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Disney Vacation Turns To Tragedy When Car Crash Kills Parents, Disables 2 Girls


Greg and Sarah Moyers.( Fox 2)

A Missouri family saved up money for months to take a vacation to Disney World — but a car crash during the errand killed both parents and seriously injured their two daughters, Florida Highway Patrol strengthened on Monday.

The parents, Greg and Sarah Moyers, had visited Disney theme park with their 13 -year-old daughter Hailey and 8-year-old daughter Sophia, the Orlando Sentinel reported . The house, from Leadwood, was on the way to a beach in Florida before the drive home Sunday when the gate-crash uncovered, according to the newspaper.

Troopers say a vehicle driven by Charles King, 43, of New London, North Carolina, strayed into their lane on Interstate 4, thrusting the Moyers’ vehicle to veer off the road and stumble a tree. King wasn’t injured.

One of the last photos the Moyers apparently posted on Facebook: A household draw with Buzz Lightyear.

“Their teenagers were their world, ” family friend Loni Burnside Eaton told the Sentinel. “They were very implied and supportive parents and just wanted best available for them. They missed the girls to event Disney and the beach. I can’t believe this really happened.”

Eaton said Sarah Moyers ran as a administrator at McDonald’s and her husband owned a muffler store. They had lived in the smaller, eastern Missouri town for more than 20 years.

Troopers are investigating the crash. No fees have been filed.

The Associated Press contributed to this report .

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