Aaron Hernandez‘s violent tendencies likely stemmed from an emotional pain centering around his sexuality, multiple sources revealed in the new Oxygen documentary, Aaron Hernandez Uncovered.

The two part documentary, which aired Saturday and Sunday, featured interviews with the disgraced

The 27-year-old’s college girlfriend Alyssa Anderson said she first discovered Aaron had a secret relationship with a man while they were attending the University of Florida, explaining:

“Back in college, there were text messages I saw on his phone when he came back from a trip in Connecticut (that were) from a male. (They) didn’t have a name, didn’t really say too much but it was a relationship with somebody and I questioned it.”

While the former New England Patriots tight end denied the relationship at the time, Alyssa claimed he later admitted to it in letters they exchanged following his first arrest. In one of the letters, in which Aaron also allegedly admitted to being molested as a kid, he wrote:

“Please keep between this… But it’s not a shock, you caught me lol.”

George Leontire, an openly gay member of Aaron’s defense team, said the former athlete opened up to him about his sexuality, telling Oxygen cameras:

“This man clearly was gay. [He] acknowledged it. Acknowledged the immense pain that it caused him… I think that he also came out of a culture that was so negative about gay people that he exhibited some self-hatred.”

That self-hatred was the reason authorities suspect the 27-year-old became violent. Law enforcement officials reportedly believed Aaron killed Odin Lloyd in 2013 because he knew about the NFL star’s sexuality.

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However, Aaron’s defense team claimed he had since made peace with his orientation in his final months, despite his fiancée Shayanna Jenkins apparently being in the dark about it.

Jose Baez, Aaron’s lead attorney, claimed in the doc that his client’s final days in prison were a “happy” time and his suicide came out of nowhere. His lawyers have previously said that Aaron sent a message to his rumored prison lover Kyle Kennedy hinting that he was going to kill himself, writing:

“I think I’m gonna hang it up, lol”

Kyle reportedly didn’t understand the meaning of the message until after Aaron hanged himself in his prison cell in 2017.

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