Someone has Chris Soules’ back.

A source close to the former Bachelor star has stated that the 35 -year-old was not drunk at the time of the gate-crash that killed 66 -year-old Kenneth Mosher in Aurora, Iowa on Monday.

The source told ET 😛 TAGEND

“The truck Chris was driving was one of the old-time study trucks they had on the land there. Not his everyday truck. He was near his region when the crash happened.”

Another source pretensions Chris was not wearing his seatbelt during the clang, and that he was knocked against the dashboard of his truck.

The source enunciated:

“An onlooker stopped, plucked over and told Chris to call 911. So, he did. Chris clambered out of his fare area window and called 911. “

Meanwhile, an Iowa State Patrol official told ET that another tone can be heard in the 911 call made by Soules after the accident. The official said 😛 TAGEND

“In Iowa, when something like this happens, everybody stops. It’s a small community, everybody knows everybody. I don’t know who was passing by, but person stopped and helped with CPR.”

As for why Chris absconded the incident, different sources pretensions he “was in shock, ” and that a relative had pulled up to the panorama only then. The root illustrated 😛 TAGEND

“[ His relative] was nearby on their country and sounds the accident. Then,[ Soules and his relative] left at some point.”

Chris has since retained a legal crew, while police have obtained search warrants for the cherry-red Chevy the reality star supposedly fled the situation in, as well as his blood booze measures from the hospital.

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