( CNN) You may not know the story of Anne Sacoolas and Harry Dunn.


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Trump on Wednesday was asked about the Sacoolas case after he noted that he had just spoken to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Here’s that exchange( bolding is mine ):

REPORTER: “There was a case involving a automobile gate-crash involving am American diplomat’s wife. Did you bringing — did you talk about that? “

It’s hard to imagine that those texts are terribly comforting to Harry Dunn’s mothers, right? Well, the President of the United States has driven on the wrong side of the road and “it happens, ” so….

There’s also this: Trump was asked directly whether he would support Sacoolas returning to Britain to stand trial. Here’s what he said 😀 TAG 28 TT”We’re going to speak to her and we’re going to see the person driving the car — the spouse of the diplomat. We’re going to speak to her and learn what we can come up with so that there can be some healing. There’s great rage over it. It’s a horrendous happen. There’s great indignation, and I understand the rage from the other side very much.”

Which, well, isn’t an answer at all.

It’s not clear why Trump felt the need to engage on the issue — particularly given that it’s clear his administration hasn’t decided how best to deal with it. Sure, he was asked the question. But to respond by explain which area of the road you drive on in the UK vs. in the US is, at best, tonally bizarre.

This story isn’t as large-scale a bargain as the ongoing investigation into the Trump administration’s pressure campaign in Ukraine. I get that. But Trump’s unorthodox approach as President — of which his look complete lack of empathy is one — is a major story and will have long and lasting impacts on is not simply the room we think about the power he nurses, but the manner in which people treat one another.


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