Tony Award winner Ruthie Ann Blumenstein, who goes by the stage name Ruthie Ann Miles, lost her unborn babe after holding hurts in a automobile accident a couple of months ago.

Miles’ 5-year-old daughter, Abigail, was killed when they were both hit by a car after a motorist plowed through a red light at a busy intersection in the Park Slope neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York. A 46 -year-old man and a woman, Lauren Lew, were also injured. Lew’s 20 -month-old son was also killed in the crash.

At the time of the accident in March, Miles, who was pregnant, was seriously disabled and spent some time in the intensive care unit. After her release, their own families said in a statement that her unborn baby emerged unharmed.

On Wednesday night, a lawyer for the family announced the couple had lost their unborn child, a girl, due to injuries sustained in the accident. The Broadway star was 39 weeks pregnant, according to The Wall street Journal.

Dorothy Bruns, the operator who affected the pedestrians, said she had a convulsion before the crash. She was charged with manslaughter, criminally negligent murder and foolhardy driving earlier this month, according to USA Today.

The Wall Street Journal reported that Bruns, 44, pleaded not guilty.


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