All accidents in this video clip are non-fatal. Take this video as a learning device. This video is only for educational purposes. Take care when driving. Drive securely and also maintain yourself and also others risk-free. ✔ SUBSCRIBE ✔ FACEBOOK.

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    • Rock Jhonny a person who needs to get arrested is a person driving on a
      suspended license and getting into a car crash while driving his parents
      car (this guy is like 37) and crashes into a family who was visiting their
      children (which the car they were driving was a government employees car)
      luckly the only serious injury was a bashed in head (this guys air bags
      didn’t go off) and a fractured knee cap (I know cuz I was involved in the
      accident I was in the back seat I only had some bruising and burns from the
      air bag) I was in a 2013 Chevy cruize (that car was totaled the other cars
      tire imprint was on my bros car (the government employee) and he was
      driving a 94′ Mazda which didn’t have any side airbag sensors so his
      airbags didn’t go off where in the cruize all airbags went off

    • Something tells me you’ve either never driven a car or have very little
      experience. In most cases in a car crash, it happens too quick for your
      brain to consider the options. You can either stop or swerve. Even if you
      both swerve, you have a better chance of not hitting each other. If someone
      stops and the other swerves, they are more likely to get hit.

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