We’re appalled this person is alive!

A driver in Deland, Florida is lucky to be alive after crashing his gondola over the weekend and reeling it over multiple times, completely destroying it, before coming to rest upside down stuck inside.

The accident was caught on security camera footage from a nearby gas station, and captivated “the mens” guiding off the road.

Then he apparently hit a mailbox, followed by a row of ATVs parked outside a scooter supermarket, leading to the car flipping again, and again, and again, before observers were finally able to rush to his aid.

The driver was drawn out of his sunroof and later breath hoisted to the hospital. Fortunately , no one was was injured in the accident.

Check out the wild video( below ):

WOW !!!

We’re precisely glad this guy existed. It looks like a NASCAR accident or something !!

[ Image via Local 10 ABC .]


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