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Donald Trump proceeded after the special advise probing his administration, the former FBI director and even his own attorney general during an interrogation published in The New York Times. Trump pretty much reminded special admonish Robert Mueller not to start looking into his family investments, saying that would be “a violation.” He accused former FBI Director James Comey of trying to hold that notorious dossier as leveraging over him. But he saved the majority of members of his ire for Attorney General Jeff Sessions, “says hes” wouldn’t have picked Discussions as his AG if he’d known Sessions would recuse himselffrom the Russia examination.

Trump Jr ., Manafort to certify before Senate

Trump, Putin had undisclosed G20 meeting

Dr. Sanjay Gupta speaks exclusively with McCain’s physicians

Trump summons Senate GOP to talk health care

O.J. Simpson to seek parole

911 transcripts of woman killed by police

Six months of the Trump presidency in photos


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