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1. When my girlfriend get envious on 9/11 because the Twin Towers were getting more attention than her.

So a couple of constructs fell out. What’s the big deal? Everyone is ignoring me today. from my soon-to-be ex-gf at the time.

2. When a girl asked a question if we have airplanes in Germany.

In my exchange time in the USA.

I came from Germany, and in class we had this thing where I initiate myself and everyone requests their questions about me and my country.

So this one girl grows her handwriting and seriously asks, Do you have airplanes over there?

I was completely stupefied by this question and had to calmly explain that i actually hovered there by plane…but to this day im not entirely sure if she maybe only trolled me, I symbolize, you cant be THAT uneducated ?!

3. When the status of women asked to have the air in her tires changed from’ summer air’ to’ winter air.’

Someone came into the shop and asked to change out the breeze in her tires from summer breath to winter air.

4. When my classmates disagreed over whether smoke was alive or not.

In my 7th grade science class there was a dialogue going on between a good chunk of the class on whether smoke was alive or not.

5. When my colleagues had considered that thunder was the outcomes of clouds smashing together.

I tried to explain to my ex-colleagues that thunder is not the outcomes of gloom smashing together. They believed I was stupid. When I asked them to explain why its not always pealing when its cloudy, they both agreed that it merely happens when they’re storm clouds.

6. When a girl in college told me she had’ genital cataracts.’

Freshman year of college I’m in a math class and we had some random group project to do. A daughter in my own group informed us she wouldn’t be at the next gather as she was going to have seeing surgery. I questioned her why and she said, I have genital cataracts and I said, you make congenital? and she gave me an confused watch and everyone backed her up that she genuinely did signify genital and not incurable. Even after I Google it and testify everyone the difference between the two messages they proceeded to tell me how you can’t believe everything “youre reading” on the Internet. I was dumbfounded.

7. When your best friend rang his telephone to aid him find his glasses.

My friend once couldn’t find his iPhone in his home, so he rang it from the landline.

His iPhone rang, on the table in front of him, he picked it up and obviously, there was nobody on the other line.

Screams upstairs to his parents, with a phone in each mitt: Who the fuck is echoing me?

I sat there facepalming.

8. When an American woman argued with me that blueberry was a flavor , not’ a real thing.’

I met an American woman traveling that got aggressive trying to convince me that blueberry was a flavor and not a real thing while obsessively picking out all the little off-color/ purple round circumstances from her blueberry ice cream.

9. When my sister’s acquaintance asked if men have anuses.

My sister had some very good friends, one of her female pals discontinued: Do husbands have an anus?

10. When a father told me she doesn’t believe in outer space.

I was at a small social at my mothers house and mentioned something about the National Space Center in Leicester. A girlfriend pipes up and says,

Oh I adore taking my son there, he loves it, I simply find it entertaining because I don’t believe in space.

I looked at her astounded and asked if she entailed she didn’t believe in investing fund in space investigate. No, she did not believe in space. She plainly did not is argued that anything subsisted above the sky, that envisions and videos were all bogu and that everything space agencies and anyone who claimed to have been to opening was lying.

The other girls in the group started gesturing in agreement saying stuffs like, Now that you mention it, I’ve never actually watched space.

I simply went home.

11. When a bash breaks out over the$ 1 Chicken Anniversary Special.

Yearly, a neighbourhood eatery offers a snack for the price of$ 1 for their anniversary. They volunteer a fried chicken with sides or meatloaf with backs. Decided to go only to find a line pulling all over the pulley-block. Hop in line, waited an hour and a half before I was pretty close. Employee steps out to say Sorry, we guided out of chicken. We simply have meatloaf.

The shitshow that explosion after that was astounding. One dame in particular I remember for the amazing mention That’s fucking bullshit! Me and my bird-dog have been here for two hours and we both required chicken! Further up, I hear a bigger commotion. Apparently, one person get upset about there being no chicken, his sidekick tried to pacified him down, someone else in line made a comment, and all-out melee follows. Line sows. Two police nearby subdue the situation to the best of their capabilities. Restaurant shuts down for the working day. No longer does$ 1 anniversary special.

That was a nice concept for a while. I miss$ 1 Fried Chicken day.

12. When a girl couldn’t figure out why Leo DiCaprio was in a brand-new movie because he’ was killed in

My first year learning high school English. I was showing my class the DiCaprio version of, and one daughter was staring at the screen intently with a stumped look on her look. Finally, a light-headed set off and she said, How can he be in this movie? He died in.

13. When a brawl broke out over the$ 1 Chicken Anniversary Special.

Yearly, a local eatery offers a dinner for the cost of$ 1 for their anniversary. They volunteer a deep-fried chicken with areas or meatloaf with sides. Decided to go only to find a line extending around the blockage. Hop in line, awaited an hour and a half before I was pretty close. Employee treads out to say Sorry, we loped out of chicken. We simply have meatloaf.

The shitshow that erupted after that was astounding. One girl in particular I remember for the amazing mention That’s fucking bullshit! Me and my pup have been here for two hours and we both wanted chicken! Further up, I sounds a bigger rucku. Apparently, one person get upset about there being no chicken, his acquaintance tried to pacified him down, someone else in line made a comment, and all-out riot ensues. Line scatters. Two policemen nearby subdue the situation to the best of their ability. Restaurant slams down for the day. No longer does$ 1 anniversary special.

That was a neat stuff for a while. I miss$ 1 Fried Chicken day.

14. When a knot of jackass reassured a boy to jump off a bridge.

I used to work on the Brooklyn Bridge as an ironworker…One day some poor soul was countenancing towards the edge and was entertaining leap. I told my foreman and he called the police, at about this time all the sells on the connection started to gather and watch this human. Perhaps five minutes go by and someone starts a Leap! choru. This buster was going to kill himself and now he has about 40 people egging him on…he climbed. Quit my job and moved throughout the country, fuck those fucking fucks.

15. When someone indicated with me that Halloween could be on Friday the 13 th.

I had to explain that Halloween, in fact, can never be on Friday the 13 th.

16. When my friend argued that torrent was’ brand-new ocean’ that descended to earth.

I once had an polemic that torrent was new sea bestowed to us by the Earth. My pal genuinely was held that liquid did not recycle, and the expending it meant that it never pictured the Earth again. Too believed that anything flushed down a lavatory or drained was burned and vaporized into nothingness.

17. When my high school class envisioned the Boston Tea Party and the attack On Pearl Harbor were the same thing.

Some parties in my class envisioned The Boston Tea Party and the Attack On Pearl Harbor were the same act. This was my high school class…

18. When our high school class thought we should watch TV during a power outage.

I was a TA in high school for a regular High School, I think it was World-wide History course. So not Honors , not Academically Enriched, but not quite feeing your own feces either.

Anyways, get to class and the power is out so of course everyone is going nuts cause…its twilight, I predict? So the teacher still was intended to lecture and the teenagers all sigh. That is until one screams out, Let’s watch Tv!

Y-Y !!

Everyone starts chanting, Tv! Tv! Tv! I’ll never forget the teacher’s face as he looked at me. His eyes filled with frustration about the future of home countries. Unable to realize that no energy too made no television. Sad.

19. When a girl in class asked why there used to be two Pacific Oceans on the map.

First day of college, girl raises her mitt and asks why there are two Pacific Oceans on the map.

[ The prof] turned to look at the map, turned back towards the class and motioned with her mitts and said, the world is round.

Literally the best “fuck you” reaction a professor could give.

20. When my friend didn’t think gasoline was flammable.

I was hanging around with your best friend. One of your best friend had just gotten his very own mope. It necessity a fill up, so they went to get the jerry can with petrol in it. We were in the middle of an apartment building complex at the patio. My other friend wanted to see how much petrol there was, so he applied his lighter to promotion him read. I immediately said stop saying that! It will catch fire. He did not believe me so they decided to research it by running the petrol on the ground and to try igniting it up. The person who was spouting the petrol got scared and jumped once the petrol caught on fire and stopped the jerry can. The respite of it sprinkled to the soil and modelled a 10 meter( 32 ft) towering ardor spiral.

21. When I was lectured for using a’ large-scale term’ like’ taut.’

I was at work and showing to a coworker how to introduce package on a cook wrapping machine and I say, You have to attract it taut. And she just stopped and said That isn’t how you use that message. You can’t learn a package. And my foremen come in and I had to convince them that taut was a word and they told me that I shouldn’t use big statements like that all the time. Taut.

22. When people around me at work didn’t know the difference between Europe and the EU.

The morning after the EU referendum in the UK. Public around me in labor: So, as we’re leaving Europe, does that intend “theres been” eight continents now?

Because they didn’t know the difference between Europe and the European Union.

23. When an American didn’t believe I communicated English because I’m from England.

Grew up in the UK and moved to the US and had the following conversation.

Her: What communication do you speak where you come from?

Me: English.

Her: No, I entail what actual communication did “youre talking about” as you grew up?

Me: I grew up in England and there is talk English there.

Her: You don’t understand we are to talk English in America, what conversation did you speak before moving here?

Me: Bye.

24. When a group of English girlfriends couldn’t tell the difference between the Queen and Lady Diana.

One time when I was about 15, I was out with a group of my copulates, and somehow those discussions got onto the Royal Family( I’m from England ). I said something( can’t remember what) about the Queen, and then our friend told me to: Didn’t the Queen die and then someone else says Yeah, she did. Uhno, she’s still alive. I explain this to them, and then my best friends sister says: No, she’s dead, I know she used. So we’re all endure there for like 10 hours quarrelling over whether the Queen is dead or not, when I eventually say: Ok, if she’s dead, when did she croak? To which my best friend responds: In 1997, in a vehicle crash I consider. I exactly stare at her and say: That wasn’t the Queen, that was Princess Diana. And then another girl says: Oh, so it was the Queen’s daughter that croaked? And after that I simply gave up.

25. When an entire class of law students, including the schoolteacher, couldn’t figure out that her laptop was powered off.

I do classroom tech support at a country university. I’m near the top of a reasonably towering ladder of hustlers who each do their own troubleshooting to try to fix such issues, before transferring it on to the next level.

Got a call the other day for a’ projector not returning on'( most common service bellow far and away ). It was for a private department at the law school on campus, meaning that their own IT/ tech assistance had given up before setting up a service ticket( costs money) to have us check it out. All levels of support beneath me delivered it on up until it was my problem.

I established up in the roomprofessor and around 20 young, intelligent-looking law students. The projector was switched on. I pointed that out to the professor. She responded,’ But it won’t indicate my desktop .’ I walked over to her computer and realized that. I turned on her computer for her, watched the projector screen light up with her desktop, searched her in the eye and said’ Should work now .’ Then I made and looked at all the students, and left.

Fucking room full of academic millennials and who I assume is a very intelligent prof, and nothing recollected perhaps she should turn on her laptop? To say nothing of the half-dozen technicians who all gave up on the issue before I got involved.

26. When I had to explain to three coworkers that humans are animals.

Just yesterday I had to explain to three coworkers that humans are animals…

27. When my friends thought that the moon and the sunlight was different whale rock.

I tried to explain that the moon and sunbathe were not the same length, then all of a sudden found myself having to explain that the sunbathe and the moon were in fact Different and not only one side fervour, one back rock. They all tittered at my crazy ideologies, then asked if the sunshine was so far away, why is it in the same sky during the day( on ground) as the moon was at night. They pissed themselves laughing, and I exactly laughed with them.

28. When no one in my 10 th tier geometry class knew what an octagon was.

In 10 th tier geometry class nothing around me knew what an octagon was.

29. When my coworkers conceived my tar about snake oil.

I have convinced my coworkers snake oil is real. They are wanting to buy some from me to get mad amplifications. I haven’t sold them any yet cause were moving into winter and all the snakes are sleeping so all the snake oil I have is being saved to keep up my family’s health. But come springtime time when the serpents wake up Ill have some more.

30. When my friend and his family disagreed with me that operates aren’t animals because you don’t hunting them.

Once in high school I went over to my friend’s mansion where I proceeded to get into an arguing with him and his family( two adults, two teens) over whether flies could be considered animals or not. I tried to explain that they are still under the realm, it’s just they have a different phylum and class to what they had in knowledge, but they are as much an animal as a cat, fish, or chick is.

Their argument was but you don’t say’ I went hunting for wings. Still remember how astounded I was at 14 to think that adults could be this stupid.

31. When my coworkers didn’t understand that the earth moves around the sun.

I’m in a meeting with my boss, the Director of Corporate Sales, and the Marketing Manager. They are confused as to what time the sunbathe rises in Ireland( we are in the Boston domain ). I tell them that the sun rises in the east and gives in the west, so countries that are farther east find the sunshine first and therefore Ireland would be in the afternoon when we were just seeing the morning sunbathe. They didn’t believe me. It was a 30 -minute conversation where despite my best efforts to discuss how the earth moves all over the sunbathe I couldn’t persuade them. I still work in the same part with the same people.

32. When my lover “re just saying that” rabbits put eggs.

I made an offhand comment about the oddity of the Easter Bunny being associated with a basket full of eggs. The respond I went from my lover at the time was, It took me a moment realise she was 100% serious.

33. When a girl asked, Is German a language or is it a imitation speech like Mexican ?’

We had an exchange student from Germany, this one girl asked, Is German a language or is it a imitation conversation like Mexican ?’

34. She speculated Hitler was still alive and asked why we haven’t stopped him.

In high school there was a professor that everyone enjoyed and ever joked around. This buster would mess with both students and only do laughable material all the time. He formerly came in full camouflage and would simply sidle his lane through the vestibules. Anyway, the working day he is doctrine and this girl won’t stop talking so he throws a book and says, stillnes, you insolent swine. After a few seconds the girl’s face lights up and she declares, Oh I know what the hell is. My uncle is a diabetic !.

Yes, I am fully aware insulin can come from pigs but I can assure you this daughter did not. This girlfriend might have been the dumbest person in the school. I’m moderately sure she imagined Hitler was still alive and asked why we haven’t stopped him.

35. When I expected your best friend to point out the Pacific Ocean on a delineate and she pointed to Mongolia.

We expected your best friend to point out the Pacific Ocean on an unlabeled world-wide delineate. She pointed to Mongolia.

36. When the whole AP class, includes the educator, chortled at me for believes in evolution.

In seventh tier, I had this chemistry schoolteacher, Mr. Peevy, a pretty decent teach when he deposited to chemistry. One period, for no reason self-evident to me, he questioned the class, How many of you believe in evolution? Without stopping to consider the consequences, I invoke my hands. This is seventh-grade chemistry, effectively an AP class, you have to be a smart boy to even get in. I was the only kid who heightened my hand. The other minors had a good laugh at the only kid in class stupid enough to believe in this growth nonsenseand Mr. Peevy joined in with a good chuckle.

37. When a coworker asked me how the rockets get into cavity without perforating a fault in the flavour and making all the air out.

We were discussing infinite at work one day and had a coworker asked me how the rockets get into infinite without perforating a defect in the flavour and letting all the air out.: -(

38. When a woman said she didn’t realize fruits and vegetables flourished out of the ground.

I formerly met a woman who didn’t know that fruit and vegetables proliferated on bushes until she moved out of the city. She only thought they came from the supermarket or whatever.

39. When a girl in my 11 th point AP world history class expected our teach who the first black person was.

A girl in my 11 th point AP world history class requested our educator who the first black person was. Also a girl I know said she doesn’t believe in aliens, but she does believe there is life on a planet other than ours.

40. When my friends decided it was a splendid project to hurl a can of Axe into a fire.

When your best friend decided it was a splendid feeling to hurl a can of Axe into a fire.

41. When the gas station cashier couldn’t make change for a dollar.

My change at the gas station was $1.94 and I held her the 6 cents so I’d get$ 2 back. No you are able to figure out that I didn’t want pocket change and required$ 2 back. She announced her administrator over at the next register, who too didn’t understand basic math, then she actually gave me the 6 cents back out of fluster. Then she gives me my $1.94 and I immediately set the 94 pennies right on the table with the other 6 I rendered her before and asked for a dollar back. She played like I was the moron and I would’t be surprised if she still doesn’t understand.

42. When a girl asked a question about a country announced’ United Nations.’

I had a girl ask me to point out the United nations organization on an atlas , no not the individual members, the actual country’ United Nations’.

43. When a girl wouldn’t donate blood because she thought you only got a certain amount for your entire life.

A girl I know formerly asked why anyone would donate blood. She said that you only got a certain quantity for your entire life and dedicating it away didn’t make sense.

44. That one time when I got lost by myself in a Hall of Mirrors.

That one time when I got lost by myself in a Hall of Mirrors.