For Michael OBrien, April of 2017 has been the hardest time of his short life. The 8-year-old from Middleboro, Massachusetts, tragically lost his father in a vehicle gate-crash on April 16.

Then, on April 26 precisely 10 days after his dad diedMichaels mommy, Marie, embarked strangling in front of him, and she couldnt communicate or breathe.


I said, Please, God, don’t let me die in front of this teenager. He’s already been through so much, Marie said of the accident.

She had been talking with Michael on the sofa before institution when the muffin she was devouring grew lodged in her throat.

Thanks to his learn as a boy scout, Michael knew just what to do.

I supposed, Dont panic or mommas going to get scared. I comprised it together and it operated, Michael interpreted. I cant “losing ones”. I already lost my dad .

The second grader calmly called 911, told the dispatcher their address and his mothers cell phone number, then stood on the line and reported her symptoms.

Michael says that Boy Scouts educated him to always be aware of whats happening around you. If someones suffering, you stay calm and call 911.

His poise and maturity in a situation that would scare even the most able adults is totally admirable. And to think he was able to remain calm and entrusted with responsibilities for the situation the way he did, just days after losing his fatherits unbelievable.

Marie says that her son saved her life, and though hes “ve been through” a lot, he was even be permitted to prank about it that same morning when she fell him off at school. He said, Mom , no eating for the rest of the working day. No one will be home to save you, Marie laughs.

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It just goes to show that God doesnt discriminate by age. He furnished Michael with the knowledge and ability to help his mother and save her from a potentially deadlysituation. Kudos to this brave young son!


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