Sad news, y’all. Chris March , a popular avant-garde costume designer — whom you may remember from the fourth season of Project Runway — has died.

He was 56 years old.

According to informants close to Chris’ household, the clothes designer died Thursday afternoon at his home from an obvious heart attack. March had been in and out of the hospital a bit over the last year, but even with that, the heart attack was completely unexpected by the physicians and loved ones.

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About two years ago, March suffered a nasty fall at his apartment, and was eventually placed in a medically-induced coma by physicians. Related to the fall, “hes having” been battling medical editions for fairly some time more recently. Up until the ending of “peoples lives” though, are consistent with TMZ , March was still designing garbs and had work projects lined up, so it’s clear nobody expected his health to take a turn like this.

His career encompassed quite a few different fashion-related television ventures, and he garmented an impressive listing of -Alist idols for his way roster, including Beyonce , Madonna , Lady GaGa , and Meryl Streep . It became a bit of an iconic thing to see Meryl in Marchnot formerly, but twice — over the years.

Plus, he had considerable video suffer, as well. Not only was the designer a finalist on Project Runway during the show’s fourth season, he likewise appeared on Project Runway All Stars , and at one point had his own substantiate on Bravo announced Mad Fashion .

Real Housewives of New York City fans ought to remember him, more, for the run he did on the display helping to find elaborate costumes for Sonja Morgan . And as you might recall from having watched the fourth season of Project Runway , March was unique for his memorable chortle, which came out pretty much all the time on the depict. As he was portrayed during the season, he was amiable, funny, and always having a good time( below ):

What a recreation and funny recognition … not to mention such a talented designer!

He prepared it to the final round of that picture, and he was working successfully far beyond it right up until his death. Truly, an impressive career.

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Our most sincere condolences go to March’s family, friends, and loved ones during this trying time. We can’t begin to imagine what they’re going through after his death.

Rest in Peace, Chris.

We leave you with one last-place chuckle from Chris, courtesy of Andy Cohen

[ Image via WENN ]

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