Cops responding to John Felix’s mothers’ 911 entitle because their son was behaving’ crazy’ ended up in a 12 -hour standoff that took two of their own.”>

A shooting at the panorama of a Palm Springs home Saturday left two police officer dead: one a veteran of the force two months away from retirement, the other a new baby who had just returned from maternity leave.

Police say the Saturday confrontation embarked as a domestic spat. Twenty-six-year-old John Felixs mothers announced on police, then neighbours for help after their son supposedly embarked behaving crazy shortly after noon. But their own families feud was transformed into a deadly, night-long stalemate after Felix supposedly opened fire on officers, killing two and injuring another as they approached the home.

I am awake in a nightmare right now, Palm Springs Police Chief Bryan Reyes said in a Saturday evening press conference. Until that day, the countries of the south California city had only examined two police officer killed in the course of their duties: one shot during a 1961 armed robbery, and another killed in a 1962 vehicle accident, the citys Desert Sun newspaper reported.

But by Saturday, that figure had doubled, with the deaths of one the forces longest-serving ex-servicemen, and of one their newest members.

Officer Jose Gil Vega had helped on the Palm Springs force for 35 years, before he was shot and killed Saturday, Reyes supposed. A decorated officer and a father of eight, the 63 -year-old Vega had already submitted his paperwork for a December retirement. But until then, Vega was dedicated to his job. He hadnt been scheduled for duty on Saturday, but had chosen to work overtime when he participated at the call at the Felix home.

Officer Lesley Zerebny had helped on the Palm Springs force for 18 months when she answered the Saturday call. Reyes recollected the 27 -year-old as a dedicated officer who worked to improve her parish, pertaining an accident several weeks prior, in which Zerebny had tried to calm a woman behaving erratic in a neighbourhood supermarket. Zerebny had recently returned from maternity leave, after giving birth to her daughter , now four months old. In the wake of her demise, Zerebnys family members or friends have started a donation campaign for her husband, a sheriffs lieutenant who will now create their daughter alone.

Details of Felixs arrest early Sunday morning are still rising. Responding to the domestic spat entitle shortly after noon on Saturday, officers approached the front entrance, attempting to persuasion Felix outside. Instead of complying, Felix supposedly killed three officers through the door, killing Vega and Zerebny, and disabling a third, unnamed officer. What followed was a 12 -hour standoff, during which police distributed armored vehicles, compound agents, and a robot-mounted camera to clean the house where Felix was hiding.

When a Swat team captivated Felix as he departed the home early Sunday morning, he was wearing soft body armor and carrying a number of high capacity[ firearm] periodicals, police announced in a Sunday press conference. It is unclear whether he had planned for the standoff.

The 12 -hour standoff was a darknes of fear on the quiet Palm Springs street, neighbours supposed.

Neighbor Frances Serrano arrived on the panorama before police. She had been drawing into her driveway when Felixs father announced her of providing assistance, she told The Daily Beast.

I accompanied his father outside the garage. He was brandishing at me, announcing me. He was shaking, Serrano supposed. He supposed I necessity facilitate. My sons in the house. Hes not supposed to be in the house. He has a restraining notice. Hes behaving crazy. My bride and I are scared.

Felix, a confessed mob member, had a formidable rap sheet. In 2009, he was charged with attempted assassination, which was later downgraded to assault with a deadly artillery. He helped two years in prison for the crime, and an additional two years for gang-related bills, which deterred him in prison until 2013, the Desert Sun reported. In 2013 he was charged with malevolent noise after an accident at the same Palm Springs address where he supposedly shot police on Saturday. He also has a 2009 sentence for disrupting the agreement, and a 2014 DUI conviction.

So when international disputes breaks out Saturday, Felixs parents moved quickly to call for help. Serrano offered to call police, but Felixs father supposed police were already on their mode. The father supposed[ Felix] had a firearm, she supposed. He supposed[ police] were going to save him.

Police allege Felixs mother situated the first 911 entitle. A female caller reported that her adult son was stimulating a fray at the palace, Reyes supposed. The officers, from what I understand, were at the figurehead trying to negotiate with the doubt to just comply It was a simple kinfolk fray and he elected to open fire.

Serrano, who watched Felix grow up in the neighborhood, said she knew hed are going to prison, but that his alleged acts still came as a offend. He was a young nice guy. Very polite, very nice. I cant believe he could do such a thing, she supposed. Even though hes 26, hes still behaving like a kid. You receive him outside playing ball. You think theres no way he can do a concept like this.

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