It’s like Breaking Bad, but real. El Chapo’s son- Ivan Archivaldo Guzman- has disclosed what it is actually like to be in a drug cartel, through paints posted on hisFacebook .

While the page hasn’t been confirmed as surely belonging to El Chapo Jr, it is believed to be genuine. It to coincide with pharmaceutical cartel activity across Mexico, and it peculiarity paints that have also been posted on Guzman’s Twitter account.

Plus, when El Chapo himself fled from prison earlier this year, the page supposedly belonging to his son posted this 😛 TAGEND

So for now, we’re going to assume that it’sreal.

From what we’ve heard on the Facebook, we imagine that a day in living conditions of El Chapo’s son travels something like this 😛 TAGEND

8am : Wake up, and eat breakfast off a table make use of coin. Then hand out announced coin to the ‘ plebes ‘( lower ranks) who have been doinga particularly good job.

10 am : Ride to a nearby airfield in a very expensive vehicle, then take a private aircraft to task. Enjoy the views over Mexico.

12 pm : Stop for lunch. Go party with your ‘ plebes ‘: got a few beers, toss a few grenades…

2pm : Never thinker employment. Head home, and relax withyour cats.

Not a bad life .

H/ T: Vocativ


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