( CNN) On Saturday, a 20 -year-old man from Ohio reportedly rammed his car into groupings of parties gathered to protest a lily-white nationalist rally, killing a 32 -year old woman and disabling 19 others. If James Alex Fields Jr ., of Maumee, Ohio, surely intended to harm the counter-protesters, then his act deserves to be branded domestic terrorism.

Political violence in the United States takes all influences and shapes and on Saturday in Charlottesville, Virginia, we understood one of its shows, militant right-wing terrorism.

New America, a non-partisan think tank that tracks political brutality, finds that jihadist terrorists have killed 95 beings in the United States since al Qaeda’s attempts on 9/11, while the two attacks in Charlottesville wreaks the multitude to 68 parties that have been killed by far-right terrorists in the Government during the same periods of time.

Suspect in auto crash identified


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