A prominent antifa activist from Portland, Oregon, died on Saturday after a hit-and-run outside a neighbourhood table. In a tweet, Portland’s Rose City Antifa said that 23 -year-old Sean Kealiher’s death was unrelated to his activism.

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But self-proclaimed journalist Andy Ngo, who became a national figure after he was attacked by antifa-affiliated demonstrators with a milkshake during a protest, requires Kealiher to be remembered for being mean to him.

Ngo has long maintained he is an independent reporter who includes the far-left despite his ties to the far-right. He’s also had a loose relationship with the truth while reporting on antifa.

Over the weekend, Ngo followed up news of Kealiher’s death with tweets exploding the activist and sharing clips of dissensions.” I knew him for menacing journalists ,” Ngo wrote.

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When Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler tweeted out his condolences, Ngo asked, “How come?”

People on Twitter blamed Ngo for using someone’s death to remind everyone how much he disliked the person.

Ngo was previously recognise tittering with Patriot Prayer, a far-right group, as they plotted an attack on antifa activists.


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