This story is tragic on so many levels.

As you may recall when it first smacked the report, back on July 1st of this year, ace Los Angeles Angels pitcher Tyler Skaggs was unexpectedly were dead in his hotel room in Southlake, Texas just hours before his crew was set to play a superhighway game against the Texas Rangers . The MLB star was just 27 years old at the time of his death, left with a young bride and a sorrow parish of teammates, friends, love, and family members.

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Then, another bombshell, when in late August, autopsy reports determined that Skaggs’ organization contained narcotics including oxycodone, alcohol, and fentanyl at the time of his death — recommending the pitcher( depicted above, with his wife) may have been abusing opioids. Immediately, the left-handed pitcher’s family came out with a particularly aggressive word that an Angels hire had been rendering pharmaceuticals to the star athlete, though that resounded far-fetched at the time.

Well, shockingly, it appears Skaggs’ kinfolk may have been absolutely right with their allegation.

A brand-new report released by ESPN ‘ s Outside The Lines on Saturday evening revealed that an Angels staff member apparently told federal investigates that he did supply the late pitcher with dopes for at least two years’ era. Eric Kay , who has worked for years as the Angels’ administrator of communications, apparently admitted to Drug Enforcement Authority agents analyse Skaggs’ demise that” he’d hooked him up with oxycodone for years .” Kay is apparently himself addicted to opioids, and currently in outpatient treatment right now for substance abuse issues, according to the report.

There’s more, extremely: according to the report, Kay likewise told DEA agents that he believed” at least five other actors” were also using opiates, which would be a huge story in its own right, though those epithets were not made public. Furthermore, Kay am of the view that” at least two team officials” had been notified of Skaggs’ drug addiction well before the pitcher’s death — including one notification allegedly the whole way back in 2017.

A rep for the Angels has denied that part of the report, at least, saying in a statement( below ):

” We are shocked to hear these reports . … We had no prior knowledge of Tyler or any other member of the Angels arrangement having abused opioids or any narcotic and continue to work with law enforcement to get answers .”

No kidding…

It’s unclear what, if any, legal action may be faced at this time by Kay, the Angels, or anyone else. Obviously, Kay has had his own conflicts with opioid craving( reportedly starting after his father passed away years ago ), and he’s been struggling himself with the disease. For now, it emerges the DEA and other federal agencies will continue to investigate, as this story wipes through baseball, and the sports sector, this weekend. It’s a real tragedy in so many ways.

Addiction is absolutely awful.


[ Image via Tyler Skaggs/ Instagram ]

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