Media captionAmerican Police called to crash 3,000 miles away in Devon

A woman from Barnstaple, Devon, who inadvertently announced police 3,000 miles away in Barnstable, Massachusetts, has accused a computer research program for the mix-up.

She called police to report a vehicle disintegrate near Muddiford on Monday.

But she ceased up want me talking to police in the USA after applying Windows ‘digital assistant’ Ask Cortana to find the number.

“I haven’t stopped giggling, ” she said.

The call lasted two and a half instants before American officer Mark McWilliams realised it was from England.

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Image copyright Barnstable Police Department
Image caption Barnstable Police Department in Massachusetts is more than 3,000 miles from Barnstaple in Devon
Image caption Officer Mark McWilliams said the response time would be ‘more than six hours’
Image caption Chief of Police for Barnstable in Massachusetts, Paul MacDonald

Paul MacDonald, Chief of Police for Barnstable, Massachusetts said: “It’s not unexpected for us to have tourists or clients from England but this is the first time someone called from England to report a motor vehicle crash.”

The English caller, who lives in Ilfracombe, said: “The more I hear it the more I laugh.”

“My pals questioned Cortana and the telephone number came up so I pressed it and that’s how I was speaking to police in Massachusetts.”

Barnstable, Massachusetts is twinned with the northern Devon town.

Image copyright Google
Image caption Barnstaple Police Station in Devon


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