A bipolar California kindergarten teacher who vanished roughly 3 weeks ago, was find alive on Friday — and she told investigators she subsisted on two grasshoppers and a fly.

Jamie Tull who was told by a clergyman her medicine was a gateway stimulant to the demon was detected Friday morning in a field near where she gate-crashed in Merced County, Calif.

The 36 -year-old woman was alert and talking, and was being taken to a infirmary in either Modesto or Fresno, the Merced County Sheriffs Department told The Modesto Bee.

Officials said Tull supposedly disguised in a water tank during the course of its all-out search for her, confounding would-be rescuers because she didn’t want to be found.

Tull hadnt been heard from since shortly after she crashed.

Tulls husband, Apollo Tull, had said his wife announced him in tears, saying Im not going to see you again. Soon subsequentlies, Jamie drove off the road, into barricades and a cattle entrance. After the disintegrate she told her husband where she was.

Apollo announced 911 and drove to the situation. When he arrived, he found police, but no clue of his wife.

Jamie Tull was diagnosed with bipolar illness 10 years ago following a painful incident. She was considered high-pitched functioning when taking her remedy, according to FOX 40.

Tull educated kindergarten at Woodrow Elementary School in Modesto and planned to transfer to another school the following year.