, the whiz nearest to the sunbathe. An Earth-sized planet was drawing the blood-red midget around. What thrilled astronomers was that the recently discovered world lay in the stars livable area, that Goldilocks region of cavity where the temperature is right for liquid ocean, and together with irrigate, perhaps life. The detection introduced the issues to, Are we alone? to our planetary doorstep and with it the realisation that such planets are not rare.

Stephen Hawking is convinced that aliens are out there, but hes cautious of inviting them over. In his 2016 cinema, Stephen Hawkings Favourite Plaza, he warned that matching up with a technically advanced bunch of planetary rowdies might do for humanity what Christopher Columbus did for the Native Americans.

Hawking is equally suspicious of neural networks. Yes, superintelligent machines might solve our greatest challenges, but not if they erase us out instead. Fortunately, that threat remains a remote one.

Magic mushrooms, or medicine? Photograph: Martin Bond/ Science Photo Library

For some people, consolidating with robots builds feel. Nathan Copeland, a 28 -year-old who violated his neck in a auto clang, had a robot arm cabled instantly into his psyche. He could move it by theory, and through signals passed back to his intelligence, event a sense of touch. By provisioning sensory feedback, researchers are edging towards their ultimate objectives: robotic appendages that move and is like real ones.

More than 25 US positions have now legalised marijuana for medical applications, but could magic mushroom be next? A handful of small studies found that psilocybin( the part that realise for happy hippies in the 1970 s) could lift severe feeling in one group of volunteers, and increase nervousnes and depression in cancer cases. For Stephen Ross, director of addiction psychiatry at NYU Langone Medical Center, the latter decisions were unprecedented. We dont have anything like it, he said.

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More work necessity was the take home from another contest in 2016; this time for a male contraceptive. At last it seemed that boys could shoulder the main responsibilities for family planning, and all it required was, well, a bit motherfucker. The bimonthly hormone jab was nearly as effective as the female pill, but the trial was halted after 20 males lowered out. Some suffered from hollow and acne; others had to contend with surging libidos.

Of the 130 million or so newborns born this year, one that arrived in April marked a technical first. A Jordanian boy was established with DNA from three people( his parents, plus a healthy donor) to prevent him from inheriting a serious genetic disease. The US team who performed the treatment in Mexico say the boy is healthy, but such infections can take hold later in life. In December, the fertility regulator in the UK gave clinics the green light to apply for a licence to present the methods used, known as mitochondrial substitution regiman, paving the style for similar deliveries in Britain.

Every year has its own advances, but all tell the story of science. Great ideas work or neglect. Achievements are lauded, but realize us think twice. With each, we understand that little bit more about ourselves and the universe. And if none of it manufactures much appreciation yet? Well, we can always ask the aliens.

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