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Image caption Jo Dobson said the late Princess was the “greatest ambassador we’ve ever had”

A Diana super-fan who has amassed memorabilia devoted to the late Princess of Wales has given some of her collection to a special exhibition.

Jo Dobson has hundreds of layers, portraits and knickknacks which are in a show at Gloucester Life Museum about local people who compile for a hobby.

Mrs Dobson, 78, started her accumulation, with her late husband Ken, in 1999 and said “there’ll never be another Diana”.

She has also written to her MP announcing for a Diana Day each year.

Mrs Dobson, of Hucclecote, Gloucester, said she had now stopped collecting.

She said: “We had to stop. There comes a period when you’ve run out of room on the wall. We’ve spent thousands but she was worth it.”

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Image caption Jo Dobson has crowded her home in Hucclecote in Gloucester with imperial memorabilia
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Image caption The expo includes thank you placards and characters from the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge
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Image caption Jo Dobson said “time stopped still” on the day of Diana’s death in a auto accident in 1997
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Image caption A uniting photo of Ken and Jo Dobson is also included in the exhibition about neighbourhood collectors

Gloucester Life Museum curator Sarah Orton said: “The exhibition is less about the collecting and more about the collectors.

“Without such beings in the past numerous museums including our own has not been able to have been established.”

The exhibition opens at the Gloucester Life Museum on 26 August and passes until 16 December.


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