Parents of Jemima Layzell, who died unexpectedly of a brain aneurysm, crave other families to consider organ donation

A 13 -year-old girl who died unexpectedly of a brain aneurysm has had her organs transplanted to eight people – the largest number in its own history of the organ donation service.

Jemima Layzell was ” lovely- inventive, entertaining, compassionate and creative”, said her mother, Sophy Layzell, 43, a drama educator from Horton in Somerset. Just a couple of weeks before her sudden breakdown in March 2012, their own families had a exchange about organ gift because a family friend had died in a gondola gate-crash.

” They were on the registry but their organs couldn’t be donated because of the circumstances of their extinction ,” said Sophy.” Jemima had never heard of organ donation before and discovered it a little bit unsettling, but wholly understood the importance of it .”

Her parents ascertained the decision hard-boiled, but are glad they established it. Jemima’s heart, small-scale bowel, and pancreas were transplanted into three parties. Two beings received her kidneys. Her liver was separated and transplanted into another two beings, while her lungs were transplanted into one patient.

The eight recipients included five children, who came from all over England.

Jemima collapsed during the preparations for her mother’s 38 th birthday party and was killed in infirmary four weeks later. A intelligence aneurysm, rare in a child, is a swelling in an artery wall and there are no evidences unless it severs. When it explodes, it induces a bleeding in the brain which can kill or justification persistent shatter.

Her parents set up the Jemima Layzell Trustin her reminiscence to improve survivors.” If Jemima had endured, the ruptured aneurysm would have severely affected her communication and the right side of her body ,” they say on the cartel website.

Her parents went through invests and wealths, looking for evidences as to why she had died so young. They didn’t find them, but they did detect about 20 diaries and notebooks “shes been” preventing since she was four years old. These they have was transformed into a book, called The Draft, sales of which will invoke funds for the charity.

They tell the story of her brief life.

Saturday 9 July 2011

Dear Diary

It is day like this when I sit and amazement’ where’s my Romeo? What happened to my Prince Charming ?’ But then I stop and think, do I really deserve him?
… I want to leap out of plot, draw back the curtains and gaze out into the darknes.
To lean out the window, sing for my true love, the love I do not yet
possess and possibly never will. If merely I weren’t so afraid .

Monday 8 August 2011

Some people say that God can’t exist because if he did he would help all the poor people in the world.
I object to that. I find their hopelessnes but WE have to help them. They
are there because we did this to them. They are there because we have a
wrong to right. They are there to stop us from turning into complete
monsters before it’s too late . One extract even foretells the future 😛 TAGEND

Sunday 7 August 2011

Anyway I need to write what I believe and seem. Not all that you see
here actually’ happened’ but it’s still very real to me. I don’t care if
I give my resource run away with me!
Plenty of brilliant creators and columnists were mad! In happening it prepared their work most interesting! Even if they did cut their ears off, is suicide, flowed round doing crazy substance etc etc.
Beings still cherished them and their work merely the same. And I want to be loved more. I almost find as though I will never live long enough to become an columnist, to be married and found a family .

Her mother, her father-god, Harvey, 49, the manager of a building corporation, and her sister, Amelia, aged 17, pass the Jemima LayzellTrust, which also promotes organ donation. They are proud that Jemima’s organs facilitated eight other lives continue.

” Shortly after Jemima croaked, we watched a programme about children awaiting soul transplantings and being fitted with Berlin Hearts in Great Ormond Street infirmary ,” said her mother.” It confirmed for us that saying’ no’ would then be disavowing eight other beings the chance for life, especially over Jemima’s heart, which Harvey had felt unpleasant about donating at the time.

” We feel it’s very important for families to talk about organ donation. Every parent’s impulse is to say no, as “weve been” programmed to protect most children. It’s only with prior knowledge of Jemima’s agreement that we were able to say yes .”

NHS Blood and Transplant is hoping Jemima’s story will encourage more families to have its most important conversation, because a shortage of donated organs is expenditure hundreds of lives every year, it says.

Last year, 457 people died waiting for a transplant, including 14 children. There are 6,414 beings on the transplant waiting list including 176 children.

Anthony Clarkson, of NHS Blood and Transplant, said:” Every donor is special and Jemima’s unique legend shown in the remarkable gap a few terms can build. Hundreds of people are still croaking unnecessarily waiting for a transplant because too many lineages say no to organ donation.

” Please tell your family you want to donate, and if you are unsure, ask yourself; if you needed a transplant would you consent one? If so, shouldn’t you be prepared to donate ?”

To join the NHS organ donor register stay or contact the 24 -hour donor line on 0300 123 23 23.


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