( CNN) Everything we know about Steve Bannon’s interview with Robert Kuttner, writer of the left-leaning American Prospect magazine, been shown that Bannon — who was forced from his berth as premier strategist to President Donald Trump Friday– was being solely candid about his political deliberation in an unsolicited phone call to Kuttner.

That’s a troubling conceive. Bannon described a positive political advantage for the White House following Trump’s “both sides” proclamations that indirectly supported the white supremacists responsible for the most recent brutality in Charlottesville, Virginia.

“Ethno-nationalism — it’s losers. It’s a fringe ingredient. I remember the national media performances it up too much, and we gotta assistance mash it, you know, uh, facilitate subdue it more. These people are a collection of clowns, ” Bannon told Kuttner — a cynical dismissal from the former writer of Breitbart news who last year joyously describedhis media company as “the platform for the alt-right, ” that same “fringe” movement.

Trump on Bannon: We’ll see what happens


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