On Sunday, members of the Christian banding We Are Messengers took to Facebook to share that their tour bus had been involved in a fatal automobile crash. They questioned fans for continued prayers, and predicted an update soon.

In a follow-up meaning positioned on Monday, the band detailed the harrowing accident and justified what happened.


Yesterdays events were and continue to be painful. Here are more details about what happened. On Sunday, March 26, 2017, it is reported that just after 4:15 a.m ., police were informed that a gondola with no ignites on was stopped and stationary in the right-hand corridor of I-7 5 North just south of Atlanta, GA. Sometime after that, the We Are Messenger bus traveling in the darkness of night northbound on I-7 5 attempted to avoid the unlit stopped car, but there was a crash of the two vehicles. Both vehicles exploded in flames and came to a stop on the left of the north-bound thoroughfares of I-7 5. The members of We Are Messengers escaped their burning vehicle before it was destroyed. The party within the stopped vehicle did not survive .

The members of We Are Messengers pray for treaty for the family of the person who died on the panorama. They are also deeply grateful for the support of so many in these times .

The bus and everything inside was completely destroyedeverything except for this single bible page that remained intact despitethe ruining fire.

It was a aisle from Romans 5 called Armistice and Joy.


God speaks to us in many ways, but one of the greatest is through the word.

The existing scripture talked to the harrowing happenings that had transpired, and shared latitudes the main theme of tolerating working together with Gods unbelievable love and sacrifice.

Paul writes in Romans 5:2 -5 , And weboast in the hopeof the splendor of God.Not merely so, but wealso glory in our suffers, because we know that tolerating raises dedication ;p erseverance, reputation; and persona, hope.And hopedoes not applied us to shame, because Gods lovehas been moved out into our middles through the Holy spirit, who has been given to us .

Lead singer Darren Mulligan molted some light on the events in a Facebook Live Video following the accident, “says hes” heartbroken, and unsure about how to look or what to say.

But of one thing, he is certain 😛 TAGEND

We should have all fucking dead, but the Lord is good. Divinities still good .