In Corey Feldman‘s own words…

As we reported, on Tuesday night, the actor was allegedly stabbed by a total stranger in the San Fernando Valley, though LAPD found no evidence of “lacerations.”

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On Wednesday, the former child star spoke to TMZ where he gave a blow-by-blow account of the alleged incident.

According to Feldman, he was traveling home from dinner with his security guard when he saw a car driving erratically on the freeway.

When he got off the highway, he says a vehicle was following him, and it looked similar to the one that was driving carelessly.

After his bodyguard spoke to someone in the other car, Feldman stopped at a red light. That’s when a passenger in the car allegedly got out, opened Corey’s door, and stabbed him once, either with the tip of a knife or a syringe. The puncture was small though bloody, and Feldman received medical attention shortly afterward.

WATCH his explanation AND a video of him at the hospital (below):

Feldman also believes there is a conspiracy against him because of his pedophilia accusations. WATCH (below):

[Image via Corey Feldman/Twitter.]

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