( CNN) Two months after the deadly white supremacist rallies in Charlottesville, Virginia, the city and a group of neighbourhood business owners headed to courtroom Thursday to file a novel litigation to prevent “whats called” “private militia” radicals from inflicting carnage on the cities once again.

Using district laws prohibiting “unlawful paramilitary activity” and private citizens from falsely constituting as law enforcement, the new lawsuit was filed against more than more than 20 people, self-described militia groups, and grey nationalist groups, including several the heads of state of the “Unite the Right” rally back in August.

“Whatever their stated intentions, these groups terrified local residents and caused attendees to mistake them for approved military personnel, ” wrote attorneys for the city in the complaint. “It was in Charlottesville that an online clique of ethno-statists became a move with real pernicious patrol — that they inaugurated ‘stepping off the internet in a big way.'”


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