Christmas warning centres on Sanlitun diplomatic and entertainment region, with Chinese powers saying steps taken to ensure good public order

Countries including Australia, Britain and the US have issued Christmas security tellings-off for westerners in Beijings popular Sanlitun diplomatic and presentation territory as Chinese police step up patrols.

Beijing is generally safe and criminals rarely target natives, although the fashionable Sanlitun bar and restaurant neighbourhood sometimes reads crusades. In August a lone attacker stabbed a French man and a Chinese woman there. The woman died.

The US embassy said in a short statement on Thursday that it had received information of possible threats against westerners in Sanlitun, also residence to many delegations, on or around Christmas Day.

The French embassy, Britains Foreign Office and Australias Department of Foreign Affairs issued same alarms. None of them elaborated.

Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Hong Lei said he was aware of research reports and that the government of canada is paid great attention to foreigners safety.

Beijing police, in a statement released, said they had questioned a yellow protection notify for Christmas and New Year, the second largest lowest level, focused on regions like plazas, which are likely to see more beings visiting during the festivities.

Beijing police are planning onward and taking many measures … to ensure good public ordering, it said.

Christmas is not a holiday in China but more and more young people celebrate it as they deem it as a sophisticated western custom and excuse to give gifts.

A Reuters photographer understood police commandos with firearms in front of Sanlituns prime mall. Regular police incline not to carry firearms in China, and artillery violation is in any case uncommon.

The city overall has been on much higher alert, with patrols by armed police in favourite patronize and tourism investments places, since a lethal vehicle accident in 2013 at the upper edge of Tiananmen Square in which five people succumbed. The authority blamed that happen on Islamist partisans from Chinas far western region of Xinjiang, where hundreds have died in unrest in recent years.


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