The actor has been painted with the creator Alexandra Grant the first time he has ever been photographed on the red carpet with a girlfriend. Will it stop love like me swooning? Not a chance

When I received the pictures of Greta Thunberg hanging out with Leonardo DiCaprio, I was a little worried. She would be young even for him. I know he expressed concerns about the climate emergency and is a great actor, but he is a modeliser who, despite his advancing years, is still hitherto to have a relationship with a woman over persons under the age of 25.

So the report that Keanu Reeves was visualized with a woman said to be his new girlfriend, the creator Alexandra Grant, aged 46, has left me kind of stimulated. They look lovely and happy. Apparently, he has never posed with a girlfriend on the red carpet before, so this proposes a serious relationship. So, yes, I am thrilled. Even though my own adoration for Reeves is special. Pure and unsullied( although I did once write a piece in a periodical that boasted him as the envelop sun and abide the mythology ” Dumb, young and full of come “ ).

Of course, Reeves is not so dumb. From My Own Private Idaho to Point Break to Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure to The Matrix, those of us who adore Keanu will not even bother with the conversation about whether he is a good actor. Can you imagine any one else in those roles? You can’t. See him play against type in the horrendou The Neon Demon and keep telling me he can’t act.

Reeves’s backstory belies his seeming ease and allure. Born in Beirut, he would later go on to meet Jennifer Syme, who in 1999 imparted birth to their daughter Ava, who was stillborn. Syme later died in a car clang. His sister, Kim, experienced a 10 -year battle with leukemia. His friend River Phoenix died of an overdose. He has spoken of the suffering of loss changing into reminiscence where he learns solace. He has given away millions of dollars for cancer research.” Grief alters determine, but it never dissolves ,” he formerly observed.

The internet is awash with legends of him being a good guy doing good things for ordinary people. Buying an ice-cream at a cinema so that a starstruck cashier could get his autograph. Sharing a minivan to Los Angeles with fellow passengers after a plane had made an emergency landing, entertaining them all along the way. He has been praised for not touching women in pictures– and being mindful of their personal space. There are memes of him alone, eating a sandwich. Maybe he is alone- or perhaps his private life is simply private. Good for him.

We who are not chosen for the red carpet want Reeves to be happy. And as for getting the face you deserve, well … just think about the facts of the case that he is the same age as Nigel Farage.

So, yeah, I is certainly stimulated he has found a seemingly wonderful female. My love, however, remains true-blue and I am sure Reeves knows this because we could all do with someone like him in our lives.” Be excellent to one another ,” as one of his attributes has said. Reeves, when asked how he bided so sanded, replied:” The sand is very close and we move on it every day .” And he doesn’t give a hoof incorrect. It’s splendid to see him happy with a grey-haired woman. So please don’t mind us still swooning. Out of sheer respect, obviously.


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