The long-running children’s line Mighty Morphin Power Rangers debuted on American video in 1993, with the popularity of the evidence spawning a feature film 2 years later. Back then it didnt truly take off as a cinema franchise, but since everything old-fashioned is new again, the first trailer for the second “ve been trying to” shape Morphin movies is here. Jason Lee Scott( Dacre Montgomery) is a perturbed girl in Angel Grove, fresh off a auto crash that leaves him with an ankle observe and want Saturday school to earn enough ascribes to graduate. This version of the Breakfast Club includes Kimberly Hart( Naomi Scott ), Billy Cranston( RJ Cyler ), Trini Kwan( Becky G ), and Zack Taylor( Ludi Lin ). Together, they uncover some alien artifacts that concede them brand-new influences like superhuman fortitude, jumping abilities, and chiseled abs. Theres no mention of what this group becomesthe Power Rangersor any mention of Zordon( Bryan Cranston) or Alpha 5( Bill Hader ). But it does furnish the first glimpse of longtime Power Rangers villain Rita Repulsa( Elizabeth Banks ), who notes menacingly that shes killed Ranger before. Dun-dun- duuuun ! Power Rangers pops theaters March 24, 2017.


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