Fifty-foot ignites threaten thousands of homes in north-west LA neighborhood of Calabasas, in fervour that started after a automobile gate-crash downed power lines

A car crash that downed power line transformed hills north-west of Los Angeles into torches, action thousands from their homes and putting entire vicinities at risk in a prosperous semi-rural enclave.

Fifty-foot flames erupted on the banks and embers became trees into candles on Saturday afternoon. And while the kindles eased overnight, firefighters continued on Sunday to duel the fire. Some 3,000 residences were threatened and about 5,000 inhabitants were evacuated, the Los Angeles County sheriffs department said.

The fire flared as southern California sweltered under temperatures that stumbled the mid-9 0s in many plazas. Sundays high in Calabasas was expected to be around 86 F( 30 C ).

At its altitude, the kindles put about 3,000 residences at risk, although not under imminent threat, burn officials said.

Were dealing with a fervor thats moving in all directions simultaneously we cant get at everybody, troop director Dennis Cross told KNBC-TV.

A helicopter, carrying sea, operating near the Kittridge Fire in Calabasas on Saturday afternoon. Photograph: Mike Nelson/ EPA

Three homes were damaged but the extent of the damage was not clear, Los Angeles County fire captain Keith Mora articulated. Some other constructs, including some at a town ballpark, also were damaged.

The fire started as three blazes that erupted after a auto hit a supremacy pole and knocked down electrical threads, approvals responded. One barrage in the West Hills area of Los Angeles was quickly doused but other fires in Calabasas connected and raced through drought-dry brush in slopes surrounded by developments.

The blaze flourished to 200 acres in a matter of hours. Embers erupted trees and clumps of brush within yards of million-dollar homes. The fume could be seen for miles.

Some horse-owners in the area threw the swine in trailers and carried them away. Authorities set up an evacuation center for parties with large swine at Pierce College in Woodland Hills.

Around 200 firefighters, aided by bulldozers and water-dropping helicopters, had the glow 15% contained by late Saturday night.


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