Below's one I definitely anticipate each year! In this one I'll look at all the modifications for the 2017 Mustang GT along with of course the examination drive, some awesome revs, exterior, interior, engine bay & even more!

Large thanks to McCafferty Ford in Mechanicsburg, for enabling me to have a look at the NEW 2017 Ford Mustang GT! For more details on their inventory please feel free to check out the link below.

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    • +onelasttitan That is a lot of red lights, stop signs and traffic. I am
      lucky. From home to work is a wonderful 24 miles with 2 red lights 12 miles

    • Must be really feathering it , whats the point of worrying about city
      mileage. Just have fun with it. Best I’ve gotten is 22mpg on my 2017 GT
      with all highway driving. As soon as I hit the city it drops drastically,
      I’m very surprised you can get 21 in the city.

  1. as someone who has a previous gen mustang I wasn’t a big fan of this body
    style, though it’s starting to grow on me

    • Right on man! Yeah just today I purchased the 2017 Mustang GT. Got it for
      33,500 with rebates (minus fees). Automatic transmission, silver color,
      black interior cloth, “black accent” kit so all the badges and wheels are
      black, and a blade spoiler (low profile). The dealer is delivering it from
      a different store, so it’ll take a day or two to get it. I’m super excited,
      since this will be my first NEW car. I think you would’ve regretted getting
      an ecoboost… I know I would have. So good choice IMO.

      I can understand you being bored with automatics. A manual will be so fun
      for you I think. The only downside to the automatic with the GT I bought is
      it’s an additional $1,200 that can be used for other options. Plus, and
      correct me if I am wrong, but I don’t think Ford has the “performance
      package” option with the Automatic GT’s. So no Brembo brakes out of the
      factory, which kinda sucks. The first thing I’ll be upgrading is the

      I totally agree with you on automatics being a little boring. As a daily
      driver, automatic just suits me a little more so I like the analogy.

      The only time I ever drove on a track was when I co-owned a 2008 Shelby
      GT350 with a Kenne Bell supercharger (had about 520whp). My brother and I
      owned it together as a build/project car. I drove it twice on a track in
      California. Was super fun to drive, and the massive amount of torque pushed
      you in the seats on open throttle. We sold the Shelby GT350 and split the
      cash. Still kinda regret that. My brother now has a 2017 White Mustang GT
      with performance package and a bunch of exhaust work/suspension work. You
      can tell we are Ford fanboys. lol

      Let me know how you like your GT. I will as well!

    • +AmnScottNN
      Did you get the base or the premium? I’m getting the premium for the heat
      and cold seats, but to be honest, I’m not super fond of leather, only
      reason is because it’s easier to clean and I don’t like too much dust from
      the regular gt seats. And I think I can always wrap some cloth around the
      leather seats…..I think haha.

      I was also thinking the black accent but I’m getting a shadow black
      exterior so it makes the GT and the 5.0 disappear, which I don’t want. I
      only want it on the wheels and front grill/emblem.

      I want to get mines for Xmas, but I’m having a not so super great time
      finding my car and the car dealers are a bit of a pain. On Monday I’m going
      to the Credit union.

  2. Got my 2016 GT at the end of February … and love it, Love It, LOVE IT!
    The hood-mounted turn signals are a bit weird, because from the driver’s
    seat, you can only see the left one unless you have the seat WAY up. No
    biggie, though. The premium stereo is worth it when you’re not listening to
    that delicious exhaust note, and for the most part, the Sync 3 system works
    quite well.

    And the car just goes like it was shot from a cannon! VERY happy with my

    • +WingsOfHorus
      Bro, once you try the V8, you don’t want no fucken ecoboost. Ecoboost
      sounds like a little Asian car. It is surprisingly more responsive due to
      the 200 lbs off, but seriously, you’ll be subconsciously comparing it to
      the V8. You’ll be stuck on that power. Ecoboost did not make me feel “wow,
      I’m driving a mustang”. It was more like “wow, it’s a nice car that LOOKS
      like a mustang”. And I’m not even a car enthusiast. Buy ecoboost, it’s a
      cool car, but then again I also trust the Coyote, a proven engine built for
      performance. If you want ecoboost, DON’T….drive the V8. It’s not good for
      your mental car buying health.

    • +MadeAUsername
      Tell you what: you take out a V8, be cruising at, say, about 50 mph, coming
      up on traffic, go down to 3rd and step into it to pass … THEN tell me
      about the Ecoboost!


  4. Nice review. I just bought mine today. I got shadow black premium with GT
    performance package and 401a trim, enhanced security pack, reverse sensing
    system, voice activated nav. Basically everything except for recaro seats,
    they are way too tight for me, and you cant get them air conditioned or
    heated. I really really want that. First thing I am doing is buying springs
    and camber plates , the car HAS to be lowered right away. Then in the
    spring I am going Roush axle backs with Ford racing resonator delete xpipe.
    I should get it by next Friday so pumped.

    • you can easily learn it, i would learn manual first and then decide on auto
      or manual, you might change your mind once you try it

    • Manual’s great, in England the vast majority of cars are manual. I prefer
      the control of a manual. If want to shove it into second to hear that
      engine then I can.

  5. Awesome review, I did have a quick question for you if you know the answer.
    Do you know what month new year model Mustangs tend to come out? I saw you
    posted this video in July for the ’17 and was wondering if that is usually
    the month new year model Mustangs usually roll out? I’m looking into the
    2018 Mustang and was just wondering when I can get my hands on one asap,

  6. 4.4 seconds for a 400+ HP V8 5.0 engine?
    That’s pretty disappointing. My base 2011 Audi TT is a 4 cylinder stock
    Turbo charge that’s faster than this GT by 0.2 seconds.
    Just proves HP and cylinder count isn’t everything.
    As a side note, the GT is only ~400 pounds heavier. If you’re looking for
    raw performance, get the GT350.


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