Eniko Parrish is shedding the tea about that time Kevin Hart majorly f ** ked up by “feel like i m cheating on” her with other women!

The mother-of-one broke down in tears while recounting the

In the series’ third episode, titled What Happened in Vegas , Parrish excused she found out about the headline-making video thanks to an anonymous DM on social media, sharing 😛 TAGEND

“How I found out was a DM. I don’t know who it was. They transported me an edited video of Kevin and, you are well aware, another woman.”

The timing couldn’t have been worse, either, as the 35 -year-old model was eight months pregnant with the couple’s son Kenzo when she received the news.

She remembered 😛 TAGEND

“I was pregnant at that time, I was about seven or eight months pregnant. I was having breakfast, I opened my phone and immediately I just lost it. I called him, I’m crying, I’m like pissed. Right then there are still, I obstructed saying,’ How the f ** k did you let that happen? ’”

She went on to recall saying to her hubby 😛 TAGEND

“You publicly humiliated me. Your whole everything’s on Instagram, everything’s on social media. It was an ongoing fight all the time. Every single day. I impeded questioning him, like,’ If this is what you’re gonna do, I don’t want to be a part of that.’”

As heartbroken as she was at the time, however, Eniko said she’s “happy” everything happened, illustrating 😛 TAGEND

“I’m happy that it kind of happened. I get sensitive every time I talking about here. He’s f ** ked up, this was a bad one, this was major. Nine times and I remember would like to congratulate, it’ll be better.”

We can only hope!

As for Hart, he was indicated in the occurrence that “the toughest thing” about the agony was “just telling my wife, ” musing 😛 TAGEND

“That conversation, it is not possible to easy lane to have that exchange. The worst segment was just knowing how you made somebody feel. There’s a major consequence it could have on the people that you are closest to, who you affection the most. When I got to see that first-hand with Eniko when I got to see the effect my reckless behavior had … It was subduing, that tore me up. That truly tore me up.”

Yeah, it must have been so awful for you, Kev.

He continued 😛 TAGEND

“That’s probably the lowest moment of “peoples lives” because I know what I was responsible for. When it happened it came at such a f ** k up day. We were in the middle of the tour … and residence wasn’t home. Home was cold. In that instant, you gotta have something to lean on, something to help you stand up straight.”

Luckily for Hart, Parrish chose to stay in the relationship, explaining that she “kept worrying about” their then-unborn son.

She clarified 😛 TAGEND

“I have to maintain a level leader, I think that’s the only thing that really got me through. I wasn’t ready at the time to only give up on my family. I craved Kenzo to be able to know his dad and growing quite, so it was a lot.”

Wiping away tears, she continued 😛 TAGEND

“It was a lot for me, but we’ve been through it, we’ve gone through it, we extended it and he’s a better husband now because of it … I think it is second chances.”

But that doesn’t mean she’ll stop forgiving over and over again 😛 TAGEND

“I’m all about forgiveness, and you simply get two times. Three strikes you’re out, you’re out of here. So, as long as he reacts, we’re good.”

Fingers intersected!

Do U envision Eniko was wise to give her faithless hubby a second chance ??

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