No "Actual" autos or "People" were hurt planned of this film.

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Mods Used

Baja Hills –

Yellav Valley.7 –

Blackhills2015 –

Matrix Highway –

Drag T-Series –

Gavril T-series addon –

Music – 1st – Title: San Holo – New Sky
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2nd – Title: San Holo – Victory
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Pc Specifications as of February 2016

CPU – I7 5960x clocked at 4.5 Ghz – Water cooled down

Motherboard – Asus x99 Deluxe U3.1.

Memory – 64 GB Quad Ch. 2400MHz DDR4 Corsair Dominator Platinum CAS 14-16-16-31.

Video – 2 x ASUS GTX Titan X.

Storage space – 2tb Samsung 850 Pro system.

2 x 1tb Samsung 850 professional games.

1 x 1tb Samsung 850 professional various other things.

Case – Corsair Graphite 780t white.

Screen – ASUS PG279Q 165Hz.

PSU – AX1500I.

OS – Windows 10 Pro.

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  1. Sorry for the long delay in video uploads but if you follow my Instagram
    and anyone can 😉 you’ll know my Pc died again but stayed dead this time
    and I had to buy new hardware to get up and running again it’s been a
    nightmare but every things up and running again so I can make new videos
    starting with Trucks Vs Cars #5 I started 2/3 weeks ago so hope you enjoy.

    This will be 2k once finished processing .

    • Insanegaz

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