Bachelor star Chris Soules was apprehended on Monday following a fatal accident, Fox News has learned.

According to a press release from the Buchanan County Sheriff’s Office, Soules, 35, was arrested and charged with leaving the background of a fatality engine vehicle accident( a class D misdemeanour ).

“Due to the on-going investigation, further accusations may be pending, ” the statement read.

Soules’ attorneys, Sean Spellman and Molly Spellman of West Des Moines, Iowa secreted a statement to Just Jared Tuesday saying, Chris Soules was involved in an accident Monday evening( April 24) in a urban part of Iowa near his home. He was destroyed to be noted that Kenneth Mosher, the other person in the accident, passed away. His thoughts and prayers are with Mr. Moshers family.”

Robert Roepke, whose daughter is married to Mosher’s son, represented Soules.

I believe it was a very tragic, sad collision that took the life of a person that was just coming home from occupation, ” Roepke told People.

This is corn planting time, best available epoch of the year for a farmer. Kenny was working on one of the farms only a bit north of Aurora and I think he was just coming home. For Chris , what happened was just a freak accident.

Chris comes from a good family and is still well-vested in farming. Hes got a great life ahead of him, he includes. This is a serious bump in the road and I dont is well known his[ alleged] alcohol issue but I just know that this was a huge mistake. Its something hes going to have to deal with for the rest of his life. It just resolved very tragically.

According to Iowa’s, courtroom documents indicate there were alcoholic containers at the situation of such crimes.

Ken was just a guy a partner, grandpa, a father, says Roepke. He enjoyed farming and attended about the region. He was a good guy. He was doing his business, taking care of business. The Moshers are in appall and still trying to process it all.

Police responded to a 911 call about the incident at approximately 8: 20 p.m. Monday.

According to TMZ, current realities star was driving a vehicle that rear-ended a tractor trailer. The motorist of the tractor trailer,[ Kenneth Eugene Mosher, 66 of Aurora ], apparently died at research hospitals in accordance with the disintegrate after the vehicle was sent into a ditch.


“The judge gave a $10,000 cash alliance on him, ” an official at the prison told Fox News. He posted bail and was exhausted on Tuesday.

Soules starred on the 19 th season of The Bachelor and grew involved to Whitney Bischoff on the demonstrate. The duo has since split.

He appeared on “Dancing with the Stars” after his “Bachelor” season.

ABC declined to comment.


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