Former Vice President Joe Biden honored the memory of Sen. John McCain at a memorial service at the North Phoenix Baptist Church in Arizona on Thursday.

Biden passed an psychological kudo for McCain, who died at persons below the age of 81 on Saturday after a battle with mentality cancer. They had a decadeslong affection that began in the early days of their time in Washington. The former vice president’s lecture was a powerful thinking on McCain’s life and legacy as the nation mourns his loss.

“To paraphrase Shakespeare, we shall not accompany his like again, ” Biden said.

Here are some of the most heartbreaking moments of Biden’s eulogy.

On Their Shared, Silent Pain

McCain and Biden were both young men who experienced rigor and loss early in their lives. McCain weathered torture as a prisoner of war in Vietnam while he was servicing of the Navy. Biden lost his first bride and the young men daughter in a auto gate-crash in 1972, simply a few months after winning his first Senate race in Delaware.

Both men filled soon after their personal tragedies, when McCain provided as a Navy liaison for the Senate, but they never touched on their pasts, Biden said.

“And we would sit on that airplane, late into the darknes while everyone else was asleep, and exactly talk, to know each other, ” Biden said. “We’d talking here pedigree. We’d talking here politics. We’d talking here international relations. We’d talking here promise.”

“We talked about everything but confinement and the loss of their own families, “whos just” resulted, my spouse and daughter, ” he continued. “The only two things we didn’t talk about.”

On The Early Era Of Their Friendship

Biden recounted its first year early in his profession that he spent getting to know McCain, telling the crowd they “just hit it off.” The former vice president told legends of the friendship McCain had with Biden’s sons and second partner, Jill Biden.

“As a young man, he’d come up to my house, he’d be coming home with Wilmington, and out of this thrived a great friendship that transcended whatever political differences we had or later developed. Because above all, we understood the same happen. That all politics is personal. It’s all about rely. And I trusted John with “peoples lives”, ” Biden said.

Brian Snyder/ Reuters Former Vice President Joe Biden speaks at a memorial service for Sen. John McCain in Phoenix, Aug. 30.

On How Much Cancer Sucks

Beau Biden, one of Joe Biden’s children, died in 2015 from glioblastoma, the same rare brain cancer that McCain was diagnosed with last year. The former vice president spoke candidly about something universal: how much cancer suctions.

“We both knew then from our different ordeals … that there are times when life can be so inhuman — ache so blinding, it’s hard to see anything else, ” Joe Biden said. “The disease that took John’s life, took our mutual acquaintance Teddy[ Kennedy] ’s life nine years ago, and three years ago, it took my beautiful son Beau’s life.”

“It’s brutal, it’s relentless, it’s unforgiving. And it takes so much from those we adoration and their own families who love them that in order to survive, we have to remember how they lived , not how they died, ” Biden continued.

On The Loss Of McCain As’ All Consuming’

In his speech, Biden captured the sentiments of bereavement, describing the absence of McCain as “all consuming.” Biden addressed the McCain family directly on what they may be feeling.

“It’s like being sucked into a black hole inside your chest, and it’s frightening, ” Biden said. “And I know something else, regrettably, from experience: that there’s nothing anyone can say or do to ease the agony right now. But I pray you take some solace knowing that because you shared John with all of us your whole life, countries around the world now shares with you the hurt of John’s death.”

On The Times They Grant Each Other Advice

Biden managed to return some frivolity to his psychological pronunciation, telling storeys of meters the two senators would talk to each other in a viciously honest way.

”Whenever I was in tribulation, John was the first guy there, and I hope I was there for him. And we never hesitated to give one another admonition, ” Biden said. “He’d call me in the middle of a campaign and say,’ What the blaze did you say that for? You simply screwed up, Joe.’”

They always had each other’s backs, Biden said.

POOL New/ Reuters “In prescribe to endure, we have to remember how they lived , not how they died, ” Biden said at the service.

On Why The Country Mourns Together

There has been an outpouring of kind words about McCain in recent daylights from Democrats and Republican alike. Biden said on Thursday that the senator’s death has been felt so resoundingly because of how McCain’s love of his country caused Americans “confidence.”

“John felt so deeply and fiercely in the being of America. His faith in the fundamental values of this person obliged them somehow feel better more genuinely themselves, ” Biden said.

“His conviction that we as a country would never walk away from the sacrifices generations of Americans have made to defend liberty and glory all over the world it cleared Americans proud of themselves. His sentiment — and the information was late — that Americans can do anything, withstand anything, achieve anything was both unflagging and eventually reassuring.”

On What McCain Left His Family

Biden pointed his speech by addressing McCain’s family. He told McCain’s wife, Cindy McCain, that the late senator “owed so much of what he was to you.”

And then Biden spoke instantly to McCain’s children.

“You is not able to have had your leader as long as you would have liked, but you got from him everything you need, ” Biden said. “To pursue your own dreams. To follow the course of your own being. You are a living legacy — not hyperbole. You are a living gift, living proof of John McCain’s success.”


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