Image caption Clockwise from top left: Anthony Armour, Darnell Harte, Robbie Meerun, Elliot and Ellis Thornton-Kimmit were all killed in the clang

A 15 -year-old boy who caused the deaths of five people when the stolen automobile he was driving gate-crashed into a tree has been detained for more than four years.

Ellis, 12, and Elliott Thornton-Kimmitt, 14, died in the disintegrate along with Darnell Harte, 15, Anthony Armour and Robbie Meerun, both 24.

Leeds Crown Court heard the car “split in two” when it smacked a tree in Meanwood, Leeds, at 88 mph, on 25 November.

The boy admitted five countings of causing death by dangerous driving.

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Media captionThe sisters of Darnell Harte say the sentence is too short

West Yorkshire Police said here Renault Clio the latter are circulating in had been stolen from the Headingley area of the city earlier the same day.

The boy, who cannot be mentioned because of his age, was sentenced to four-and-a-half-years’ detainees and disqualified from driving for seven years and three months by Judge Peter Collier QC.

The court heard eyewitnesses say the car was being driven erratically and on the wrong side of the road before it crashed.

The prosecutor said a passerby who had gone to the aid of the passengers described visualizing the boy absconding the situation despite being told to wait for police.

Image copyright AFP/ Getty Image caption The Renault Clio struck a tree at speed, inducing car places to be strewn over the road and pavement

The judge said: “It was your driving of that vehicle on that night which has caused all this hurting and hurt.

“I know what happened that night will shape their own lives every day from now on.

“I do not think there will ever be a time of day when you will not remember what happened and repent what you did.”

Image copyright Reuters Image caption The stolen car hit a tree on Stonegate Road in Meanwood

Outside court Darnell Harte’s sisters wept as they spoke to reporters, with one saying: “In two years’ time he’s going to be out and we’re going to have to see his face and not say anything because he’s helped right in some people’s seeings – to me that’s not justice, because I’m never going to see my little brother ever again.

“He was the best friend you could ever have.”

Speaking at the moment of its clang, police said they had been confronted by a scene of “complete carnage”.

Two of the passengers were declared dead at the site of the gate-crash and three expired a short period of time afterwards in hospital.

Image caption Supt Lisa Atkinson said the crash had affected “many, numerous people”

After the hearing Supt Lisa Atkinson said: “To forget three children and two adults in such an important occurrence is perfectly frightful. Many, many parties were affected by it.

“I was operating the weekend that it happened and I can speak personally about how everyone was affected, the emergency services, the residents.

“It was rightfully ghastly, a vehicle passing at three times the quicken limit in a residential area.

“A 15 -year-old boy is now starting a convict and he will be affected by this for the rest of his life.”

Image copyright Peter Byrne/ PA Wire Image caption Floral honours were targeted close to the vistum in the working day after the crash

David Holderness from the Crown Prosecution Service said: “This was a truly shocking misdemeanour in which five young people lost their lives.

“The defendant acted in a supremely dangerous method, driving erratically and at speeds of around 88 mph in a residential area.

“Tragically, his scapegoats paid the price of the driver’s utter irresponsibility with their lives.”

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