( Fox 8)

Officials removed a bench dedicated to a young automobile gate-crash casualty from a North Carolina park Monday, and pals claim it was because the bench peculiarity a Bible verse and two crosses.

“I only could not believe that they would take something away from my precious little baby like that, ” the child’s baby, Heather Roten, told Fox 8.

Her 16 -month old-fashioned son, Mason, succumbed after the accident in August. Friends and Elkin High School alumni say they arranged to create the metal bench and region it in Elkin Municipal Park.

One etching on the bench reads, “In enjoying memory of Mason Camden Roten.” Another includes a poem from the book of Psalms.

Officials in Elkin removed the bench Monday, reportedly residence it in storage.

Town manager John Holcomb told Fox 8 officials had never approved the bench, pointing out that it was placed on top of a different monumental. “It is a beautiful bench and we are now working to find another most suitable point for the bench which exist in recollection of a young child, ” he added.

But the child’s mother suggested alumni did, in fact, get dispensation, and other residents say it was removed because of the Bible references.

“They’re pretty much announcing us liars, that they didn’t get allow which they did, ” Heather Roten told the word station.

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