Sounds like

In case you don’t recollect, #RobeBae is Ferrari True, “the mens” she was caught canoodling with when he was wearing gowns Rob bought. The mom-of-two previously alarmed Ferrari about exhausting his own avenge porn against her, but that didn’t seem to be a concern of his.

However, Chyna has MANY refers with him!

Her team is reportedly claiming that he has been calling and texting her in a harassing route over the last week as he’s acting obsessive and delusional. Not only is she are working with that freaking her out, but she apparently also thinks he already HAS secreted revenge porn!

Now, the 29 -year-old is not just beefing up her personal security, but she’s taking another precaution of banning him from her fraternity image on Saturday night at Medusa Restaurant& Lounge in Atlanta. She’ll have four extra lookouts with her and the association owned has reportedly wished to accede to make sure #RobeBae doesn’t go into if he tries.

Hopefully the event “re going away” without a hitch!

[ Images via Instagram/ FayesVision/ WENN .]


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