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8 hurt in test-drive gondola gate-crash at Los Angeles Auto Show


A man test-driving a vehicle at the Los Angeles Auto Show plowed onto a sidewalk and stumble a planter on Monday, casting concrete shards spraying and injuring at least a half-dozen people, sovereignties said.

Paramedics assessed eight beings and took six people, includes the move, to hospitals with minor to moderate injuries, Fire Department spokesman Brian Humphrey said.

However, police Lt. Chris Ramirez said the injured included five pedestrians, the 24 -year-old driver and his passenger.

None of the harms were life-threatening and it was unclear whether any of the pedestrians actually were struck by the car, dominions said.

The crash took place outside the Los Angeles Convention Center shortly before 1:15 p.m.

An orange-red Fiat 500 e with a decal that told “Drive today! At the auto show” rushed the inhibit when the move lost command, police added. Its windshield was cracked and the hood damaged.

The driver was perhaps unlicensed, Sgt. Jack Richter told the Los Angeles Times( http :// lat.ms/ 2geCHR1 ).

Messages to auto show congresswomen searching note weren’t immediately returned.

On its website, nonetheless, the auto show responds people attending the indicate who wish to test-drive automobiles must have a valid driver’s license and sign a waiver of liability.

“You may be asked to pass a Breathalyzer test in order to participate, ” the website says.

Drivers are allowed to carry passengers on the drive but they must be at least 8 years old, according to the requirements.


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