College student Brett Smith drove up from Georgia to check the Ohio governor, who was campaigning in South Carolina ahead of the Republican primary

A presidential election campaign so far labelled by bluster and rancour construed a more tender time on Thursday when Republican John Kasich comforted a distressed follower with a hug.

University of Georgia student Brett Smith, 21, said he had driven up from Georgia to see Kasich, the head of Ohio, who was campaigning in South Carolina ahead of Saturdays Republican primary.

Over a year ago, a man who was like my second papa, he killed himself, Smith told the candidate. And then a few months later, my mothers got a divorce, and then a few months later, my dad “losing ones” enterprise. And I was in a really dark target for a very long time. I was pretty depressed.

But I obtained I hope, he sustained. And I acquired it in the Lord, and in your best friend, and now Ive encountered it in my presidential campaigner that I corroborate. And Id genuinely revalue one of those hugs youve been talking about.

Kasich is known for his hugs and has campaigned on a platform of so-called compassionate conservatism. Parties will come to our town hall and they will talking here some of “the worlds largest” excruciatingly difficult events that they see in “peoples lives”, he told MSNBCs Morning Joe earlier this month. Parties required to listened to, subscribed and hugged, Im telling you, in communities across America.

The stroking minute celebrated the end of an afternoon affair at Clemson University.

CSPAN (@ cspan) February 18, 2016

. @JohnKasich: “We don’t have enough parties that sit down and announce with that young man.” #SCPrimaryhttps :// 4YsAkfXUj6

The Lord will give you strength, I promise you, if you ask him, Kasich told the student as he hugged him.

He then returned to theatre to say: Ive heard about the hurting of people in communities across this country, and what Ive learned is were going too fast in “peoples lives”. We need to slow down.

At a town hall later on Thursday with fellow presidential hopeful Donald Trump and Jeb Bush Kasich spoke about losing his parents in road accidents caused by a drunkard driver.

Smith said in an email to the Washington Post that the narrative, which Kasich has also told on the campaign trail, was relatable.

Smith wrote: His tale about his parents succumbing in a automobile gate-crash and how after that heartbreaking phenomenon he found hope, optimism, and the Lord and I merely appeared something similar and relatable( in its unique room) that is actually stroked me and I required him to know that his positive theme isnt descending on deafs ears.


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