Donald Trump Jr ., son of Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump, hoists his fist after expressing during the second date of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Tuesday, July 19, 2016.
Image: AP Photo/ J. Scott Applewhite

Donald Trump Jr. set Twitter on fire( metaphorically) on Monday night when he tweeted out the below meme, alleging to place the ongoing refugee crisis in perspective.

The image even has a the branding of the Trump/ Pence campaign, seeing it appear like some sort of official release.

But there are a few problems with the meme.

First of all, it’s not original to the Trump/ Pence safarus. The mind was tweeted out in August by former Congressman and alt-right raconteur Joe Walsh. Walsh even passive aggressively announced Trump Jr. out on it.

While Mashable can’t confirm whether or not Walsh was the originator of this specific meme, it’s very similar to another meme that’s been establishing the rounds going back to at the least 2014 that uses another candy M& Ms to throw a spin on the refugee crisis.

And even that meme seems to have beginnings in a feminist meme that uses M& Ms in a similar way.

The other question is that it’s mathematically mistaken. Trump Jr. smartly stops his meme vague so you can’t pin him down on an precise quantity to refute him.

But even in generalities, Trump Jr. is wrong.

According to, “theres” 54 Skittles in every 2-ounce container( the regular length luggage you can get at the bar at any gas station or corner store ). Let’s premise we are in a position fit three 2-ounce bags of Skittles into a bowl like the one in the ad. That’s 162 Skittles, including 3 Skittles that would kill us, or, around a 1.9 percent fortune you will be killed by a Syrian refugee.

Just for comparison’s sake, the average American, according to PBS, has a. 000009 percent probability of dying in a plane disintegrate or a. 02 percent risk of dying in a automobile crash.

But studies have shown that approximation is awfully mistaken. One learn been demonstrated that Americans are just as likely to be killed by descending furniture( like a television) than in a terrorist attack.

In 2015, Americans were more likely to be shoot by a toddler than be killed by a terrorist.

And a study published last week by think tank the CATO Institute claims, “the chance of an American being slaughtered in a terrorist attack is generated by a refugee is 1 in 3.64 billion per year”( emphasis theirs ).

That works out to a 0.0000000 27 percentage hazard of being killed by terrorism or one infinitely small-minded fragment of a single Skittle.

This isn’t meant to downplay the serious threat of terrorism in our world. But any of these instances introduced Trump Jr.’s( mistaken) meme itself in position, poking Skittle-size gaps in his argument.

And numerous on Twitter were happy to let him know what they believed to be his argument.


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