Ever had one of those days when absolutely everything just seems to go wrong? Of course you have, it happens to all of us from time to time. All you can really do is get through it, get an early night and start afresh tomorrow.

Sometimes though, it’s all about perspective. Are things really that bad? Maybe after seeing this list, compiled by Bored Panda, you’ll change your mind a bit. Now benefitting from the misfortune of others is not usually something we encourage, but these people are having a really bad day. So cheer up, it could be worse! Scroll down below to check these unfortunate folks out for yourself, and let us know what you think in the comments!

#1 Nothing But Trouble

#2 Wholesome, But Still…

#3 Thank You, Facebook

#4 Stolen Porch

#5 Bride-To-Be’s Wig Fell Off During The Engagement Shoot, But She Totally Owned The Moment

#6 Star Wars Disappointment

#7 A Bird Flew In My Window, Sh*t On My Laptop, And Decided To Die Right In Front Of Me. How’s Your Day Going?

#8 Maybe A Bit Too Much Rain

#9 This Is What Hail Damage To A Moon Roof Looks Like

#10 My Classmate Dyed His Hair And Then Realized He Was Allergic To Hair Dye

#12 Elyse Brought Home A New Kitty Today! Gavin Hoefs Recorded Them Bonding On The Way Home

#13 We Got Caught In The Rain. My Dog Despises The Rain

#14 Is There Anything Worse Than This?

#15 That’s Why You Shouldn’t Wear Jeans With Holes On Sunny Days

#16 Needless To Say, I Don’t Think It’s Good News

#17 Good Luck Using That Excuse

#18 New Skeleton Found In Pompeii: This Guy Was Running From The Eruption, When A 300 Kg Boulder Hit Him Right In The Face

#19 Wife Asked Me To Check If The Chickens Laid Any Eggs. I’m Gonna Say No

#20 You Know Life Hates You, When…

#22 I Don’t Need A Full Face Helmet, Karen

#23 Well… I’m Not Going Anywhere, I Guess

#24 I Split Up With My Boyfriend Yesterday And Fell Asleep While He Was Packing. Woke Up To See That He Stole My Toilet

#25 I’m A Beginner Beekeeper And I Am Told That A Sting To The Face Is A Rite Of Passage. So I Have That Going For Me… Which Is Nice

#26 Red-Eye Flight Seattle To NY And I Don’t Know These Kids. That’s My Seat In The Middle

#27 Turns Out That My Irrational Childhood Fear Wasn’t So Irrational After All

#28 Well…

#29 A Crow Stole 100 Bucks From These Guys

#30 A Surprise… But An Unwelcome One, To Be Sure

#32 Just One Mistype

#33 My Best Friend’s Husband Had An Axe Fly Through His Windshield Yesterday While Driving On The Highway

#34 Crayons

#35 The Day I Learned I Was Allergic To Bees While Working As A Beekeeper In Italy

#36 He Will Wake Up To A Haunting Realization

#37 There Was An Attempt To Get The Ball Down

#38 Ouch, That Must’ve Hurt

#39 This Modelling Job Was A Mistake

#40 Currently Renovating Our Floors. Seems Everyone Has Come Out Of Hiding

#42 How To Lose A High

#43 Apparently, Spanish Slang For “Fart” Is “Pedo”. My 71-Year-Old Co-Worker Showed Up To Work With This

#44 Took A Shower Before Work Today, Looked Down To Grab A Bottle Of Shampoo And Saw This

#45 Let’s Go Play Darts They Said. It Will Be Fun They Said

#46 About To Arrive For An Interview In A New Suit, Realise They Left The Tag On….

#47 It Actually Fits

#48 My Doctor Charges Me $65 For Being Fat

#49 Lemme Just Take A Sip Of This… Nope

#50 You Know Your Cat Hates You When… What Are The Chances?

#52 Mom’s Going To Be Pissed

#53 My Girlfriend Wanted To Cook For Me

#54 Losing A 2 Kilometer Race By 2 Centimeters

#55 I Thought Throwing My Phone Above Me Would Make A Cool Slow Mo Trampoline Video But As Soon As I Saw Where It Was Going To Land I Regretted The Whole Idea

#56 Bought Tickets For Me And My Dad To See A Concert, And This Is My Seat

#57 My Waterproof Camera Sucked In Water And Died But Left Me This Last Image

#58 One Way To Ruin Your Day. If You Freeze They Won’t See You

#59 Not Great

#60 New Neighbours Painted Their Fence Yesterday, Now Our Car Looks Like This. All Over

#62 That Time I Saw Someone Try To Smuggle 50 Boxes Of Cookies Out Of The Orlando Airport And Was Treated Like A Drug Lord

#63 Found This Botfly Larvae In My Bed This Morning. I Had A Wound I Got From Doing Rodent Research In Ecuador I Thought Was Skin Leismaniasis. Turns Out I Had A Botfly, And The Cold Weather Last Night Forced It Out Of My Back

#64 I Just Came Home To This



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