Lisa Vanderpump ‘ s big week in the headlines continues — and this time,

According to courtroom reports, Vanderpump and her husband Ken Todd ought to have be used with a class action lawsuit alleging significant strive misdemeanours. First registered on December 16 by former employee Adam Pierce Antoine , the suit accuses the couple of not compensating compensations or affording banquet transgress to laborers at their PUMP, SUR , Villa Blanca , and Tom Tom restaurant properties.

Antoine’s suit alleges the improper and missed payments run afoul of a number of California labor laws and have been in violation for at least four years. That includes” failing to pay wages, including overtime wages ,” as well as” manipulating or revising era records to show lesser hours than actually acted .” Yikes !!!!

The 59 -year-old reality TV mainstay and memo dog-lover is further accused of manipulating and cheating hires out of overtime hours by failing to properly compensate those who worked more than 12 hours in a period or more than 40 hours in a week. Many of those hours, special courts docs state, were driven off the clock, during develop, or when an employee was ” on call .”

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