Talk about an intensive facial!

A fire at a cow spawning facility in Australia led to major structural damage and dangerous ” projectiles” of polouse semen when at least 100 cylinders containing such viscous substance were destroyed.

According to reports, emergency services were called to put out the barrage early Monday morning at Yarram Herd Services in Gippsland, Victoria. It took ten fervor gangs more than two hours to fully extinguish the inferno after it start out around 3 a.m. local time.

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Naturally, it was a daunting task — but unlike most fervors, this blaze had a specific set of perils the firefighters weren’t necessarily used to dealing with: flying dances of bullshit jizz coming at them every which way.

A rep for the Yarram Herd Work Committee said the loss of the 100 cryogenic cylinders of policeman semen is gonna be a” big blow”( no pun intended ?) for local farmers , noting:

” The actual cylinders are worth between $500( U.S. $342) and $1,000 per unit but the semen inside them runs in cost … We’re coming into the AI season so there would have been substantial amounts of semen inside the tanks that we’ve lost, which was owned by our local farmers, and it can range in value from$ 5 per straw to $95 per straw .”

In addition to losing the valuable by-product, the rep said the farmers have also lost a lot of gear due to the fire, including:

” So this is significant damage and it is going to have a flow-on effect on Yarram, especially after the shortage that Yarram district has experienced over the past 12 months .”

See the damage for yourself( below ).


Well … simply one path to get that polouse semen back!

[ Image via New Atlantis YouTube ]

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