Five months after President Donald Trump tweeted a doctored video of himself beating up CNN in WWE-style, his latest attack on the network was a little more subtle. But only a little.

On Sunday morning, Trump retweeted this image in which he’s seated in a limo on his car phone with the word “WINNING” written across the top. But if you look closely at the bottom of his shoe, you’ll see the bloody insult.

That’s a blood-spattered CNN logo. In case you need a closer look…


A few minutes later, Trump blasted what he calls “fake news” and “fake polls” (as Vox noted this week, he has the lowest-rated poll numbers of any first-year president in history).

But is Trump spending the morning of Christmas Eve watching the network he professes to hate? It’s possible.

It also appears Trump is not winning the battle when people are asked about who to trust more. In October, a poll showed that people were trusting the media more and trusting Trump less.

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