Nick Viall please open about a fledgling clash he’s got going on with former Bachelor rival Kristina Schulman … but she’s not taking his comments without clapping back!

The 38 -year-old former Bachelor may be one of the most popular stellars in the show’s recent record, but to hear the 26 -year-old Schulman tell it, y’all might want to rethink crowning Viall as the prince of the class!

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Let’s go back to when this all started — as Viall did on his podcast.

On Wednesday’s The Viall Files , which featured ESPN temperament Mina Kimes as well, Nick took the time to address notes Schulman had made about him on this season of Bachelor in Paradise .

You see, Kristina had been on Nick’s season of The Bachelor , and when things didn’t work out for her there, she was ostracized to more recent appearance on BiP .

Well, a couple weeks ago at the Mexican resort, Schulman likened Viall to BiP opponent Luke Stone , notice the latter was ” nicer, cuter, and easier to talk to .” Ouch !!

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